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A Movie and a cougar

I work at a job that is pretty flexible. I can leave the office for a few hours at a time and noone notices. So every once in a while a take an extra long “lunch” break. I drive up to the movie theather to see the latest “blockbuster”. It was the last time that […]


Lesbian made me squirt

Im a 22 year old female and have a full time job working as a hair stylist , I dont have a boyfriend and do not intend to eaither as my last relationship turned out to be a dissaster in every department . I have long brown hair that goes down to my bum and […]


Sex with my Sleeping Husband

I work normal hours, starting at 6 am and home by 4 pm. Not bad hours though. My husband is a contractor of sorts. He has a schedule to service restaurant cooking equipment. Sometimes he is up and gone before I am, sometimes not. Depending on his schedule, he is able to do that. This […]