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Africans Domination of White Family

African culture regards the age of sexually active women totally different than that of the western hemisphere. Sadly, there are few laws enforced and this appalling practice has torn families apart. A lot of kidnapped teen women, wives and daughters, have been forced into prostitution and sex slavery…. especially the young white ones. Rich black African lust for white women has forcefully impregnated many of them as payback for the white man’s past wrongs in dividing the African continent.
Working as an oil engineer in several African countries during the early 1970’s I encountered many bizarre things but have not revealed them until recently. There are some things about Africa that have drawn little press and that are hidden from the American public. Little has been published about the black African leaders, power brokers and businessmen who took sexual advantage of white businessmen and their families. If brought to public attention, there would be an outcry as to why these things happened.
The following story is of one occurrence that I partially witnessed and later became aware of what else had transpired from conversations with two of the daughters. To protect their privacy I have changed the names of the people involved.
It was on a Friday afternoon when my African boss, Motambi, gave me several contract documents to deliver to a fellow engineer named Atkins. Atkins had been in Africa only for a year but somehow had just recently been promoted over several other long-term English employees. I had wondered as to why but soon I would find out the shocking truth.
As I entered the villa where he and his family lived I noticed several expensive automobiles parked outside. The gardener met me at the gate and took me to the door. As I entered I thought perhaps that I was intruding as Atkins and his family along with several guests were in the family room.
A bizarre setting in that there were five very black Africans seated on the chairs and sofa with Atkins’ three teenage blonde daughters sitting on several of their laps. I later found out that these men were from wealthy families and worked for the company that Atkins was employed by. His wife, Joan, was seated next to one of the Africans with his arm around her shoulder as she was pouring drinks. Atkins, seemingly blushing, stood up and greeted me. “My apologies for interrupting on your meeting but Mr. Motambi gave me these contracts to deliver to you,” I said. I could not help but notice that I was in the wrong place at the wrong time but none of them except for Atkins seem to acknowledge my presence. The Africans appeared high on something and were enjoying the blonde playthings wallowing in their laps.
After going over the papers with Atkins in the breakfast room we returned to the family room. The lighting had become a bit dim with the drapes closed and it was just about sunset. The oldest daughter, Sandy, a junior in college and home for spring break, was dressed in a short skirt and low cut blouse. She was now slow dancing with a tall black African in the parlor. Her blonde hair and pale skin was such a contrast to the charcoal skin of the tall African who was in short-sleeve shirt and tie. His black muscular arm was holding her tightly against him while his other arm draped down her side with his hand holding her bottom. Sandy’s head was rested against his chest and she appeared to enjoy the close contact.
The second youngest daughter, Cindy, also in college, was sitting over on the couch with an African arm draped over her right shoulder while his left hand was laying on her leg just below her short skirt. Her mom had told her to treat these black Africans with respect and entertain them with friendliness. What she did not tell them was just how friendly these black men would expect. Cindy, had never been this close to a black African….let alone a man over twice her age. She seemed intrigued with the shiny gold Rolex that snugly adorned his left wrist. She was also trying to be grown up in the presence of important black men. Her mom smiled as Cindy rubbed the African’s gold watch. His hand had slowly moved from her knee to the edge of her skirt but Cindy was just chatting away and pleased with the attention.
Her mom, Joan, had instructed the girls to make the Africans feel welcomed. What she did not divulge to them was that she and her husband knew that on this night the girls would be exposed to black lust. Atkins’ new contract was worth a million dollar salary over the next 18 months. Joan, who had already been bedded by his boss and several supervisors, had tried to convince her husband that it was inevitable the girls would not return to the states before experiencing black cock.
Initially, Atkins revolted at her prediction and was adamant in saying he would protect his daughters from being subjected to sex with these black men. “Not my little girls, no way.” Atkins protested. This was the situation when his family first joined him in Africa two months ago. Joan knew differently and worked on her husband’s mindset even harder.
She had heard the stories from other wives about how they and their daughters were taken by black Africans willing or unwilling. Many ex-pat families were invited to parties and while the husbands drank and gambled the wives and daughters were danced with, groped and led to a bedroom or limo where after being drugged a black cock impaled their white bottoms. They remained silent in fear of their husbands and fathers loosing their jobs.
