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A Very Successful Trip


It’s been a while since we met on the Internet and became friends. Lately though we have been closer than we intended…We have learned much about each other and we are now talking about a real live meeting…Unfortunately, we live far apart…far enough to make a difference in our hopes to meet…But then, since your job calls for frequent travel, maybe we can work something out…Time went by and then your trip plans became conducive to a possible meeting…
You live way in the East and I live almost as far West as you can get. This trip came up for you to visit San Diego, CA. on business…. You made plans for your flight to include a stopover in Phoenix for 6 hours. You were looking out for us as Phoenix is my home town…We excitedly made plans for me to meet you at the Airport and spend some time together…We thought we would go out for dinner and drinks probably but the more we talked about it the more we realized this was going to be only a sexual encounter…We had been passing double entendres around and telling sexual jokes probably subconsciously hoping that sex would rear it’s head in short order…
On the day you were to arrive I made sure my home was neat and clean as I hoped to show it to you and who knows you might even get to see the bedroom…I waited at the baggage area and looked for you when the electronic sign said your flight had landed.
I have a nice picture of you that you sent a while back. I didn’t need the picture now as your face was engraved in my memory…I was sitting in the area waiting and looking when I spied you coming toward me. I think you saw me at that same moment!!
Your face lit up and a broad smile was plastered on it.
I know I had the biggest dumb grin on MY face! When we got close, we kind of stopped and hesitated…Maybe a little shy or embarrassed…We tentatively reached for each other and slowly melted into each others arms. All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind.” Will she like me”? Will we get along?? Will we make out?? Will we have sex…But as we kissed and you pressed your body into me full length, lips reaching for mine, your arms around my neck I realized there was nothing to worry about.
We were like old “friends”, actually much more than that. Our kisses became deeper and more fervent, to the point where people were looking at us and smiling. Pointing us out to their friends. With a groan, we pulled apart. There was no luggage as it was already aboard your next flight or waiting someplace. We walked out to the Garage and to my car. Before we got into the car we had another embrace.
This one longer, the kissing deeper, and our hands were roaming a little bit. All the way to my home we held hands and smiled at each other like two school kids on their first date. When we arrived at my Condo complex, we sedately walked through the grounds to my unit. (Lots of curious people live here with nothing to do but snoop).
When we opened my door and stepped inside the cool air felt so good. I made us a couple of drinks and we sat and sipped them for a bit…chatting and grinning…slowly we inched closer and closer to each other… We held hands and I rubbed my hands over yours. You turned your hand so that the palms were pressing into mine. The couch is an 8-foot leather one with plenty of room. We started to kiss in earnest now.
Your lips are so soft and pliant. I knew we only had a couple of hours but I didn’t want to rush our first time. I lay you back and lay next to you…All the while my lips and tongue were glued to yours. I licked your lips with the tip of my tongue. Then thrust it deep into your mouth were your tongue met mine. I loved the feel of your tongue wrestling with mine. Soft and lively it was…My hands were caressing your entire body, careful to only touch the sides to your thighs and arms.
You had a light cotton dress on. When my hands rubbed your thighs the dress was slowly pulled up…The dress was pulled up as high as your waist now. By the movement of your pelvis I knew it was getting to you. By sensing the rock hard cock that was now dwelling in my pants it was getting to me too. My lips moved to your neck as my hands caressed your thighs, now into the inner thighs. Stroking with my fingertips. Lightly trailing over the silken flesh. Then I lay my palm flat over your mound. Covering it with my warm hand.
I let it sit there and the heat of my palm was starting to make you push your hips up to meet me. As my mouth traveled over your neck and the upper portion of your breasts, you helped me by unfastening your blouse and Bra. My hand was still on your pussy but now I was slowly and lightly scratching it through your panties. Your panties were moist and I felt the heat of your vagina escape through the crotch
Just running my fingertips up and down the slit through the fabric of your panties…I nibbled on your nipples and sucked them one at a time. I ran my tongue around the nipple and then sucked it hard!!
As I sucked hard on the nipple I reached down and tugged at your panties. You quickly raised yourself and the panties were done away with. I looked into your eyes and asked if you wanted to go “inside”. I didn’t have to ask twice. You gave me a big smile and said,
“OH YEAH!! Let’s do that.”
When we got into the bedroom we stood by the bed, we both dropped all of our clothes to the floor. You walked to the bed, sat you on the edge, and then I urged you backwards onto your back with your feet hanging over the edge of the bed. I’m sure your eyes focused on my penis swaying between us. I knelt before you, hooked my arms around your thighs and pulled you to the very edge of the bed. You draped your legs over my shoulders as I buried my face into your moist pussy tasting the sweet juices ebbing out then I pulled back and ran my tongue into your slit.
Up and down, up and Down, up and down. Then I concentrated on your “little man in the boat”, I licked it, sucked it, nibbled on it. Making you moan with desire.
The juices were just flowing out of your hot pussy. Still playing with your clit, I slowly pushed two fingers in to your now soaking wet pussy.moving them in and out and using my hand in a screwing motion to touch all sides of your hot cunnie. Your heels began to beat a tattoo on my back as an extremely strong orgasm racked your body.
Your body was spacing, shuddering as this cum came up from your toes. Spread through your whole body and then EXPLODED deep in your belly!!
I climbed onto the bed and lay beside you. By now my cock was throbbing…you still had a few aftershocks, as your body was still shuddering from your first orgasm and very excited. While you were still in that state I went back to your breasts with my tongue. The nipples were so sensitive that when the tongue touched them you moaned and raised your hips. My hands again caressed your body slowly and lightly.
Your hand reached for my firm cock and caressed it. Then you kind of hauled me willingly, by my cock, on top of you…Of course I was right with you so it wasn’t too hard to do. Especially since I was going there anyways.
I got on my knees and looked down at you, I grasped my throbbing tool and directed it to your wet open vagina. You raised your arms backover your head and smiled at me. As I lay between your thighs I looked into your eyes and asked you to rub my cock with your pussy. You smiled and took my throbbing hard member into your hand. You ran the enlarged cock head up and down your slit. Up and down, over and over…Damn, I thought I was going to cum right there. But I gritted my teeth and held back. You gasped softly and I felt your open vagina shudder as you reached another orgasm.
“Damn! Lou! YES!”
I leaned forward and you knew what I wanted, you were ready. You positioned the crown at the entrance to your lovely wet entrance and I slowly leaned into it. As the flanged head of my crown slipped past the breach, you jumped a little feeling its mass pass inside effortlessly. Deeper and deeper it went. I couldn’t believe how silky smooth and hot it was in there. The lips of your vagina swelled some as it accepted its bulk. When your pussy pulsed again and again I almost came again. You orgasmed again as it slowly found refuge inside.

