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Hung obcession

I had read about Little Diggers (nude beach) on a Cruising For Sex website and organised a two day stay at a resort on the main beach adjacent to it as part of my trip to Byron Bay on the NSW North Coast.

Leaving in the early hours of the morning, a 7 hour drive from Sydney got me into my hotel a little after midday. I settled into my room for an afternoon nap before going for a walk over the rocks to Little Diggers. Being a Friday there were only a small number of people, mostly in small groups, plus one very obvious exhibitionist who walked the length of the beach with an erection John Holms would have been proud of.

After his parade on the foreshore he waded into the water, which is still pretty cold for this time of year, and swam a hundred metres or so back toward where I was lying on the sand.
He walked out past me to the bushes above the beach his huge flaccid cock swinging like a small trunk between his legs. I had an instant erection as I followed him with my eyes to see him emerge from the bushes onto a ledge overlooking the beach.

He picked up a towel and stood wiping himself down before rubbing oil onto his tanned body. He paid particular attention to his massive cock that hung half way down his thighs oiling it with long slow deliberate strokes down the shaft until he came to the head where his hand lingered for a short time before slipping off. He continued this for few minutes before sitting down disappearing from sight.

Curiosity got the better of me as I wrapped a towel around my waist to conceal my rigid cock and walked up to the bushes behind the ledge where I found a small audience watching him. He had laid down on his towel with his glistening cock in full view across his leg. I couldn’t resist having a closer look so I walked down and sat next to him. He didn’t move and as I studied his cock and I noticed that it was almost as long in a flaccid state as it had been when it was erect as walked along the beach. I leaned over and gently lifted the shaft feeling the weight before letting it fall back across his leg with the sound of a light slap. He moved his hips a little indicating to me that he wanted more. I began to finger tip his low hanging balls before moving slowly to his magnificent rod. I could feel it pulsating as it grew into a rock hard erection.

Some other guys joined us and there were now a few more watching from the bushes all either masturbating a partner or themselves. We took it in turns to handle his cock and there were plenty of anxious volunteers. My hands aren’t small however I could easily fit them one on top of the other with only my index finger and thumb able to get most of the way around the beautiful thick shaft. With both hands on top of each other, there was still an inch so of cock and its now engorged purple head exposed. I slid my hand up and down it’s length as he began to flex and release his stomach causing his cock to harden even more. He lifted his head a little and as he watched me caress his cock he raised his hips, I felt it tense just before releasing a long stream of cum into his face and onto his chest. He reached down to my hand and motioned me to keep pumping as it continued dribbling onto his stomach. With a pool of cum in his belly button and his chest and face covered in the stuff he finally sat up, pulled the towel from under his butt and wiped himself down. With his legs wide open and his cock lying between them with it’s cut head resting on the grass he poured oil over it and began to fondle his balls. In no time his cock was growing hard again. Those of us who had been too busy with his cock to cum ourselves literally pumped him dry over the next 45 minutes or so as he laid flat on his back while it dribbled cum and occasionally spurted a small load. One of the guys tried to get in a position to lower himself onto the glistening pole however he pushed him away saying we could do whatever we like to his cock but he doesn’t fuck guys. A little surprising however none of us cared as we all wanted to play with that beautiful monster.

One of the guys handled my cock and began to suck on it while others continued with our prize. I came in about thirty seconds flat and as I got up to leave they were wiping the oil and cum mix from his cock, balls, legs and stomach while he continued to lay there seemingly in a world of pleasure. I turned for a last look before leaving to see him constantly lifting his butt to drive his cock deeper into the mouth of one of guys who almost gagged a couple of times yet continued to try and suck the life out it. This guys cock had just sustained a workout like no other I have ever witnessed yet he wasn’t done. I headed off to my hotel for a hot shower wishing I had a camera with me to capture this guys cock which would have made my masturbation sessions even more pleasurable.

After dinner that evening I went to the bar for a few drinks. As I was about to leave for my room in walks the guy from the beach with a gorgeous blonde girl dressed in an outfit that left nothing to the imagination. Her mini barely covered her little butt and the midriff top accentuated her large tits above a firm flat stomach. He was in a light cotton floral shirt and a pair of long white shorts which as he walked showed the unmistakable outline of his cock. It was very obvious he had no underwear on. He either didn’t recognise me or chose not to as he walked past on the way to the bar. I decided to stay and watch proceedings for awhile and ordered another drink. When the waiter returned he said the guy at the bar had picked up the tab. When I looked over he raised his glass and smiled. This left me a little perplexed however soon after, when the girl went off to the ladies, I strolled over to say hello and thank him for the drink. He asked me to join them however not to say anything about today’s events. He explained he had only met the girl at the gym a couple of hours ago and asked her out to dinner. When she returned and I was introduced to Jo as a guy he met in the surf and coincidently, both our names were Michael.