Also a number of families had black domestics that did the house cleaning and gardening. When the husbands or fathers were at work during the day or sent out of town on business, these black domestics enticed many of the lonely white wives into sex. These wives had also heard of the black man’s sexual lust and many became a victim because they enjoyably had teased them by wearing swimsuits at the pool or a scanty dress.
These black Africans would not take no for an answer and many wives were fucked silly because they slightly opened the door of opportunity. After their first fuck, they soon found themselves wanting more of what their white husbands could not give them. A large, stiff, rigid black cock inside them as they were held tightly under a black pounding African.
This in turn opened the availability for the black men to put a cock in their young daughters. They used the wife’s seduction against her in order to blackmail them into surrendering their young little darlings. Before long mothers and daughters would be taken at the same time as they watched each other being ravaged by black lust. The daughters usually squealed louder than the mothers, which pleased the Africans.
Nothing was more exciting to these black warriors than to pull innocent young white girls from their mother’s clutches. Then as one or two Africans held the mother away other Africans would tightly hold the young girls and begin fondling them. The girls wiggled and pleaded for them to stop but then the big black men would pull them up against their chest with their feet dangling off the floor. As the girls squirmed their panties would be pulled down while a big black cock head began rubbing their bottoms. The girls would squirm and resist which only excited these black men.
Then, while standing, they would rub oily lubricant on their bare shafts as they lowered the girl’s bottom on to their hard black shaft while their white legs dangled in the air. The white girl would try and grab the African’s neck for support but their arms became weak from the struggle and gravity pushed their bottom down. The African would loosen his arm holding the small girl as black cock pressed into her more. Some girls screamed, some moaned and some just cried as they surrendered knowing they could not escape.
The African’s lust thrived on impaling these teen daughters while listening to them squeal, scream and begging for them to stop. For most, not all, of these young darlings, fear was soon replaced by a sudden orgasm….something they had not experienced. After only minutes the ultimate feeling of orgasm would shoot through their young bodies as the black African jerked and poured his jism into their bellies. The vision of seeing a young white girl with her pale white legs around a black waist, arching her back and slowly laying back with her arms motionless was awesome. Impaled on black cock and surrendering to blackness as the African held her from falling but still stroking his black meat in her.
Even more awesome was at the same time their mother was being held a bay while watching her daughters being raped, the other two Africans quickly removed her clothes. She would struggle but then one black cock would split her legs while her head was held and being fed another black cock. She and daughter were being blacked at the same time.
Africans enjoyed family affairs and even more when a shocked father was tied to a chair and forced to watch his wife and daughters taken in this manner.
Age was of no concern to these Africans. The younger they were the better. It was not uncommon to see in the outer townships after school a young black schoolgirl being fucked against a building wall. Consider how horrifying it would be for a white father to be driving home from work and approach an alley to see a small white girl being ravaged against one of the buildings. Wanting to help, he would stop the car, and as he approached the building would recognize it was his young daughter with an African cock inside her pounding away. Her head bobbing up and down as she gasped for air while squealing. He is confronted by several other black men who drag him into the ally. They rip his pants down and one Africans mounts him. Now he is butt-fucked while watching his sweet daughter being banged. This has happened more than once…believe me.
Also, there were the weekend church retreats where the moms and dads were not allowed to attend. It was not long after they had dropped off their daughters that the orgy began. Innocently at first there would be readings and group prayer meetings. Then at night the native dances would perform. As the girls sat at the campfire, black African counselors would approach and sit along side of them. They would entice the girls to smoke some African herb or slip a drug into their fruit drinks. Before long the girl’s head is swirling as a couple of black hands began fondling her breast and slowly rubbing her loins.
Not long afterward the black men would have some of the girls pulled against them while dancing. A number of the girls knew what to expect as they had been to a retreat before. Unknown to their parents, they were not new to African cock and knew the pleasures awaiting them. For the innocent girls who had not known, there was an excitement being with an older man, a black man, and not having their parents around to scold them. As the night grew late, girls would one by one leave the campfire with one and yes, two or more black men. They would be guided to a counselor’s hut or the girls tent where before long they would have a black cock in their mouth, in their belly….or both. As a long time African counselor once told me. “These retreats are not for prayer. They are camps for breeding white girls.”
