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A night of drink and drugs turns into an orgy

My wife and I went out to meet friends for a good night dancing in the main club in New York. There was six couples including ourselves we met in the usual spot and started drinking we had the usual chat about the hard week’s work we had just done and how we were all […]


Dinner Party – Dessert is more than expected

My wife was the first woman I’d ever met who enjoyed being spanked. I’ve always been open to new experiences, so I was more than willing to try anything that promised to, as she put it, “made her got enough to explode”. My first few swats brought critical remarks. I’m not sure if it was […]


Jill and two jocks

Even before we were married I thought it would be neat to get Jill into swinging. She was a hot chick, and loved sex, and for someone so young was very inventive and adventuresome. We had actually met through an on-line dating site which also carried ads for couples etc., So we both knew that […]


Wife becomes Softball Slut

This happened two years ago. My wife and I have been married for 12 years and at 35, she still is as hot as when we married. During the summer on Fridays when I would come home from working the second shift, my neighbors Pam and Tom would have the fire going and the drinks […]


Wife’s Gangbang

It began like any other weekend party, but ended like no other weekend party. I went to my friends house for cards and beer. My best buddy Mike invited me and two of his co-workers over for some poker. I had never met the co-workers before that night. Once there, Mike introduced me to Tim […]


Wife masturbating in the car

The wife and I had decided to go out to dinner and then to an adult movie one saturday night. After dinner we went to a local adult movie house. The movie theater had a balcony section that was for couples only. We took a seat and enjoyed the movies on the screen. On this […]


Out For Drinks

Monica doesn’t drink often. Usually only when I fix them for her or when we go out. There are times when I require that she be rather high on alcohol, knowing that the things I am going to require her to do will be enhanced by the effects of the alcohol. Sometimes she would just […]


The Hypnotist – Life can be full of suprises

The first Friday every month we went out to a local nightclub. Often they had a DJ or live band, tonight for a change the cabaret was a hypnotist. My wife Sue and I were quite merry having had perhaps one to many drinks. Sitting at the bar we started to heckle the hypnotist as […]


Nice busty girl from London

thisgirl @thisgirl_____ Happily married. Submissive tendencies. Love talking about sex. Ask me questions. And yep, my pictures are all me. Enjoy them 😉 London, England Sleepy and alone 😉 Here you go boys… Fuck my soft tight wet cunt. Fuck me slowly. Slide all the way in and all the way back out. I’ve missed […]