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Threesome with Kate Winslet

Andrew was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Come in!” Andrew said out loud and the door opened and Kate Winslet walked in. She had her long blonde hair left out, a short skirt that just about covered her ass with black stockings going all the way up, a tight black top that was […]


Poolside Seduction

Leaves blew in the forest breeze as a 18 year old girl walked to her home in the forest. No one seemed to bother or live in the forest near the girl, just her and her family. Her black hair blew in the wind as the sun beat down on it. Lily Thompson was a […]


Horny couple and some sexy photos

Mr & Ms Champ @MrAndMsChamp My girl and I like to post our fun times.. follow for a peek into what we do. All pics are me or her or both. Enjoy! 18+ I told #MsChamp to show me her pussy at the bar My birthday dessert… Mmm Happy BirthDay! Off to have some fun […]


We Meet Again – Long wait brings a bittersweet reward

It had been a couple of years since I’d last seen Erika and to be honest I didn’t expect to ever hear from her again. Time had passed, fleetingly as is the nature of time when you reach the forty something stage of life and I’d just sort of let Erika drift away from me […]


Wood Nymph

Growing up in a small village at the edge of the world definitely has it’s disadvantages. Raids from the mountain clans of orcs and being hunted by the ancient grey bears of the north usually means a short existence. Of course Vernick had never seen any of the great bears or even an orc for […]


Playing Pool – He learns a new way to play pool

Things had finally settled down. It had been a busy Friday night for pizza delivery. The pop cooler in the kitchen was all but bare so I went to the walk-in cooler for pop to re-stock it. I was bent over picking out the ones I needed when I heard the door open. I didn’t […]


Denise – He meets a beautiful woman and takes her home

This story only happened because of fear, the fear that I’m sure everyone has experienced at one time or another. The Fear I speak of is the fear of rejection. When this story happened I was 19, I was in the Army and I had become a very self-assured young man. Kind of strange for […]


The Proper Grip – Young golfer teaches businesswoman the fundamentals.

“Oh fuck, I’m late!” Speaking quickly into her cell phone, 41-year old Natalie Franklin grinds her white high heel harder down on the accelerator of the BMW. On the other end of the line, a very girlish laugh is heard. “What are you giggling at, Tracy?” “It’s just funny,” she vaguely announces in a very […]