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Tommy Caught Peeping

It had been a long day. My wife and I had just finished cleaning the dinner dishes and as usual Sheryl went to the bedroom to get ready for bed and I had a drink to unwind. Normally I would watch the news but it was such a nice summer night I decided to have my drink outside under the stars. When I opened the side door I noticed the gate to the backyard was open. That was odd because it was closed an hour earlier when I took the trash out. I quietly walked into the backyard to see what was going on. There was no moon and it was nearly pitch black. Our bedroom is at the back of the house and in the glow coming from through the curtains. I could see a figure peeking in. My first thought was to yell out, but I decided to get a little closer to see what was going on. I walked out into the yard and came up behind the figure. From there I could see my wife through the opening in the curtains. She was sitting nude in front of the dresser mirror brushing her long red hair. I moved in closer I recognized the figure as my next door neighbor’s eighteen-year-old son, Tommy. He was wearing a tank top and his shorts were down around his ankles. He had his cock in his hand stroking it slowly. By now my anger had turned to amusement. After all, what sixteen year old wouldn’t want to see my wife nude. At thirty, she was beautiful. She had milky white skin, small but very perky breasts, a gorgeous ass, and nicely trimmed bush. She was thin but had nicely rounded curves. Watching this young stud beating off while watching my naked wife was a bit of a turn-on and I could feel myself getting hard.
I could have just watch and let Tommy finish and go on his way, but that wouldn’t be any fun. So, I came up behind him and grabbed him by the shoulders. He almost jumped out of his skin and let out a yelp. “What are you doing Tommy?” I asked. He didn’t know what to say, first saying something like he was looking for his cat then apologizing all over him self. It was funny to see that after all that he still had a hard-on, sticking straight out. “Well, Tommy,” I said. “I guess we need to go talk to your parents.” “No, no! Please don’t tell my parents.” He pleaded. “I’ll never do it again I promise. I’ll do anything, just don’t tell my parents.” Of course, I had no plan to tell his parents but I thought I might use his fear of them finding out to my advantage. “Okay, Thomas, maybe we won’t have to tell your parents.” I said, “But we can’t just ignore this. The first thing is for you to do is go inside and apologize to Sheryl.” He agreed and started to pull up his shorts. “No way!” I stopped him. “I want her to see you just like this.” Poor Tommy was shaking with fear and embarrassment and his dick was starting to go limp. I led him inside and straight to the bedroom. Sheryl was in bed by now reading a book. The look on her face was priceless when I came in holding a half naked teenaged boy by the arm. “Look who I found peeking in the window at you.” At first Sheryl looked shocked, followed by embarrassed. “Where are your pants?” she asked. I told her, He pulled them down so he could masturbate while watching you.” She tried to act angry but a little smile on her face betrayed her flattery. Tommy, you were trespassing and invading our privacy.” Poor Tommy tried to apologize but was so nervous he was barely able to stammer “sorry.”
Having a little more fun I asked Tommy, “Do you like looking at my wife’s tits?” “Yes, I mean n-no, I don’t know.” Sheryl caught on to what I was doing and jumped right in. “Do you want to see me naked again, Tommy.” He knew there was no right answer. He couldn’t take any more and sat on the bed, starting to cry. Sheryl got up from under the covers, still naked, and sat next to Tommy with her arm around him. Trying to calm him she told him that she wasn’t angry and that she was actually flattered that a good looking young man like he would be turned-on by her body.
By now I was as hard as a rock, watching my wife, completely naked, with her arms around this kid, who by now was growing hard again. Seeing that Tommy was growing a little more comfortable, I explained to him that there was nothing wrong with looking at naked women or masturbating, but that peeking in someone’s window without their permission, was wrong and he would have to be punished. He understood, he said, but pleaded that we not tell his parents. “I’ll do ANYTHING you tell me.” Sheryl and I have never had hang-ups about sex and had talked about having a threesome. One look at each other and we knew we were thinking the same thing.
