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If it stinks Ill eat it

I think I was alone in a unique fetish that I seemed to have – I craved hairy smelly stinky cunts – specially fat black older ladies who had them. There is a condition in some ladies where they discharge a fishy and foul smelling fluid from their cunts which makes it really stinky. – […]


Maris is taught to enjoy pain

When Jack got married he knew that his wife would do anything he wanted no matter how kinky it was. “Have you ever been fist fucked?” “No” said Maris. “Take your panties off and spread your legs, I’m going to do it” “Please don’t honey, It will hurt” she cried. Jack smeared his arm with […]


I have hot kinky sex for the first time

Ok so ill set it up. I wrote this for my bf. I’m at my house I have my pjs on polka dot pants and a plain white tank. No bra. My parents decided to leave me home for the weekend so I invited you over. I’m layin on the floor just curled up watching […]


Jake and Lea

Ever since I suggested to my husband that he explores the pleasures of sex with a man, which lead us to meet Jake, then his wife Lea, my husband and I have discovered great pleasures, and a strong relationship with Jake and Lea. We have not seen them for close to 2 weeks. They are […]


Just what the nurse ordered

Izzie was eight and a half months into her pregnancy, alone and watching as she became rounder and rounder. She found it hard to walk,do her normal household duties and especially finger her wet pussy that she could feel pulsating when she lay alone at night. Izzie was searching through the net when she came […]


Master Takes Me to a Strip Club

You ordered me to come to the strip club with you, and I was allowed to pick out my own outfit. I decided on my black and white wrap dress, white thong, and black bra, red heels. We get to the strip club and you lead me down front right by the stage. I am […]


Threesome with Kate Winslet

Andrew was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Come in!” Andrew said out loud and the door opened and Kate Winslet walked in. She had her long blonde hair left out, a short skirt that just about covered her ass with black stockings going all the way up, a tight black top that was […]


How I became a call girl

It all started when my son was boy and his father was never home and I had no money for food or anything. So one day I want to a friends house and I told her what was going on.He had money for his drugs and nothing for me or our son. I needed to […]