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Fun with Ali


Alison White stood behind my couch; hands griping the back with anticpation, her back arching making her ass stick out towards me. She was the most beautiful girl I knew with long blonde hair, and big, natural, c-cup tits, as well as a perfectly plump ass perched atop two long, tan, sexy legs. We were both the same age give or take a few months; fresh out of high school with eyes to the future and college. We had spent our last summer after highschool mostly together like we did most of the time, as we had been next door neighbors all our lives. And now she stood in front of me waiting for me to take her. She was a virgin and I had always thought she “waiting” for the right person, at least until she showed up at my door some fifteen minutes ago. She told me she had something import to tell me , that she had always been attracted me, and that she wanted me to be her first. The only reason she had waited so long was that she was afraid of what I would think of her once she told me what turned her own. I could tell she wanted to get it out and it had been eating at her for a long time. What came out caught me completely off guard, she wanted to be dominated in sex, for has long as she could remember thinking about sex the guy was always taking control of her, and the thing that turned her on the most was the thought of spanking. I had never done anything like this before even though I have had sex, but now was as good as any to start, especially with a girl this hot. And there stood in front of me waiting for me to begin. I was dumbfounded about what to do, but guessed I’d have to make it up as I went along.
“Pull off your pants and take them off completely, and then put you hands back on the couch.”
She complied. “Ali, from now own when I tell you to do something don’t just do it, but tell me yes Sir. And whenever I complement your body or do something nice for you say thank you sir, and when I ask you a question put a sir on the end of it. Understood?”
“Yes sir,” she said in her soft, shy voice.
I returned my full attention to her taking her in with her in just her t-shirt and white cotten panties. I touched her thigh feeling her soft skin and instatly became hard. I ran my hand up her leg until it rested in the center of her ass, with nothing but her panties between me and her.
“I’m going to give you ten spanks on each cheek. I’ll hit the left first and then the right, and that’ll be one. We’re going to ten and you’re going to count it out for me, o.k.?”
“Yes sir.” I hit her ass, “One…two…three… Four…” I gained more confidence with each smack, putting more power into it as I went on. It wasn’t until number five she started to make noises, by the end she had begun to scream quite loundly.
“Did you enjoy that, Ali?”
“A whole lot sir.”
“Well let’s see how much. Pull your panties down to your knees and stick your fingers in your pussy,” she did. I saw her pussy for the first time, it was beautiful covered in her small blonde hairs. “Pull them out. Are they wet?”
“Yes sir.”
“So you really do like this you little whore. Go to the dining room and room and lean againt the table and put your hands by your back.”
She led me the short distance with her panties still at her knees. She did what I said and I grabbed both her wrists with one hand and touched her ass with the other. It was so soomth and round that I was in heaven. I grabbed it up in my hand squeezing it hard, there was just so much there and it felt so wonderful.
“I’m gonna spank you’re ass until it’s red. If you get through the whole thing without crying you’ll be rewarded, but if you don’t I’ll have to punish you. Understand?”
“Yes sir.”
I let her ass out of my hand as I reared back and brought my hand down; there was a loud smack as my hand hit skin that wasn’t there through the panties. My hand smacking her bare ass felt so good. I came down hard and fast alternating cheeks never letting her recover before I was already spanking again. She tried tried hard to hold back the tears but soon they began to stream. As her ass became ruby red she began to yell, “owwwww….owww…it’s hurts so good…owww….owwwww!”. I drew it to a close and told her to stand up, but she didn’t hear because she was preoccupied with wiping her face off.
“Ali I told you to stand up, listen.”
“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you sir.”
You know I’m going to have to punish you, go lay on the floor flat on your stomach I’ll be right back.” I then left quickly to retreave a plastic ruler out of my room. I returned to find Alison lying on the floor with her t shirt hanging loosely and her ass looking like a perfect round hill in my living room.
“I’m going to give you five spanks on each cheek: five for crying, and five for not listening. Count as I spank each cheek, ready?”
“Yes sir.”
I knelt down beside her with ruler in hand. I touched it softly againt her cheek before lifting fast and brought it down quickly. She screamed and counted it off. I was slow and allowed the pain to linger before hitting each time. After I reached number ten she counted it off and tried regain herself from her sobbing.
I touched her ass which by now was vey red with some streaks left by the ruler. “So Ali, do think you deserve to get fucked?”
“Yes sir. Please, please fuck me!”
I rubbed her ass in small circles as I thought. God knows I wanted to do her right then and there but she had broken some rules. She had told me her feelings so we could have many of the seccions together, but I wanted to fuck her so bad. No, I couldn’t show her my weakness. It was her first time though so I would compromise.
“You broke the rules, I can’t do that, but if you want I’ll let you suck my cock off.”
“Please give it to me sir, please, please, please!”
“Come here,” I moved over to the couch and sat down. “Unzip my pants and take my pants and boxers to my ankles, and do as you wish.”
She took it in her hand touching a cock for the first time. She moved her hand slowly up and down the shaft as she brought the head to her lips. As she worked my cock she began to slowly work her way farther and farther down until she began to gag on it. “Oh yeah, gag on it baby.” She went as far down as she could and held for as long as she could. She began to bob her head faster and faster, she was a natural and it felt great, when I came close to cuming I told Ali to get on all fours in front my dick. I brought myself and blew a massive load all over her ass, after I finished there was much it started streaming off her ass and down he legs before finnsly sticking to her butt and thighs.
“You can use my shower before you leave, but before you do I have some things to tell you. When you come back tommorow wear a skirt, and I know you don’t wear thongs but go buy one with a matching bra, and shave your pussy, but make sure to leave a small triangle of hair right it front but that’s all. Go take a shower and don’t forget about tommorow.”
“Oh I want, believe me.”
She left and I couldn’t wait for tommorow and I know neither could she.
“yes sir

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