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Chloe the girl next door

Chloe was a small curvy girl. And to be honest she was a bit of a Gothic. She had red hair and black makeup and always dressed in black clothes, not really my type but it suited her. Chloe was my next doors daughter. Being at university in the week she would come home and […]


I found a way not to be lonely

I have had two great loves in my life,but they have both left me so I am alone but the desire to have a man has not left. My first lover broke me in to please him he loved having me suck him off and I enjoy doing it. My second lover enjoyed the lessons […]


Summer Camp Glory Hole

Although, my name is at the top of the page is not real but the story I am about to relate, actually happened to me this summer. I am a 38-year old woman, married with two kids, Kevin, 19 and Lory, who is 18. This last summer, Lory and I were going to go to […]


Armchair sex

Emily had been shopping all day. By lunch she’d seen so many furniture stores it felt as though she were becoming part of the furniture herself. “Can’t we just get that leather one from Harvey’s?” she asked her husband, Nick. “I really liked it.” Nick dismissed her. “The colour’s wrong. And it’s way too expensive. […]


I Knew Her For An Eternity

As my horse galloped ever faster along the beach I pulled back on the reigns to slow him down. But it seemed as if something unforseen was quiding the horse. As I pulled the reigns back even harder my horse bolted into the air throwing me to the ground. That was the last thing I […]


When my parents go out for the weekend..

Me and my boyfriend Ryan had been dating for about a year. Ryan was a hot 17-year-old senior with voluptuous muscles and an amazing six pack. His hair was a dirty blonde gelled down sophisticated look, he was a hunk with green eyes. Me and Ryan always made the perfect couple. I was always the […]


Just A Little Country Girl

Born and raised on a farm in a small West Virginia town, I certainly was not prepared for the fantastic things that have happened to me in the last year. I was a virgin when I married Duane right out of high school. We were everybody’s “perfect couple” — he played football, and I was […]


A Trip To The Country – Chance meeting on a trip to the country

I felt his orgasm approaching and held him a little more tightly, speaking words of encouragement: “It’s all right, my love. Just let it all go. Put it all into me. I want it all.” Then he was pumping his young seed into me. It was very sweet, and I was swept by tender feelings […]


A Blissful Moment – Young man shows older woman his piercings

As I gazed upon his naked body before me . I heard his words command me to massage him. “Long and deep” he said “I donĀ“t want to be sore when your done. I want to be relaxed” he again commanded. With shaking hands I reached for the oils, he had prepared. He lay prone […]