It was nighttime now at the Atkins’ house. While Joan was cleaning up some glasses I asked Atkns to accompany me to the kitchen. “Damn man, what in hell is going on here? Do you know what is going to happen with your wife and daughters with these Africans.”I inquired. Atkins was on his fifth drink and was almost drunk. “Please do not tell anyone of this evening here, I beg you. I am very upset about it but I have no choice. I owe some gambling debts that are way past due to some very mean Africans that know our boss, Motombi. My wife Joan only knows about the million dollar contract that I am suppose to get. She has already given herself to black lust in order to get my previous promotions. Now my boss is demanding I subject my three daughters to his African partners who are here today. I am so miserable that I can’t live with myself but I’ve finally surrendered my resistance and invited these black predators into my home. I’ve got to have that contract money in order to pay the debts and hopefully send my family back to the states. If I do not pay they will kill me and perhaps Joan. I fear for our lives.”
I just shook my head in disbelief and patted him on the shoulder. This was really bizarre yet titillating in a shameless way. Here I was in this home when perhaps a family was going to be ravaged by black Africans. Even more eerie was that these Africans did not seem to care about my being present. My instincts told me to leave but my curiosity begged me to stay.
As I re-entered the family room I noticed that his wife, Joan, and two of the daughters were no longer there. As Atkins excused himself to the bathroom I ventured down the hall. As I peeked into one of the bedrooms I alarmingly saw the oldest blonde daughter, Sandy, seated on a bed as one of the tall black African was rubbing her cheeks with his long erect black cock. The African then reached around and grabbed her wrists behind her back as his other black hand held her head. “Open your pretty mouth blondie,” he demanded. “Please, not this….don’t make me suck you, please no,” she pleaded. Nervously she opened her mouth as the African held her and the shiny head of his rich black cock slid into her mouth. He pressed a couple more inches in until she began to gag. He pulled back a little for her to catch her breath but then began stroking her mouth as she looked up at him. Her blue eyes were opened wide and tears began to well up in them as the African began slowly fucking her mouth. Her head bobbled up and down as her hands were still held behind her.
The African was truly enjoying fucking this pretty young girl’s mouth knowing before long he would be splitting those small white legs and his 9” shaft would soon spew into her belly. He wanted to save it but the excitement and warm feeling of her mouth was overwhelming. His eyes became fixed on hers and his body began to shake as his cock hardened even more. Gripping her head even more tightly he could no longer hold it as his cum exploded out. She squirmed and gagged as the jism poured from her lips. Her mouth was no longer a virgin to black cock. He then removed his clothes and then undressed Sandy. She knew what was in store for her now and it was useless to protest. “Sir, please put on a rubber….please,” she begged. The black African, ignoring her request, pulled her down on the bed. Sandy, lying on her back, watched nervously as his muscular black body mounted her. “White girl, you’re going to get all meat, hard black meat between your legs,” he chided. The African’s cock was throbbing hard again and as he pressed the head into her vagina Sandy yelped. “Oh no, it’s too big…oh my gosh, oh my gosh…pull it out, please,” she begged. The African thrust more into her as she moaned and pleaded for him to stop. Then, after several thrusts, her mouth and eyes were open wide starring at the ceiling as this coal black African grinded more cock into her. His hands gripped her bottom as his black buttocks rolled up and down. I was getting excited as I watched him fuck this white girl silly but I wanted to see what else was going on with the other daughters.
I returned to the family room. Atkins had passed out in his chair. As I turned and begin to enter the dining room I heard young female moans. On the floor was Cindy with her skirt pulled up and a black African was on top of her. She was pleading for him to stop but the African had removed his pants and a large charcoal ass was shining in the light. Her panties were lying on the floor next to them. Cindy’s mouth was open and her blue eyes were wide in fear as she mumbled. “No, please no. That hurts. Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh. You’re pressing into me. Please don’t put your black thing in me….pleaseee.
The African had her pinned to the floor with a small pillow under her rear. With a sudden thrust he pushed his black shaft into her. Cindy yelped and again begged for him to stop. The black African now knew this young white morsel was his. He pressed more of his blackness into her as she hopelessly wiggled under his large black body. Her protests became silent as the African slowly stroked his blackness in her. Although scary I could not help the excitement I felt watching this black man deflower this small white girl knowing that he would soon spew his jism into her belly. I watched as her white legs rose and began quivering in the air from an orgasm. The African was now in full bore and it was only a minute or so when he began shaking and began muttering, “I comes in you, I comes in you….Oh, my Lord….you feel so good white girl… are mine.
