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Fun with Ali

Alison White stood behind my couch; hands griping the back with anticpation, her back arching making her ass stick out towards me. She was the most beautiful girl I knew with long blonde hair, and big, natural, c-cup tits, as well as a perfectly plump ass perched atop two long, tan, sexy legs. We were […]


Punishment with Daddy

When I got home from school…you were waiting for me and saw the big smile in my face, I run up to you and said “You would be so proud of me Daddy…I earned $350 today just from fucking all those boys, I’m so energized…I feel like I can fuck you Daddy starting now until […]


Barterin 4 Freedome

Four guards stood clad in leather and weapons outside the dungeon cell. Amelia swallowed as she was escorted down the rest of the stairs. One of the guards produced a key and unlocked the door. She was pushed inside. The door slammed closed behind her and she heard the key turn. Her eyes swung around […]


Maris is taught to enjoy pain

When Jack got married he knew that his wife would do anything he wanted no matter how kinky it was. “Have you ever been fist fucked?” “No” said Maris. “Take your panties off and spread your legs, I’m going to do it” “Please don’t honey, It will hurt” she cried. Jack smeared his arm with […]


Dinner Party – Dessert is more than expected

My wife was the first woman I’d ever met who enjoyed being spanked. I’ve always been open to new experiences, so I was more than willing to try anything that promised to, as she put it, “made her got enough to explode”. My first few swats brought critical remarks. I’m not sure if it was […]


Master Takes Me to a Strip Club

You ordered me to come to the strip club with you, and I was allowed to pick out my own outfit. I decided on my black and white wrap dress, white thong, and black bra, red heels. We get to the strip club and you lead me down front right by the stage. I am […]


Older Girls Need Spankings Too – Spanking and beginning submission

Hello” I’m Gale, Tom’s wife. Oh, was I just spanked hard and disciplined. I cried. And I really hurt. I’ve written because we’re in a dfferent state of affairs and need advice. We’re a couple in our 60’s and my husband is ill. I’ve known that he’s always wanted to spank me, but I never […]


Plans Changed

Tessa used me every night and everyday. One day I was sucking on her tits and we were both naked. Our friend Jackie walked in and took pictures of us naked. I looked at Tessa and she looked at me. ” Don’t do anything or else. . . . You will do anything I say […]


Liza Gets Stump Broken – liza is thoroughly bred by her Master

He enters the room and suddenly all her attention is on him and him alone. After all, he controls her fate, at least for the next few hours or so. He is carrying a leather strap which he drapes across her belly from the side of the bed. He smiles at her. They share the […]