I could see Tommy was trying to hide his now raging hard-on with his hands. “Tommy,” I said, “you shouldn’t be embarrassed about having an erection.” With that, I dropped my shorts revealing my engorged member. Tommy looked shocked and couldn’t move his eyes. He was transfixed on my cock. “An erection,” I continued, “is a perfectly natural thing. And since you are the cause of mine, I think a fitting punishment would be for you to help me take care of it.” “Then,” Sheryl interjected, “you can work on me because I’m getting pretty horny myself.” Tommy gave a uncertain “okay” but said he didn’t know what to do. “have you ever given anyone a blowjob?” I asked. “No,” he answered, “I never even seen someone’s dick this close before and I never even been with a girl either.” “Don’t worry, Sheryl said, “we’ll teach you.” Then Sheryl demonstrated on me how to start by licking the shaft from top to bottom, not forgetting about the balls. Then she showed him how to suck on it.
After showing and telling him what to do, she took his right hand and placed it around the base of my cock. I could feel his hand trembling as he put his lips to the head and licked the pre-cum. Then he ran his tongue down the shaft to my balls, sucking on them gently. I could tell Tommy was really getting into it because he was starting to moan and was stroking his own dick. After giving my member a good washing he wrapped his lips around the head and started to suck moving his lips up and down my shaft. Meanwhile, I was kissing and sucking on Sheryl’s supple tits as she fingered herself. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold back anymore. As I started to spasm and spurted my load deep into Tommy’s virgin mouth. “Suck it all up.” I ordered him. He tried his best, sucking my tool was dry. Sheryl helped him clean up, there tongues working together to get every last drop of semen.
Sheryl gave Tommy a long wet kiss sharing the taste of my jism. “It’s my turn now,” she whispered and lay on her back pulling the teenager on top of her. He was so excited he was stabbing everywhere with his cock, unable to find his target. With a little help from me he was finally able to find the warm crevice of my wife. Humping away, it took about twenty seconds for him to blow his load, crying out with each spasm. Sheryl, hotter than ever now, pushed his face down to her pussy and demanded that she eat her. Tommy seemed to enjoy lapping up his own semen. Sheryl directed his tongue like an expert teacher. Seeing my wife being fucked and liked by this young stud was such a turn on that my cock was harder than I had ever seen it.
Tommy was very muscular had very little hair on his body. He was on his elbows and knees licking Sheryl’s pussy with his hard cock swinging underneath him and his inviting ass sticking up in the air. I grabbed some K-Y and started to give him a hand job while at the same time lubing his ass. He hesitated for a moment but his moans told me he didn’t want me to stop. Grabbing his hips I put the head of my swollen cock to his awaiting bung hole. Slowly, I pushed, moving my dick in and out a centimeter at a time. He ass was so tight I wasn’t sure I was going to get it in. After a minute or so my head was in, then another inch until my pubic hairs was pressed against his young ass. Then, at slowly first, I pumped my cock in and out gradually increasing my momentum. As his asshole loosened up I pounded harder and harder. He grunted in pleasure with each down stroke as he stroked his own cock, all the while continuing to lap at Sheryl’s pussy.
After several minutes Sheryl couldn’t hold back her screams as she orgasmed , grabbing Tommy’s head and driving his face into pussy. Then it was my turn. With a grunt I drove my cock deep into Tommy’s ass, shooting my load deep within him. Exhausted, we all collapsed on the bed. Tommy was still stroking his cock. He had been a good sport, taking his punishment so well. Now it was his turn to lie back and be pleasured. I took his cock into my mouth and started swirling my tongue around the head, savoring the taste of his pre-cum. I had never had a cock in my mouth. The velvety texture, the smell and taste of his cum mixed with my wife’s juices was intoxicating. I kneaded his balls while sucking his shaft, moving my head up and down in rhythm. The thought of his semen shooting all over my tongue was exhilarating. I occasionally caught a glimpse of Sheryl masturbating as she watched her cock sucking man. Just when I thought that Tommy had shot his last load he started gyrating his hips and moaning. Then it came like an eruption, spurt after glorious spurt of salty spunk.
I’m not sure who was happiest that I caught Tommy the boy, whacking off while he peeped in our window, but Tommy the man had an open invitation to come back anytime. Tommy visited often after that night. Sometimes it was all three of us, other times with either me or Sheryl. Most of the time it started with Tommy peeping in the window so he could take his punishment.

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