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Poolside Seduction

Leaves blew in the forest breeze as a 18 year old girl walked to her home in the forest. No one seemed to bother or live in the forest near the girl, just her and her family. Her black hair blew in the wind as the sun beat down on it. Lily Thompson was a […]


Violets Anal Gangbang

My name is Violet and this is the story on how I lost my anal virginity to 3 guys. I was always very pretty, heck i knew it too. maybe that’s what always got me in a lot of trouble. skipping school and smoking pot with the bad boys, hard to say no when its […]


Pure Heart – Younger woman shows him the path to true love

Danny’s eyes widened in total disbelief as the head of the parole board announced their decision to him. After fourteen long years in prison, he had finally been released. He felt numb as excitement soared through his veins while he was led back to his cramped cell. The guard handed him a box and told […]


Kayla loves Abbie

Well me and Abbie have been best friends for years and we stay at each others houses all the time but then this one weekend we planned that we would say to your mums and dads that we were staying at our friends house and actually go to a hotel and stay there for a […]


A Breathtaking Night – Emmalee has a crush on Hank.

Emmalee looked around the room, making sure none of her father’s guests needed anything. The waiters and waitresses they’d hired seemed to be taking care of everyone perfectly. Smiling and nodding to some of the guests, Emmalee scanned the crowd for one person in particular. Ah, of course. He was surrounded by no less than […]


A Honeymoon Affair – Young bride is seduced by an older man.

“How’d you like to get hold of that?” Roger Goins asked as he stirred his fresh drink. Roger was one of those guys who always talked about strange pussy, but never seemed to make an attempt to get any. He was too pussy-whipped by his wife, Elaine, to take a chance. Me, I was on […]