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My Sex Awakening at Lils all Girl Party

I was invited to one of Lily’s “all-girls parties”. The last one of the year, actually. We’d all be graduating soon, and then we’d be off to college. Lil’s parents were out-of-town, and the pool was open to anyone invited. I guess I’ve always been aware my admiration for the female body, but I never […]


Indian Lesbians

I am Amita and my friend Sony were at our empty house. We were in my bedroom watching a movie on the TV. One scene showed a close up of a girl’s leg and it was smooth like anything. Sony made a remark on it and casually asked me to show my legs. As I […]



Not that she’s likely to read this, but I will only refer to the angel of my fantasies by “Samantha,” a beutiful name for an angelic woman. She is straight. She is significantly older than I am. She has a boyfriend. She has not been my teacher for three years, but I talk to her […]


Maris is taught to enjoy pain

When Jack got married he knew that his wife would do anything he wanted no matter how kinky it was. “Have you ever been fist fucked?” “No” said Maris. “Take your panties off and spread your legs, I’m going to do it” “Please don’t honey, It will hurt” she cried. Jack smeared his arm with […]


Jake and Lea

Ever since I suggested to my husband that he explores the pleasures of sex with a man, which lead us to meet Jake, then his wife Lea, my husband and I have discovered great pleasures, and a strong relationship with Jake and Lea. We have not seen them for close to 2 weeks. They are […]


Carrying On

Donna became a regular visitor that summer. Her husband, Steve, was teaching summer school, and gone all day, and Donna was lonely. In addition, she talked to my Mom, and hired me to do yard work at their house. I was not yet driving, so my mother would drop me off at Donna and Steve‚Äôs […]


Dinner Party – Dessert is more than expected

My wife was the first woman I’d ever met who enjoyed being spanked. I’ve always been open to new experiences, so I was more than willing to try anything that promised to, as she put it, “made her got enough to explode”. My first few swats brought critical remarks. I’m not sure if it was […]


The Sleepover

“Yes, everything is organized” Bella told her parents for what felt like the hundredth time, “You’ve told me: No boys, no booze…” she repeated to her parents. “Sounds like no fun to me” She whispered to herself once her parents were out the door. Bella hurried to the kitchen to finish putting all the nibbles […]


Wife becomes Softball Slut

This happened two years ago. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and at 35, she still is as hot as when we married. During the summer on Fridays when I would come home from working the second shift, my neighbors Pam and Tom would have the fire going and the drinks […]