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Just had to let go

Someone once said that I drink way too much. I told them to mind there own business and really never see them that much anyway. I bring this up because on December 31st 2002 I got in a tad bit of trouble. Some may say it was from the booze but what the hell do […]


Armchair sex

Emily had been shopping all day. By lunch she’d seen so many furniture stores it felt as though she were becoming part of the furniture herself. “Can’t we just get that leather one from Harvey’s?” she asked her husband, Nick. “I really liked it.” Nick dismissed her. “The colour’s wrong. And it’s way too expensive. […]


Alone – A daydream one shot story

Sometimes at night I sit here alone, while waiting for you to come on-line. Daydreaming about you and I, and everything we might do together if we were near each other. Hoping that my plan works out soon, as I can’t wait to give you all those hugs and kisses, and to tell you that […]


Nice busty girl from London

thisgirl @thisgirl_____ Happily married. Submissive tendencies. Love talking about sex. Ask me questions. And yep, my pictures are all me. Enjoy them 😉 London, England Sleepy and alone 😉 Here you go boys… Fuck my soft tight wet cunt. Fuck me slowly. Slide all the way in and all the way back out. I’ve missed […]


Watching is Dandy Doing is Randy

I admit to being a voyeur. I like to watch other people have sex. Especially if they don’t know I’m watching, or if they are oblivious to my presence. It’s a window into unguarded and personal moments when people are at their most intimate and exposed. To introduce myself — if you haven’t read my […]


Twisted wife fingering pussy

Twisted couple @Twistedcouple69 21+ looking to share sexy pics with like minded Couples. We love genuine couples and home grown pix wont chat to single men. Looks how wife fingering her wet pussy:


My Affair with my Neighbor

Hi!! I am Neha. I live in Mumbai, in a bungalow gifted to my husband by his Boss. I am 22 (we married when I was 20) and weigh about 52kg. I am 5’ 9” in height and have exquisite features, 36-24-36 figure, black hair, black eyes, round face and a fair complexion. I like […]