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Best- friend’s girlfriend

My name is Steve and when I was a senior in college I worked part-time in a movie theatre to support my monthly rent. It was an easy job. Just sitting round watching movies, and being a good friend to the head manager(Carla) made it easier. Carla had young brother(Dave), who was a senior in […]


Just what the nurse ordered

Izzie was eight and a half months into her pregnancy, alone and watching as she became rounder and rounder. She found it hard to walk,do her normal household duties and especially finger her wet pussy that she could feel pulsating when she lay alone at night. Izzie was searching through the net when she came […]


When One Door Closes – Young widower starts life over with mother-in-law

Amy and I had been married a year. She was 4 months pregnant with our first child. Life was bliss. Then one late winter afternoon, she collapsed to the floor behind a counter at the clothing store where she worked. A pair of customers whose payment she’d been processing called 911. They did their best […]


Love can be a bitch sometimes

Nancy was a good girl and she went to CHURCH with her parents every Sunday. She wore plain dresses and no makeup. That was the devils work to dress like a harlot. A new boy had moved into her town. He knew more BIBLE verses than anyone else and the preacher let him recite the […]


Lilian at the Resort – Boss and pregnant Latina secretary attend a conference

I guess every boss who has an attractive secretary has at one time or another fantasized about having sex with her. I know I certainly fantasized a lot about Lilian, who had been my secretary for about 2 years. She is a very attractive sultry Venezuelan, about 5’4″, with long dark hair and a lovely […]


Pregnant Itch – Ignored at home, Rachel needs attention

We decided to meet for lunch, which we had done many times before. We worked together you see. We had lunch often to talk about current projects, plans, etc. We were great friends as well and talked about the ups and downs of our personal lives every time we talked. Rachel had recently become pregnant […]


Feeding Her Husband – Pregnant Candi lets Mike taste something new

Candi lay back on the bed and sighed as she stared down at her belly. Eight months pregnant and she was big as a house — or so she thought. Her husband, Mike, came out of the bathroom, toweling his hair dry and looked appreciatively at her body. Her pregnancy had only served to make […]


Stacey the Mistress – His love was so strong, he gave her his seed

After the magnificent weekend that they had, Danny was not going to go another 2 months without seeing Stacey. How they felt when they were together, how at one they were, what they said to each other – this could not be ignored. He knowingly came inside her unprotected, fertile pussy! How can he go […]


Milk & Cookies – Traveler enjoys treats with pregnant hotel clerk

“You look beat. Are you sure you’re OK to be here?” asked the night manager. Veronica didn’t even look up as she started logging on to her computer. “Oh, I’m fine, really. Just a little tired, that’s all.” When she saw the night manger giving her a concerned look, she added, “I’m just a little […]