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My Project with the Teacher

My plaid school skirt rolled up a bit higher, my blouse open at the top three buttons, a pink bra that matches my baby pink g string…the one i had mom take me buy specially for my History teacher after yesterdays events in this very class room on that very desk. I stepped in the room with a wider than usual smile that day as i saw Mr. Love sitting there with his feet proped up on his desk as he skimmed thru some papers. Today i took in more of his features, noticing his unshaven and scruffy chin, his tosseled hair that looks like he just ran his hands thru em and headed out the door, his collared button shirt seeing the top two buttons undone…he peered out over from his papers and winked at me, the blush that painted my face was probably red enough to been viewed from mars.
Seeing that i’m the first to enter the class i head to my desk and notice’s that Mr. Love’s gaze following me, watching me with a new smile on his face. Taking out my books a pencil falls to the floor and i stand with feet planted shoulder length apart, and bends down with my ass in the air allowing him to view my new g string. Slowly rising picking up my pencil behind me i hear papers scatter, turning i see that the papers he’d been reading we’re all on the floor. Grinning and being the good student, i went and helped him pick them up.
“I see you went and got my favorite color, after school you’ll be leaving them behind” his voice softly whispered as his fingers gently grazed over mine. Quickly glancing around the room making sure it was still empty, i leaned in and kissed those precious lips of his. His fingers glided from my hand up to my new g string under my skirt and i moaned into his mouth. Smiling wide at me and grinning as his fingers discovered how wet i was already. Gathering his papers and standing in time as the bell rang and the rest of my classmates started to take their seats as they poured into the room.
Throughout the day i couldnt sit still, i had a hard time focusing on my books and work…my eyes kept glancing up at Mr. Love while everyone was working…our gazes meeting and holding for a second and then breaking away. I noticed that Mr. Love kept looking at his watch and to the clock on the wall, then to me and a slight smile curling around his lips. My thighs kept rubing together all day sitting there…squeezing them feeling my pussy wet all day, i was sure that by the time i left this chair the seat would be soaked. Somehow i made it thru the day, and the last five minutes of school all i did was watch the clock. The ring of the bell letting out school today was the most wonderful sound of the day…now i got to be alone again for a second session with my History teacher.
I sat at my desk as everyone left, Mr. Love stood at the door way seeing everyone out then shut and locked the door. Soon as i hear the lock clicked i jumped out of my seat and sat on his desk, my legs crossed with my skirt showing up my thighs. I watched as he walked to me, looking at his crotch and seeing that he’s now excited for me seeing me sitting here waiting for him. Without saying a word he stepped infront of me, his hands on either side of my face, cupping it in his big soft hands, and his lips pressing hard to mine, our tounges eagerly seeking out the others, our kiss hungry and hard, my leggs parts open wide allowing him to step in closer to me, my hands working the belt on his pants, and the button then the zipper…my hands clumsy taking a lil longer than i wanted to open him and expose him once more to me.
His hands leaving my face and trailing down my neck and over my shoulders, finding their way to my breast, squeezing them firmly in his hands. Down from my breast they trail and strokes my sides thru my shirt, down to my thighs and under my skirt back to my new baby pink g string. His fingers stroking over my mound thru the g string, then down to the wet spot that my pussy has left behind from the days excitement. My hips instinctively rocks to his fingers, wanting and needing them to penetrate me. Our lips still locked in a hard hungry kiss. His thumbs slide under the strings at my waist and pulls down the g string as i lift my ass up allowing him to pull them down over my ass and watches him as he bends and slides it over my knees and down my legs. Standing infront of me with my wet g string in his hands, raising it to his nose and takes a long inhale taking my scent and moaning.
“Get down and get your things, i got a lil surprise for my favorite student”
“may i ask what that would be Mr. Love?” i grinned as i slide down from his desk
“If i told you it wouldnt be a surprise now would it… hurry Ashely i cant bring you home too late now.” he said as he gathered his things and unlocked the door. We both hurried to his car and i sat in the passenger seat. Once we were away from the school, i spread open my legs and started to play with myself rocking in his chair. Moaning as he drove, his eyes watching me then the road then back to me…his right hand slide down over my wet pussy and he slide two fingers in there slowly rocking them in and out letting me rock and grind on his fingers. His thumb stroked over my clit which made me push back in the chair as i grinded to his hand. My head rolling side to side my eyes unable to remain open, the only sound emmitting was my moans. As if he could read my body knowing how close i was to cumming he pulled his fingers out and removed his thumb from my clit and i groaned.