Now I was in as far as I could get. You raised yourself up and your pussy seized my cock in a strong grip… Like it didn’t want to let go. Well, baby, I wasn’t going anywhere!! I wanted to make this fuck a slow, long one and I wanted you to thoroughly enjoy our first session. I didn’t much care about me but I realized that all the waiting and the buildup was causing my full balls to complain. Time to go!!

I went in and out faster and faster. As deep as I could go on each stroke, as hard and fast as I could. In and out, again, again, again. Your legs were crossed over my back and you rode me like cowboy on a bucking bronco. We were both in frenzy now. Panting, screaming!! And then we both said it.

“ I”M CUMMING!!!” Together.

“Damn!! Lou! Don’t stop!”

“Faster, Baby! Faster. It’s there, Baby!!!!” You screamed.

I tried to get as deep as I could as my balls released their hot load. Again and again I spurted into your love nest. When you felt my hot cum in your belly you exploded again and again… Once, twice three times you had multiple orgasms!! I kept stroking you as long as you were Cumming. Even though I was exhausted… Sweat dripping for my forehead. I wanted you to keep coming as long as you could stand it. After our hearts slowed down and we could breathe again, we rolled over onto our sides and held each other in our arms. My cock lay on my belly, slimy with the love juices and dripping ejaculate.

We cuddled silently for a good fifteen minutes. I was thinking how great this was and you probably were too. (At least I hoped you were.) But then you looked at me and said,


Then I knew…this was the first but not the last time for us…

So, what do you think ?

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