He rolled over and pulled her close as she was motionless except for some trembling. Cindy had lost her virginity to a black African. Little did she know that she would have several black cocks filling her belly during this night and the next. Before the weekend ended she would be black bred.
As I watched them lay on the floor pressed together my attention returned to Jenny in the den. They were last playing Monopoly and laughing but the den was quite silent now. I slowly peaked in the room and saw that the black African was smoking herb and giving some of it to little Jenny. She had never had alcohol let alone any drugs. Her eyes were wide yet becoming glossy.
Jenny, who had just turned 18 but mentally younger than her age, was in the den playing Monopoly with another black African. She was too young to understand this predator’s intentions. With two white blonde pigtails, she was dressed in a short pink dress with two straps over her shoulders tied in bows. She was so cute. She could not have weighed over 85 pounds. Her blonde hair really enhanced her blue eyes and little pink lips. The African’s eyes were fixed on her and I could not help but notice the bulge in his pants. Jenny was giggling as she tried to teach the African how to play the game. She would throw the dice and grab the African’s hand and march it around the board. He too had a big gold Rolex on and Jenny thought that was so cool. I could tell that the African enjoyed the touch of this young virgin white girl touching his wrist and watch. He nudged over closer to her saying that he needed better supervision. Jenny only giggles and kept trying to show him the game. I interrupted and asked if they were enjoying the game but the African glared at me and demanded that I not bother them. As I left the room I saw the African place an arm around her tiny waist. She appeared a little frightened but he told her that was just an African cultural way of thanking someone.
The African did not want to play Monopoly. He wanted to play with little Jenny. He had removed his shirt and was bare breasted, muscular and very black. His white shorts contrasted his coal-black legs. He was three times her age. The African’s black hand was massaging her leg and his other was lightly touching her hair as she was with her back to him and his legs split apart. Jenny was too young to know why a strange feeling was tingling in her loins. Her mother had told her to engage the African men with friendship but this was getting out of hand. She called for her father but he could not hear her since he was passed out. “Relax girl, I mean you no harm. Just enjoy the herb and friendliness I offer,” The African softly spoke. .
He asked her to turn and sit on his legs facing him. Jenny, now feeling bubbly, complied while asking “What type of game is this?” “I’m going to show you how Africans have the power to place people in a trance.” “ Aww, I don’t believe that people can be hypnotized,” Jenny replied.
The African instructed Jenny to place her arms to her side while he held them. He quietly began to hum a slow melodic tune. As she looked into his eyes she begin to feel calm. This was indeed strange but Jenny kept looking into his eyes and after a minute passed she could not look away. A strange feeling of absorption crept into her as he began moving her closer to him. Her head was now less than a foot away from his and the African had pulled her bottom to the top of his lap. Jenny could not move. All she could do was look into the charcoal black face with large nostrils, rigid cheekbones and white eyes that peered back at her. She could feel his warm breath swirl around her neck.
I stood at the side of the doorway mesmerized myself at watching this small white girl sitting motionlessly on the lap of the black African. She truly seemed hypnotized. She was oblivious to any other sounds in the house, especially to quiet moans of her sister in the dining room.
Jenny became aware of the bulging of the African’s manhood under her. As she wiggled slowly she could feel it move beneath her. By now the African had slid his Rolex adorned black hand into the top of her dress as his eyes still glared into hers. She could feel his large hand rubbing her breast. Although a bit frightened, she was almost helpless in a hypnotic way. The African slowly pulled her head closer to his with his eyes peering into hers. Then his large black lips lightly touched her small mouth.
Jenny began to shiver as her body tingled. She felt her panties becoming wet. Her young body had never felt this way. The Black African slowly began to kiss her mouth as he continued humming a melodic tune.This African was kissing her and although repulsive to her normal segregated life it was warm and capturing. His other black arm embraced her small back as she could feel his strength. Still she was looking into his eyes captured by a surrendering spell.