“not yet, plus we’re almost here” he said as i opened my eyes and looked as we pulled into a motel. ” go and head up to room 224 and sit on the bed and wait for me”
“mmm yes Mr. Love, please dont make lil ole me wait too long for you” grinning i grabed the key from his hand and ran my lil ass up to room 224. Rushing into the bathroom and freshened up a lil, making sure my hair was presentable and that looked sexy for my next lesson from the best teacher i’ve ever had. Hurrying then heading back in the room and flopping down on my front, leggs up kicking as i find the remote and flip thru the channels as i await Mr. Love.
The door opens and Mr. Love comes in with a bag and a grin on his face. Stepping infront the t.v and turns it off. I smile up at him as he leans down and kisses me. ” mmm stand and strip for me” with his words said he sits on a chair in the corner of the room, sliding off the bed i stand infront of him, my hips swaying as i start to unbutton my shirt, sliding it off my shoulders and letting it fall…with my fingers i slowly unfasten the front of my bra and lets it fall around my feet, turning my back to him my hips swaying, my hands sliding down over my breast, pinching my nipples and pulling on them. Eager Mr. Love pulls me to him and lifts my skirt, exposing my ass to him, startled as i feel his tounge trail between my ass cheeks. As he licks up and down my ass his hands pulls down my skirt feeling his tounge rise off my ass just long enough to let the skirt pass and he replaces his tounge to my ass. One of my hands squeeze and pinch my nipples while the other slides down to my pussy and starts to rub my clit.
I feel his finger stroke over my pussy lips, gently pushing in between them and sliding into my wet cunt, never taking his tounge off my ass. I feel now both his hands firm on both sides of my ass and starts to spread them open, i moan out as i feel his tounge lick and probe about at my ass hole. “oohhh fuck” i moan enjoying this new feel of his tounge.
Rising up behind me i turn and face him and starts to frantically undress him, my fingers unable to do anything right in such a desperate hurry, fumbling as i work off his buttons on his shirt and pulling and tuging it off his chest, my hands drawn now to his pants and i struggle trying to work his belt open, seeming like forever to open it, it gives way and now my hands pull at his pants and the button flies off and he laughs watching me in such need of the prize that lies locked behind all these buckles buttons and zipper. Tugging his zipper down and pulling down his pants and underwear at once, my mouth immediately over his cock as it springs out. My tounge licking up and down his shaft and licking over his balls, the tip of my tounge licking up his shaft and back over and around the head, sliding it into his slit at the top of his cock.
Hearing his moan i know that i’m doing it right. I wrap my lips around the head and sucks softly on this beautiful head, my tounge swirling around the tip. My hands stroking up and down his cock and my fingers caressing his balls. Gently his hips rock, guiding himself into my mouth. My spit glistening his cock. The taste of precum coating my mouth, causing me to moan and bob my head faster over his cock, taking him in as far as i can without gaging. I feel his hands in my hair, and lifts my head off his cock. Licking my lips i look up at him, hunger in my eyes.
“mmm such a lil vixen you are, but you wont be having my cum in your mouth today”
“please Mr. Love i want to taste you and feel you fill my mouth..” i groan and beg, but instead is brought to my feet and guided to the bed. Lifting my light body you place me in the middle of the bed and grabs your bag. Digging into your bag you pull out a dildo, and starts to rub the tip over my wet pussy, slowly working in the tip into my soaked cunt, my hips rise and arch up off the bed to it. I start to moan and beg, unable to keep quiet, you reach back into your back and pulls out a big blue ball with straps attached to it on either side. You tell me to open my mouth and i open wide as you place the gag in and strap it behind my head. Now my moans muffled you start to work the dildo deeper into me, my body squirming and arching up off the bed to meet each stroke of the dildo.
