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Jake and Lea

Ever since I suggested to my husband that he explores the pleasures of sex with a man, which lead us to meet Jake, then his wife Lea, my husband and I have discovered great pleasures, and a strong relationship with Jake and Lea. We have not seen them for close to 2 weeks. They are expected any minute. We are planning an afternoon of fun.

Jake and Lea arrived at 1pm. We jumped into eachother’s arms! Lea looked beautiful in a light airy dress, her very large breasts looking inviting, as always. She was not wearing a bra. Her large dark nipples showing slightly through her dress. Jake was looking handsome, as he always does. Both Jake and my husband were wearing a simple shirt and jeans. I was wearing a straight short skirt, not too short! And a tank top. I am smaller than Lea. I have much smaller breasts. I guess I look firmer, more athletic. Lea looks sensuous. She is much rounder than I am.

We sat in the living room where 4 glasses of delicious wine were waiting for us. We talked and laughed as we always do. Jake was sitting next to my husband on the sofa. Lea was sitting on the floor next to the coffe table, I was in an armchair. Lea and I started a discussion, not paying attention to the 2 men. She was at my feet, her back to the sofa. I lifted my eyes from Lea on the floor to see that Jake and my husband were kissing passionately, not paying any attention to Lea and me. I smiled. Lea turned around to see what was making me smile. While kissing, they were rubbing each other’s cocks over their jeans. They were realy getting into it! I looked at Lea and motioned her to come closer to my chair. She leaned back against it, between my legs. I bent down and pulled the top of her dress down to expose her breasts. I started to massage her large tits while we watched our husbands.

They got up and quickly got undressed. Jake got on his knees and started to suck on my husband’s eager cock. My husband was holding Jake’s head. My husband was now moaning with pleasure. Jake reached for my husband’s ass hole. My husband pushed in deaper in Jake’s throat. With every deap strock in Jake’s mouth, Jake was pushing one finger as far as he could up my husband’s ass hole. My husband was now panting hard. `Push 2 fingers in!`I heard my husband say. Jake pushed up 2 fingers. My husband accelerated his face fucking, Jake followed by accelerating his finger fucking. My husband came deap in Jake’s throat with a loud moan. Jake pulled his fingers out and turned my still panting husband around. He was bent over the sofa. Jake took a handfull of lubricant I had placed on the coffe table, quickly covered his cock with it before placing his long, meaty cock against my husband’s butt. He spread his ass cheaks apart to look at his inviting hole.

With his hand covered in lubricant, he finger fucked my husband some more with one, then two, then three fingers. Then he pushed his big cock into my husband’s ready ass hole slowly. When he was all the way in. He waited a few seconds to enjoy the tight feel around his shaft. He pulled out slowly then entered slowly again. They were both moaning with obvious pleasure. After a few slow strokes, Jake picked up the pace. He was holding on to my husband’s hips, pulling him towards him as he entered his ass hole faster and harder. `Fuck me harder Jake!`my husband yelled. Jake fucked him harder and faster. My husband was hard again. With one hand, he was strocking his cock.

I was wet. The sight of this fucking was making me want to cum. Lea was panting, responding to my squeezing and pulling on her beg erected nipples. I noticed that she had spread her legs, knees up, and was masturbating. I kissed her on her head, smelling her nicely perfumed hair. That too made me hot. I moved closer to her. My pussy now against her back, I started to move up and down, rubbing my clit against he shoulder blade.

Jake was pounding my husband’s ass. He came violently, emptying his load deap inside my husband’s hole. My husband continued his hand job on his cock until he too came, Jake still inside of him. They both let themselves fall on the sofa, facing Lea and me.

Lea reached a powerful orgasm followed by some shorter orgasmic spasms. She then turned around and spread my legs apart as much as she could and started to lick my clit vigorously. I came in a minute! Intensly! She pulled back. She started to rub my pussy with her one hand and penetrating me with her fingers, until I came again.

The men were looking at us smiling. Lea and I kissed. We were all happy with the way our afternoon had started. Quite pleased! We reached for more wine and resumed our pleasant conversations, relaxing before our next fucking session!

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