“Girl, go to the bathroom and take off your wet panties.” he announced. Jenny was totally shocked by this. “Girl, in Africa we have a custom that young girls do not wear undergarments. Especially when they are wet. Our women bare their bottoms cleanly and you must learn this even though you are so young.” Jenny, still partially under a spell got up and walked to the half bath in the den. What kind of custom was this, she wondered. If only she could ask her mom and dad….but her mom was in one of the bedrooms with two of the Africans and her father was passed out in the living room. She slid off her panties and then returned to the den.
The black African was smiling as she re-entered the den. Somewhat shocked, she saw him with the front of his shorts unzipped. There was a bulge that was noticeably there. “Sir, I had better go to my bedroom and not play Monopoly any more,” she angerly stated.
“My child, please do not be afraid. Come over here, relax with me and let me be close to you.”
Jenny, although hesitant, did not want to anger her father’s bosses. Thinking that she could just be friendly and entertain. But she was much too young to know of the situation that she was in.
“Come and sit back on my lap and we shall play this game you call Monoply.” Girl, he smoothely stated. Jenny slowly sat beside him but he then insisted that she sit on his lap. “But sir, your pants are unzipped. I do not want to have it touch me. I’m a good girl and feel uncomfortable by a man’s nakedness. I’m too young to be next to a man’s private,”she answered.
By now the herb had begun to have it’s effects on young Jenny very and she almost felt listless except for the pulsating in her virgin vagina. The African pulled her up on his lap with her facing him. Jenny pushed herself away but then this black man strongly placed and held her on his lap. Jenny could feel the throbbing cock under his shorts rubbing against her bottom and as she wiggled his black cock got harder.
Again, he hummed that melodic African tune and Jenny began to relax. She was becoming even higher from the herb each minute and as she had tried not to do previously, she slowly rested her bottom on his crotch. This pleased the African. Now, he slowly moved his black arms around her waist and shoulders.
His arms felt like tentacles embracing her body. Jenny was feeling captive and an unexpected excitement began to embrace her. She was helpless as she gazed at this large black head with wide white eyes. “Please, please don’t hold me this way. I feel so strange and helpless. My daddy would not like your holding me like this.” She pleaded.
“Shii, do not resist my affection my tiny white princess. Your daddy knows I mean you no harm but he also knows that his daughters are going to be absorbed in black flesh.” “What does that mean,” asked Jenny. “Your are too young at this moment to understand but soon you will experience joys that will fulfill your womanhood and introduction to African culture.” The African replied softly. “Your father is passed out and your mother is between two thrusting black Africans. Your two sisters are presently being loved on by black Africans and are squealing with delight. Indeed, it is time for you, the youngest, to be deflowered by an African man. A very black man I must add.”
“Please, don’t’ hurt me. I am too young to be taken by a man….let along, by such a dark black man. You are so black that I am afraid of you,” Jenny protested. As she muttered her feelings the herb began to render her helpless. She then felt the strong arm of this black man pull her more tightly to his lap and her head began to tilt backward.
With a light motion he untied the two small bows to her dress top and lightly pulled it down. Two young budding white breast appeared. Jenny, still in a trance, offered no resistance. The black African became even more aroused and his large lips kissed down her neck and shoulder and began to kiss and suck on her breast. Her body tingled all over while goose bumps rose on her arms. Here she was with a jet-black skinned African kissing her chest as she sat straddling his lap. She felt helpless yet mesmerized by the touch of his maleness and blackness.
The black African then slightly pulled and raised Jenny from his lap while not taking his eyes off hers. Jenny was motionless with no expression except for her mouth partially opened. . He held her back with one hand while his other hand slowly released his throbbing manhood from his shorts. He then let Jenny back down on his lap. Jenny did not have any panties on now so it was only moments before she felt his black cock rubbing against her young vagina. It was warm and hard.
I stood there in the doorway almost in a trance myself. Watching this black African cradling little Jenny was so eerie yet titillating. I wondered if she really knew what was going on. Perhaps she was indeed in a trance.
The African again massaged her breast.. Jenny was truly mesmerized and under his spell as she offered little resistance except to mutter, “please don’t.” The African replied,”relax girl, and let us bond together. I want you to feel the joys of African manhood. I offer no harm.” Jenny, although under his spell, was still frightened. But the captive feeling of a black penis rubbing against her vagina lips along with the erotic feeling of being held by this black African was overcoming along with the high from the herb. She was too young for sex and did not want to be deflowered by a black African yet her loins were afire and her juices flowing. She was shaking yet mesmerized.
