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First time Bi experiance – cum on him


I had been interested in a mutual experience with a bloke for a while now. I am not gay but the thought of touching another mans cock, him rubbing me, turns me on. I am not looking for a relationship, that is not what this is about. Only I wondered if another man, one that has become accustomed to playing with many cocks, not just his own – couldn’t make me cum in a particularly intense way. Admittedly the thought of watching cum squirt from the end of a strangers swollen smooth hard head intrigued me also.

Imagining him paying my cock intimate attention, rubbing, caressing, wanking; this I had thought about many times. It may be that the feel of another mans cock in my hand, his hand on my cock, the familiarity of my cock and the strangeness of his is was what fascinated me. I know my shaft, how it feels, the hardness, the feel of the veins on the palm of my hand, ridged, the hard smooth helmet pulled free of my foreskin. The right pressure at the right time, cum spurting in a predictable fashion, in the right spot and at the right time, perhaps this imaginary partner would come to a different stimulus, in a different way, perhaps the feel of my hand on his cock would make him climax in an equally intense way, the thought that I had made it happen…

My cock is almost eight inches and reasonable in girth. I am uncut and my foreskin is tight, you have to ease it over my end or if I am in the mood then I wank it back hard, if needed I rip it back hard, a wonderful sensations, I know how. I have masturbated all my life, as young men tend to. Like all other men I am intimate with myself. I know the ridges and the pressure needed to cause heavy breathing and shivers, to squeeze from the base and force the last of the sperm between my forefinger and thumb, watch it drip on to the floor, or my belly…

For me coming with my left hand had always interested me but until recently I had never had the patience. Now I find that in the shower, massaging my balls with my right hand and gently stroking with my left, is incredibly stimulating. My knees buckle as I spurt and come into the shower stream.

I decided it was time to feel another cock and so I answered an add on the internet, the first one I had ever answered to.

I was so very nervous. Normally I am very confident, six foot two and reasonably well built. There is still some evidence of the six-pack from my youth. I have wide shoulders, strong arms and crew cut short blond hair. The first add I answered also proved to be the man that I met, some days later.

I sat by my car, leaning against the bonnet and waited. My heart was pumping, beating so hard I thought it could be seen by passers by. I knew his name but had no idea what he looked like. I hoped not too effeminate – the wait seemed to last forever. Then I saw him, for some reason I knew it was him. He looked me up and down and then said, ‘ Well I have no complaints’!

We walked to his office block and sneaked into his office on the fifth floor. He closed the door and drew the blinds closed. We stood there for a while facing each another, my heart was pounding and I felt completely lost, not knowing what I should do. He looked calm enough, well let’s face it it was only new to me. He asked me, ‘What would you like to do’?

I mumbled something incoherent about not being quite sure. Then he moved his hand to my crotch, felt my swelling manhood ans smiled. He just squeezed me gently and asked if I would like to take my clothes off. My stomach was somersaulting.

I stripped naked and stood there watching him remove his. Then there we were, naked, our cocks facing each another, almost touching. He moved his hand towards me and then, there it was, a mans hand stroking my cock, looking at my cock ans smiling with an approving grin. He rubbed his hand first slowly up from the base of my shaft, pulling the foreskin over my swollen helmet and then with a wonderful squeeze pulled his hand to the base of my cock again. He would wank me like that and I loved the sensation, the excitement. It felt so unreal. As he wanked me there in the middle of his office my pre-cum wet his hand. He said that, ‘I love pre-cum’. It sounded incredibly horny.

I was dying to feel his cock and asked if I may take him in my hand, he smiled and said, ‘Of course, please do’!

I had fantasized about rubbing my cock against another cock, what it would feel like. I slowly overcame my inhibition and reached for his. It was smaller than mine but rigid, hard as a rock and curved slightly towards his belly, standing erect and throbbing. I knew it was throbbing for two reasons, I could see it and when I reached over and took it in my hand I could feel it. I moved closer and touched our cocks together, I could see both of our smooth gleaming helmets between us, wrapped in my fingers. The base of both our shafts pressed against each another, between my fingers.

All too soon I knew I was close to coming, I guess he could tell.

Without warning he lay down on the floor on the carpet and pulled me sitting astride him. He had taken over and I let it just happen. Kneeling above him with his one hand frantically rubbing my cock and with his other wanking himself, I knew it was close. I thought I could hold off for a little longer and I could feel how my ass cheeks were rigid, back arched and shoulders pressed back, leaning slightly back fighting the inevitable. Then I felt his other hand come u and gently squeeze by balls. I exploded, cum spurting on his belly and chest. My legs felt as though they would give way. He kept wanking me through my convulsions and rubbed my cum on his chest. As I was recovering and again able to focus I saw him jack himself off, our warm sticky cum blending on his belly.

I was completely spent.

I have no regrets and think that the experience was worth every moment. I invite you to try the same, at least once in a lifetime – it is worth every stroke.

So, what do you think ?

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