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Super hot lesbians from Venezuela

Pareja Super Hot! @DuquesaYDuque Pareja; El 30 Hetero y ella 23 SuperBi. Nos encanta el Sexo y estamos interesados mas que todo en Trios MHM y/o Chicas Solas. Cuenta Adm x Ambos. Venezuela!! Donde nos coloque la situacion SUPER EXCITANTES Y HOT Lesbian game with bisexual wife


Chris and Me “the doctors office”

I have always liked working at this doctors office. I like the people I work with and the patients I help. The new receptionist, Chris,seems nice and friendly; she is young and outgoing, a sweet personality.Christine has short blonde hair and she is very pretty in a quiet,glowing sort of way that she may not […]


My Adventure In Baby-sitting

I recently started baby-sitting in order to help pay for my college expenses and I must say the experience was more than a little exciting. While I was in high school I babysat but I never had any sexual experiences with any of the families I sat for, but now about every third client I […]


Ann’s Supermarket Friend

It was a hot Saturday afternoon and as Ann sat in her living room wondering how she would kill the afternoon and evening since her boy-friend Tom had gone up to the mountains fishing, she decided that she might as well make her weekly trip to the supermarket for groceries. She decided that there was […]


The Avon Lady Comes

Sitting in my backyard, drinking a cold beer the door bell rings, Getting up, I answer it only to find a shimmering blond with startling green eyes, standing in my doorway. I feel a rise in my pants! “Is the lady of the house in she says sweetly”, “No but what can I do for […]


A awesome wedding present

It was less then a week after my wedding when I got the greatest wedding present of them all. Me and my wife had been together for 4 years before our marriage. We meet thru her younger sister Ashly. She was 5 years younger then me and when i first met her she looked older […]