The black head of his penis had now found her entrance. He guided it with his right hand and slowly pressed it softly until the head partially slid into her. Jenny was very wet and her juices soaked the head. With a small thrust, the African pressed the entire head of his black cock into her. Jenny yelped and again pleaded, Noooo, pleaseee, nooo. With her dress pulled up and two black arms holding her, the African slowly impaled a couple of inches of his blackness into her. Her maiden skin was now broken. Her eyes were still fixed on his yet as her protests grew silent and her eyes widened as she began to feel his black meat inside of her..
The African pulled Jenny’s arms up around his neck and slowly laid back on the floor with her bare chest on his. Jenny was moaning as the African worked another inch of black cock into her.The African’s thighs and legs were so black in contrast to the small white ass of Jenny. Her small legs, with knees bent along with her feet dangling in the air. That large black cock head stuck into her seemed too big to enter something so small. Jenny was squirming as he held her tight. He placed his large black hand on her bottom. Another inch pushed into her. There was no escape from this lusting African now.
He pulled his cock out and slowly rolled her on her side. The African then removed her dress as he removed his shorts. Now the two were naked on the floor. He then held up her left leg with his hand while his Rolex adorned arm tightly held her back. His black dick was even more erect as it again found her vagina lips. He pressed the head in again as Jenny moaned. With each small stroke he pressed more of his black shaft into her.
After a couple of minutes a third of his black dick was in her. Her small white body held against his blackness by his muscular arms she began to feel split and impaled on his black manhood. In a daze, her eyes left his and began peeking over his shoulder as they sighted me in the doorway. Her eyes had a pleading look seemingly wanting help. The trance had worn off and reality had set in. “Please help me mister, please,” she muttered. “Where is my daddy? I want my daddy,” she pleaded.
As I started to approach them a black arm from behind grabbed me by the neck. “Leave them alone white man. Do not interfere or I will hurt you,” the large African growled. “Now watch how a white girl is taken by a black man, whitey. His muscular arms held me as we stood in the doorway. I noticed how Jenny’s eyes become glassy again. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened. Her head slid from view as her frail white body was dwarf by the large black man pressed against her.
The black African stroked a couple of more inches into her and now half of his black cock was in her moving in and out. Jenny was moaning and grunting. The African was pleasured to the extreme and again found her small lips kissing them. His hand tightly held her bottom while he kept thrusting his blackness into her.
The African rolled Jenny onto her back with his arm around the back of her neck and his right hand tightly holding her bottom. His chest pressed her to the floor. Jenny was so small compared to this black African that only two small white legs were visable along with her frail white arms clinching to his neck. Her small white legs were now quivering and her breathing was heavy. Her mouth was open as saliva dribbled from the edges.
The other African held me captive at the doorway. There was nothing I could do to aid Jenny. The black African on top of Jenny began jerking even more with her now completely under his thrusting blackness. As she let out a loud moan the African covered her lips with his and his buttocks again pounded up and down. He tried to hold back but the excitement of taking this small blonde beauty but was overwhelmed and his black shaft stiffened even more as he could no longer hold his jism from pouring into her.
Finally the African pulled his lips from hers and let out a tribal moan as he was about to spew his jism into her belly. Although only half in her, Jenny felt his black cock swelling as it was splitting her bottom. Due to her smallness the African had mercifully not pressed all of his black shaft into her. He didn’t need to, her bottom was packed with black cock She was too young for more of his massive size.
His cock began to burst. Jenny’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened wide as she yelped out loud. Her body tingled all over with orgasms. The black African suddenly began spewing ounces of warm African cum into her belly as this small white girl looked like a ragged doll shaking in his clutches. His black arms clutched the girl as her two small white legs rose in the air shaking and then clasped his buttocks. It seemed like he filled her with everything he had yet he still slowly pushed his black cock back into her for minutes afterward. Slowly oozing every drop of African jism into her belly.
Jenny now lay on the floor completely exhausted and full of African spunk. Her frail little body was limp and her eyes were glazed over. She was so young and yet no longer a virgin. She was soaked from the African’s sweat and her loins were burning from the lust that had invaded her body. The African rose and left the room.
