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The Baby Sitter

It all started out as a perfectly ordinary Saturday night–and ended up as a perfectly wonderful one, one which may have changed my sexstyle forever. Since I live at home with my parents, I often babysit for neighbors to earn enough money to continue my studies at a local junior college. Ours is an average, […]


Three Day Snow In

Three days and she was still snowed in. Now she was frustrated, seriously frustrated, and she didn’t know what to do. Alone, without transportation, Juliana had no way of getting to work. Even with 35 inches of rain, then snow having dropped, she still needed to work, needed a paycheck, and she never liked being […]


The Clit Ring

Her hand rested gently on my thigh, fingernails lightly tracing a random line leading ever closer, ever upward. My arm firmly encircled her waist offering encouragement to her as she was treading cautiously on new ground. Out over the river a full moon was rising and silver points of light on the water flickered a […]