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Punishment with Daddy

When I got home from school…you were waiting for me and saw the big smile in my face, I run up to you and said “You would be so proud of me Daddy…I earned $350 today just from fucking all those boys, I’m so energized…I feel like I can fuck you Daddy starting now until […]


Home alone.. with the old man

It was raining fast outside. I didn’t have work today. I could here the thunder loud clear. Dad was at work, mum had gone to the market and said she would come home late that day. I was home alone with my granddad who was now 80 years old. I didn’t like my granddad. He […]


Fun With Another Brother & Sister Couple

It was late evening as we sat in our kitchen drinking after sharing a meal with our new friends Chad and Murna, a brother and sister incest couple. We initially met Chad and Murna online in a chat room for brother and sister incest couples and created a friendship, which led to a meeting with […]


What a Big Boy

It all started last year when my husband had to go on a business trip to New York for a week. My husband and me hadn’t been to sexually active for about two years. Oh we would have sex every now and then, but it just wasn’t satisfying. Seeing he was going to be gone […]


The Switch

Molly sat opposite her friend on the couch as the two women laughed at the memories of university. Molly was now turning forty years old and had not seen her roommate and best friend, Isabelle in a long time. Isabelle had turned forty last year. She was still slim and slender, her face smooth as […]


Aunt Charlene

I was just over 19 when my mom died of cancer. She was just 38 and it was a long slow and horrible process to watch her die and I had a hard time with it. I was attending a small community college and was working a part-time job but didn’t earn enough to pay […]


Wanting her son-n-law!!!

The is completely fictional!!!! The story begins with my mother in law;Lauren. To describe her, she is 65 yrs of age, about 5’6″ and weighing 160lbs. Her measurements are about 44-34-38. She has the nicest tities I’ve seen and an ass that reminds looks like 2 teardrops. I’m 35 about 180lbs athletic build. I’ve always […]


An Incestous Family

This is a story of me, my mother and my sister .I am 23 yrs old, 6 feet 3 inches and 11 inches mom is 39 yrs old and is still very hot. She has 36DD boobs, blond hairs and her height is 5`4“ . My sister is only 16 yrs old but she […]


Passed out sister

My older sister Sue is a hot looking babe with long blonde hair and a great body. She also happens to be a very heavy sleeper and shortly after going through puberty I started climbing into her bed and touching her as she sleeps. At first I would just hold her hand and then I […]