The African that was holding me released my neck and arms. “Do not interfere white man. The girl is mine now,” he grunted. As he released me he walked over to Jenny lying on the floor and placed himself on the floor next to her. He pulled Jenny’s small white legs up around his waist and released his black cock from his shorts. With his left hand around her neck his right hand began to guide his hardened black manhood between her thighs. Jenny pleaded, “please, don’t, I’m afraid. I don’t want another black thing in me….please.don’t.”
Her pleas fell on death ears as the African slowly pressed his blackness into her. Jenny’s vagina was lubricated from the spunk left in her by her previous captor so this black man’s cock slid in more smoothly. She quickly tried to push him away but as she did he grabbed her wrists tightly holding them to the floor while thrusting his black cock more deeply into her. A look of fear and helplessness was all over her face. Her baby blue eyes were wide and her lips quivering as she became impaled again on a black pulsating cock. Weak from fear and being ravaged, Jenny slowly laid back on the floor. She was no match for this muscular black man invading her body.
The African chided her. “Just lay there little white girl and feel this throbbing black nigger dick in you. I’m gonna fuck you, spew in you and there is nothing you or your daddy can do about it. Both of your sisters and your mother are getting black African cock in them and they are squealing with delight.”
This African was not a gentle as the previous predator. He wanted all of his black shaft in this girl as he began vigorously pressing more of his 9” hard dick into her. Jenny felt pain again and yelped, “Oh no, please no, it is too big and is splitting me into. “Shut up girl and get use to it. You and your family are going to have black cocks in you all weekend.”
I stood at the doorway watching this tiny girl being ravaged by this black demon. Her head bobbled up and down while her small white legs wiggled around the African’s buttocks. She was pinned to the floor by his hands around her wrists. Jenny was now groaning and sputtering as the charcoal black African was thrusting between her loins. Her eyes were rolled back, mouth opened as sweat from the black man was dripping on her. “Please stop, please stop….it hurts,” She moaned.
Her head rolled from side to side. Standing there, I was astonished again as this jet- black buttocks pounded up and down while Jenny’s frail white legs shook in the air. Another orgasm bolted through her body as her eyes grew wide again and her mouth sucked for air. Then her legs clasped his buttocks as her small white wrists were still held tightly to the floor.
Almost all his black shaft was in her and so rigid that his cock was pulling her bottom off the floor as he grinded it into her. Mercifully, it only took a few more minutes. The African could feel his cock swelling and wanting to burst. He wanted so badly to spew into this pale white beauty and surrender her child like body to deep black lust. Finally, as he could not hold it any longer, the African let out a cry, “Ohhhhh, I cums in you, I cums in you, baby girl feel my jism spew in you,” as he shook violently with his hard black cock buried deep in her. Another almost not ending orgasm raced through her body as her mouth was sucked by his and she felt his jism exploding in her. He released her wrists and she grabbed his neck and her legs again rose in the air and shook.
With a final few thrusts, thousands of African tadpoles began spewing into Jenny’s belly. Loads of African spunk began pouring out of her bottom. Jenny’s eyes were again wide and glazed. Her mouth quivering as her exhausted legs lowered to the floor. This little girl was again black fucked. The black African just lay on top of her limp body as the room grew silent. Jenny was almost passed out.
Jenny had never felt anything like this. She felt abused, raped and taken by this charcoal black heathen yet she also begun to feel womanhood and beyond sexually satisfied. As sickening the thought of being pressed against a black African, there was also something macabre and titillating about being truly blacked with his sperm filling and pouring out of her once innocent white loins.
What she did not know was that by tomorrow she would be under the breakfast table with that same charcoal black dick in her mouth. Sucking more juices out of it as the African ate breakfast. Little Jenny along with her sisters and mother were going to be sexual slaves for the entire weekend. Their white bodies would be black fucked and sodomized to where they would no longer think of ever being bedded by a white man. Next weekend they would be separated and each driven to one of the black men’s home where they will be stripped and again have their legs split by black cock.
After all, their father had signed an 18 month contract for over a million dollars. Now his wife and daughters will be slaves to black African lust. Many black dicks will be spewing their loads in their little white bottoms and mouths. Two of the daughters will be seeded and have black babies.
There are other true episodes that I encountered during my tenure in Africa. If there is interest from the readers, I will divulge them.
Africa is indeed a dark and mysterious country.

So, what do you think ?

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