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First time Bi experiance – cum on him

I had been interested in a mutual experience with a bloke for a while now. I am not gay but the thought of touching another mans cock, him rubbing me, turns me on. I am not looking for a relationship, that is not what this is about. Only I wondered if another man, one that […]


Jake and Lea

Ever since I suggested to my husband that he explores the pleasures of sex with a man, which lead us to meet Jake, then his wife Lea, my husband and I have discovered great pleasures, and a strong relationship with Jake and Lea. We have not seen them for close to 2 weeks. They are […]


How I got to suck cock

Let me tell you how winning the lottery changed me from a straight decent man into a bisexual pervert. My win was Ł2.3 million pounds and I would be a liar if I said it did not change me. With a new house in the country and a big fancy car I gave up working […]


Hung obcession

I had read about Little Diggers (nude beach) on a Cruising For Sex website and organised a two day stay at a resort on the main beach adjacent to it as part of my trip to Byron Bay on the NSW North Coast. Leaving in the early hours of the morning, a 7 hour drive […]


Tommy Caught Peeping

It had been a long day. My wife and I had just finished cleaning the dinner dishes and as usual Sheryl went to the bedroom to get ready for bed and I had a drink to unwind. Normally I would watch the news but it was such a nice summer night I decided to have […]


Long after the sleepover, I still like being the bitch.

“You like being Momma’s Bitch, don’t you Stevie?” Mrs. Thompson hissed down at me, as she rammed her thick strap-on deep up my abused asshole. “Yes, Mrs. Thompson. Use me like your bitch, ughh.” I grunted as she forced her way deeper into my rectum. “Ohh yeah Stevie, grunt for me like my dirty little […]


Trading my Body for Sex

This story started in my sophomore year in college. In my freshman year I had a girlfriend, we fucked day and night and as a result I got addicted to sex. When the school year was over, she told me I’m not manly enough for her and we broke up. I starved for sex for […]


Dream outing with my Wife

It was after very long time that I could manage to take my wife out for a holiday to a beach resort in Goa, India. I am 40 years old and my wife Anita is about 33, but she looked as good as 27 years. She has very firm body structure and very attractive features. […]


3some mmf story

One a stormy night a couple decide to go to a club in their local town. They got to the club and Susy went to get her and Joe some drinks. She came back to lounge with a glass of beer for each. They sit back and enjoy watching everyone dance, little did they realise […]