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Punishment with Daddy

When I got home from school…you were waiting for me and saw the big smile in my face, I run up to you and said “You would be so proud of me Daddy…I earned $350 today just from fucking all those boys, I’m so energized…I feel like I can fuck you Daddy starting now until […]


I had sex with my bestfriends family

It all started when my mom was moving to California with her boyfriend , I didn’t want to go so I moved in with my best friend, her mom, and her grandfather. It took my months to pack but finally I was out! (My best friends family and my family ed me pack.) I’m 23 […]


A Movie and a cougar

I work at a job that is pretty flexible. I can leave the office for a few hours at a time and noone notices. So every once in a while a take an extra long “lunch” break. I drive up to the movie theather to see the latest “blockbuster”. It was the last time that […]


A night of drink and drugs turns into an orgy

My wife and I went out to meet friends for a good night dancing in the main club in New York. There was six couples including ourselves we met in the usual spot and started drinking we had the usual chat about the hard week’s work we had just done and how we were all […]


Don’t Tell Mum

“We’re going, then,” my mum called up. “We’ll be back sometime late this evening.” “OK, bye,” I replied, then listened for the door to shut. When it did I climbed on the bed and gave Lisa a kiss. “What would you like to do now?” I asked her, searching her blue eyes. “Well, we’ve tried […]


Henry’s Whore

I had been with my boyfriend for 6 months when it happened, and to be honest with you I had never been happier. I felt settled and knew for sure that I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, and that nothing would ever change that. But this is not a […]


My Portrait Session

I awoke earlier than I had really planned. Everything in the bed fit just right. The blankets were warm and every fold in them was just right. The pillow fit my head just right. The early morning sun in the room was just enough to encourage me to stay in bed and do a little […]


Cheerleader Sluts

My name is Jade; I am a 23-yr. Old white female. I have shoulder length black hair and light green eyes. I must admit that I am a very pretty girl, A bit more sexy than sweet. I have the body of a whore and the face of an angel. I use both to my […]


How I got to suck cock

Let me tell you how winning the lottery changed me from a straight decent man into a bisexual pervert. My win was Ł2.3 million pounds and I would be a liar if I said it did not change me. With a new house in the country and a big fancy car I gave up working […]