It turned out he had booked a room at this hotel which he often did when he came to Coffs. Although he lives in Sydney he spends about six months of the year here. She was a local girl. While we were sitting at the bar talking I couldn’t help notice Jo’s occasional look down at Michael’s crutch whenever he looked at me in conversation. She caught me looking at her a couple of times and smiled as she realised I knew what was intriguing her. Michael pretended to be oblivious to it all but he knew exactly what was going on and in fact turned more square on to Jo subtly hitching the leg of his shorts to reveal the head of his cock hanging in the leg of his shorts if she cared to look. Looking at Jo he lifted her right hand and placed it on his left leg very close to where his cock rested and at the same time smiled and asked if she would like another drink. There was no doubt she was fascinated by his cock as she moved her head to try and see more of it when Michael turned to ask me. We talked a little longer before it was time for them to have dinner. I had already eaten so I told them to have a good evening and maybe we’ll catch up later. Michael said we should have a swim in the heated pool and maybe sip some Champaign in the spa after dinner. I looked at Jo and she was fine about it and encouraged me to join them. I left for my room saying I would see them in a couple of hours or so by the pool.

I arrived at the pool about 90 minutes later. Michael and Jo weren’t around however there was a young Japanese couple and two older women playing around in the pool. It was a nice night so I went to the bar and bought two bottles of wine and returned to the spa which was slightly hidden by a rock waterfall flowing into the pool. The water was very warm and inviting so I looked around for the button to turn on the spa. One of the older ladies swam over and told me where to locate it and asked if I minded if she and her friend joined me. It was a large spa so of course I didn’t mind. We settled into the very warm bubbling water and shortly after the Japanese couple joined us. We all chatted away sipping on the wine taking it in turns to get out and hit the timer switch for the spa. After about 45 minutes I spotted Michael and Jo heading toward us. I introduced them to everybody as they took off their hotel gowns. Jo’s bikini was almost non-existent barely covering her full rounded tits with her thong exposing a truly beautiful little arse. Michael was wearing a tight pair of white stretch cotton shorts that were all but transparent. The older women didn’t seem to know where to look and the Japanese couple couldn’t take their eyes off Michael’s crutch.

They had just got into the water when the timer ran out and the bubbles stopped. I was about to get up when Michael stood up saying he would get it. His shorts were now completely see through and clung to his cock making it look even bigger than I had remembered. We all stared directly at his massive member in disbelief as he got out of the spa. Nobody said anything until he moved away. Francis, one of the older ladies said to her friend Ethel that maybe it was time to go to which Ethel immediately said she was very happy to stay and have a couple more wines.

Michael turned and started heading back to the spa. He obviously gets off on exhibiting his cock as by the time he arrived back to the edge of the spa it was obviously hard as it strained to break free of the flimsy material of his shorts. The Japanese couple were gesturing and giggling to themselves as Jo also let out a little giggle. The two women just looked directly at his cock in disbelief. Michael stood on the edge of the spa and slowly slid his wet shorts down to his knees before removing one leg at a time. We watched his cock stiffen even more and by the time he stood up it was rock hard. He then casually entered the spa and sat down next to Jo like nothing had happened. The Japanese girl was talking to her partner at 20 words to the second and I fully expected both of them to leave immediately. Ethel and Francis were very quiet while Jo was looking at me with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Michael broke the ice saying sorry if he offended anyone however he loved being nude in a spa. Ethel was the first to respond saying on behalf of both of them they didn’t really mind, it was just a bit of a shock and unexpected. The Japanese continued to talk among themselves and Jo, now looking a little uncomfortable, tried to change the subject by asking about my planned trip north. Of course all I could think about was Michaels cock and had slipped mine out the side of my Speedos and was playing with it under the warm bubbly water.

About ten minutes passed when the Japanese guy turns to Michael and asks in very broken English if they could see it again which stopped all conversation mid-stream. Michael happily obliged by standing up, his cock flopping between his legs to meet the bubbling water. We all watched as he stood in front of them his cock beginning to harden. She reached up lifting his cock and wrapping both her tiny hands around it while she turned to her partner talking and giggling. Everybody was laughing and joking including the two older women as Michaels cock hardened in her hands as she patted and and played with it. Her partner also reached over to wrap his hand around a now very hard cock while looking at it in total disbelief. Mine was now rock hard from the spectacle helped along by a water jet which was positioned beautifully for me to get a continuous cock massage.

Michael finally sat down and the Japanese couple thanked us several times, bowed, smiled and laughed as they left. The older ladies were still sipping wine and began asking Michael questions about his cock and his exhibitionism tendencies. Jo was happy to lie back and listen with a bemused look permanently showing on her face. We needed more wine so Jo volunteered to go to the bar. We watched her put on her robe and walk off. Michael then says to me why don’t you shed your swimmers to which I declined. Getting the ladies to join in they start chanting come on give us a look. I finally stood up revealing a full erection at just over nine inches pointing skyward out the side of my speedos. I manouvered my cock and slid them off allowing the bubbling water to tantilise my balls. I always thought I was the proud owner of a very large cock until I met Michael. Francis and Ethel, now quite tipsy, asked Michael to stand beside me so they could compare them. As we faced each other I looked closely at Michaels cock and despite having played with it that afternoon I hadn’t realised just how much difference there was until that moment. The shear bulk of Michael’s cock was immediately obvious. It was at least an inch and a half longer than mine and the thickness comparison was unbelievable. Mine looked totally inadequate as I compared the thickness and length. Francis leaned over and said my cock was one of biggest she had seen until tonight. I have always felt very lucky to have a big cock. Michaels made it look small.

So, what do you think ?

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