Smiling you leave it in my cunt and turns me on the bed and puts two pillows under my pelvis, proping my ass up to you. You spread my thighs open and strokes the dildo a few more times into my pussy and takes one of my hands and has me work the dildo slowly in and out of me, you reach for the lube in your bag and dribbles it over my ass and between my cheeks, feeling your hands at my ass and spreading them open, you reach for my free hand and has me hold one side of my ass open to free your own hand. Now your cock in your hand i feel you rub the tip over my now lubed ass and back and forth over my lil hole. I whimper as i feel the head probe in and out of my tight hole. I cry out, but its muffled with the gag. My body shakes as i feel his cock slowly taking my ass, letting the tip stretch me a lil at first then sliding a lil further in each time. I cry loud into the gag, as his cock stretches my tight hole, taking his width and now finally his full length in me…sweat beading our bodies, afraid to move for the pain of my ass being stretched.
“ohhh sweetie, i bet you didnt think my cock would be up in your ass today did you?”
I shake my head, tears slowly sliding down my cheeks from the pain of being stretched so wide. My ass opened for him now, I feel him ever so slowly start to rock in my tight ass, my hand back to working the dildo in and out of my pussy. Hearing his moans of how tight my ass is over his cock and how he loves it drives something in me wild and the pleasure of the dildo working on me i start to rock riding the pain learning the pleasure of both together. I feel his big hands grip my shoulders and starts to thrust harder into my ass, my hands now stretched out above me on the bed, abandoning the dildo as i enjoy each thrust into my ass, feeling his balls slap against my wet pussy. His thrusts become faster and harder, he reaches and unties the gag and tosses it aside and leans down over me, his chest pushing me into the bed, my head turned looking back to him, his mouth seeking mine as he grinds deep into my ass. My fingers gripping tight to the bed as we moan into anothers mouths. The feel of his balls slapping against my pussy bringing me close to cumming, he grunts into my ear that he’s about to fill my ass with his cum. His words in my ear is like a trigger to my pussy and i start to moan and my body shakes as his balls continue to slap against my bare pussy, cumming hard. A few hard thrusts and one last thrust and he burries deep in my ass and we both cry out as he pumps cum into my pussy, feeling him cum hard himself, his cum deep in me, feeling each stroke of his cum fill my ass.
His body flops down onto mine, his lips softly kissing my shoulders my neck then my soft lips. Our bodies breathing hard and fast, our sweat mixing together. We just lay there, exhausted. Slowly he slides out of my ass and i wince feeling his head slip out. He lays next to me and smiles, pulling me close to his body, my head nestled between his shoulder and neck. ” did you enjoy that Ashley?”
“I fucking loved feeling your cum in my ass Mr.Love, and i am very happy with my surprise… ” my fingers strokes his chest as i talk.
“I have more toys in that bag to use on you, but you’ll get to play with them one at a time each time we meet you’ll discover a new toy until you’ve discovered the whole bag. Now lets get you cleaned up in that shower…”
Rising off the bed, me following my History teacher into the shower, steam filling the bathroom, he washes my body lathering it in soap and paying extra attention to my pussy, his fingers sliping between my folds and cleaning me my hips rocking to his hands as he does, my fingers holding to his shoulders while he cleans my pussy. As i rinse off he quickly showers himself and dries us off and leads me back to the room. Getting dressed i search for my g string and remembers i didnt come up to the room or on the drive over with them, seeing what i was looking for his voice softly comes over the room, “if you dont mind i’ll be keeping that wet g string of yours” and winks at me. with a smile i finish dressing and we gather the toys that he’d brought and he drove me back home.
Mom meets us again out side and talks with Mr. Love, listening while i gather my bag to their conversation. ” thank you for driving her home afIter the school project your working on, I greatly appreciate it” my mom says. “its a pleasure, Ashley is a wonderful and attentive girl. I dont know what I would do without Ashleys help.” winking at me. I feel a light breeze brush up under my skirt and over my naked pussy and ass, seeing my skirt sway in the wind i see him bite his lip and adjust in his car while my mom walks back to the house. As he puts the car into reverse, he smiles at me ” hows about a thong tomorrow Ashley, i would love to have a wet thong of yours to add to my new collection” I feel my face grin wide and nods, waving bye as he pulls away.

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