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In the bushes

We were at a party, Me, Jake and Milky also known as Megan. I’m called Rachel, how about we start when I was drunk . I was wearing a lime green miniskirt with a orange belly top. I had took my last shot of the night, when I fell over but to be catched by […]


Even more fun with our friends

My husband, Andy, was right that our sex life had reduced considerably after the birth of our kids, like it does for most couples. We still made love but not as frequently and not with the same passion as we used to. As I started to get back into shape and feel more confident with […]


Another Birthday Surprise

Although Lisa was married, we’d been seeing each other for some time. “Seeing each other” might not be the most accurate description, actually. It was an odd relationship, and it had started oddly. Lisa and her husband owned a restaurant/nightclub in my neighborhood; I’d first wandered in there shortly after they’d opened the place, and […]


Out For Drinks

Monica doesn’t drink often. Usually only when I fix them for her or when we go out. There are times when I require that she be rather high on alcohol, knowing that the things I am going to require her to do will be enhanced by the effects of the alcohol. Sometimes she would just […]


Daughters girlfriend

My daughter, Jen had arrived home from college for the summer, it wasn’t long till her old friends were gathering around our pool in their bikini’s showing off their sweet young hot bodies. I would often peek from the upstairs bedroom window at them sunning themselves. They sure had grown into group of hot young […]


I was drunk, She was pregnant

Years ago I was just eighteen and my friends and I had been hanging out with a couple in their early twenties.We would get booze and go there to drink it and party with them.The female was Angela and her man was called Rick.They seemed a close couple until after about a year he had […]