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Trading my Body for Sex

This story started in my sophomore year in college. In my freshman year I had a girlfriend, we fucked day and night and as a result I got addicted to sex. When the school year was over, she told me I’m not manly enough for her and we broke up. I starved for sex for the whole summer and I was determined to do everything I can to get an intercourse.

True, I was never popular among girls. I’m not very manly, average height and relatively slim. My dick’s average size, which maybe why my girlfriend was not too satisfied. On the contrary, I’m very popular among gay guys. I’m Asian, have a cute face and hairless skin that attracts a lot of horny guys. Thing is, I love girls and I love pussies.

Sophomore year I lived in a single room next to Norman, a womanizer who has musclar body but a lot of feminine features that make him “beautiful”. I heard he used to get every girl he wants, and now he was dating Chloe, a super hot half-Japanese half-French girl who’s totally in love with him.

Chloe looks like the juiciest girl on earth to me, especially when I was starving for sex and was desperate. Norman knows that, but he was cool with it, because he is bisexual and he is very attracted to me. He even advanced on me once in the bathroom, but I told him I was not gay.

Two weeks later, he knocked on my room, “Ryan, I really can’t help, you’re so hot and I really want to fuck you. How about, you let me fuck you hard in my room now, and I’ll let you have Chloe in my room right after?”

“But I’m not gay,” I told Norman.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to enjoy it, I just want to fuck your tight little ass. You endure the pain, and think about it, then you can get Chloe … I heard you jerking off screaming her name in your room everynight,” said Norman, “think about her killer legs wrap around you, her soft voice moaning as you pushing your cock into her tight little pussy …”

As he said it, my dick turned rock hard. I hadn’t had sex for so long, and it’s my chance to fuck probably a girl who’d never be interested in an average guy like me. Yeah, getting fucked by a guy was a disgusting thought, but why not make a trade?

I made a deal with Norman, he showed me Chloe is naked in bed in his room before taking me to mine, after the door’s closed, he began his assault. He took off all my clothes, and began kissing and licking my hairless body. Then he pushed me onto my bed and began french kissing me. “Ryan, your body is a delicate. Look at you, so smooth, and your ass, any man will turn gay just looking at you …”

His hands was all over my body by then, and I was already feeling really disgusted being assaulted by a guy. But for I really needed sex badly, and trading my body to this bisexual guy was the only way, besides, he does look very handsome, so I guess that’s not too bad after all.

Norman turned me around, “oh, Ryan’s virgin anus, I’m taking your virgin anus now …” he gets himself naked, pushed me down, and began thrusting his giant cock into my tight virgin anus. At the same time he was masturbating my dick, and god, I felt cheap and dirty with a man’s cock in my asshole. But that thought turned me horny for some reason. Norman’s conquerring my body and was going to shoot his cum into my anus, making me officially submit myself to my first gay sex. Sort of reluctantly too. His cock was so huge that my anus was in pain, and I tried to resist but Norman was toally hotheaded and ignored my pain. He was simply using my body to fulfill his fantasy. I’m merely a body, a toy, a slave to him in bed. That got me super horny.I wanted sex, and I was having sex – only with a man, not a woman. I felt like my body was violated, raped, but that was all the cost for getting Chloe. Besides, I somehow was enjoying my cheapness. I like being a boy-whore, a boy-slut, a boy-toy for Norman.

He certainly loved that. Furiously kissing my neck, he was fucking faster and faster. I was sure my anus was bleeding by then, and it was contracting so much that Norman could not hang on anymore, he shot an incredibly amount of cum into my ass, “oh baby, oh baby, I’m coming, in your virgin anus, you’re mine, you’re mine!”

Norman pulled out, and I could fell hot cum dripping out of my violated anus. It felt burning, but I was more horny than ever. I ran next door quickly to claim my prize – the beautiful Chloe lying in bed, naked. My body was covered with Norman’s sweat and saliva, but I could care less. I dove into Norman’s bed, and began assaulting his beautiful girlfriend. I kissed her and licked her body just like Norman did to me, and her tits, ass, legs, feet, toes and fingers, I did not leave out an inch.

The same way I was trading my body for this, Chloe was doing the same. She loved Norman and she wanted to get his love by using herself to get Norman what he wanted. “Sexy, you’re a delicate to me, I was your boyfriend’s sex slave, and now you be mine!” I said, as I thrusted my cock into her pussy.

Everything was heaven afterwards, I fucked as hard as I could, and as I cum in Chloe’s pussy, Norman’s cum was still dripping off my asshole. It was so bizzare, so dirty, and so horny.

Since then I’m addicted to this game. We began making more and more trades, and for more things. I still don’t like men, and I’d say I’m not gay. But I do enjoy having my body being used by Norman, for some reason the dirtyness and cheapness excites me. I love him calling me his slut, I love drinking his cum even though that makes me vomit from time to time. Recently I started letting him torture me in exchange for me to do the same to Chloe. He loves pissing on me and asking me to lick his ass, and I do the same to Chloe as well.

Occasionally we have threesome, Norman on top, me in the middle, and Chloe in the bottom. That says it all. Norman gets my body, and I get Chloe’s. I get a sex slave, and I become one. I love it, but I just get confused sometimes, which one am I actually enjoying.

So, what do you think ?

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