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Delivery Linda – Sex with a dirty older woman.

Delivery Linda. I sat at work reading a few good stories on this website, and for the most part felt as horny as hell. I´d studied the menu and chose the stories that related to my own fetish side, stories that described in graphic detail just what I´d always wanted to happen to me. I […]


Executive Secretary

I had just about given up hope, but this day would change my life for ever. It was my last interview for a great job, and I was nervous as hell to begin with. I entered into the office of a big corporation and was greeted by the receptionist who led me into another private […]


Weekend Overtime

With todays new competitiveness in business more and more hard work is going into our work weeks. Often I find myself working weekends in order to satisfy the need for addition work efforts. Recently however I was delighted by a turn of events which made this weekend requirement easier to take. Our company like most […]


How I Lost My Virginity

I was brought up in a foster home as my mum died when I was young because of moving from one home to another I was behind in my school work. At the foster home was couple of other boys and two sisters the eldest was Julie who was 4 years older than me and […]


Sally’s Black Bang

My 48 year old wife Sally loves cocks. She’s quite happy with mine most of the time but now and then she wants to feel a different sized cock in her pussy. I think she also likes the way she can attract and control men by offering her body to them. Sally discovered her passion […]