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A night of drink and drugs turns into an orgy

My wife and I went out to meet friends for a good night dancing in the main club in New York. There was six couples including ourselves we met in the usual spot and started drinking we had the usual chat about the hard week’s work we had just done and how we were all […]


Wild Thing

I sat at the end of the bar, asking the bartender for a bottle of beer and nothing else. I was in an off mood and pretty much planned to slam back as many shots as possible and hope that i didn’t end up sleeping on a park bench tonight. I looked around the place […]


Circle of Friends – Mona plans a surprise

I get to the place and as I enter you greet me with a glass of wine. Then you start to undress me kissing me on the neck , ears and cheeks. Finally I´m naked just as you are. I love to watch your nude body move as you walk. As you already know I […]


A Lot of Love – Large couple find each other via the internet

Let me start off by saying that I am a new comer to the Internet. But I have found that the Internet can very fun and enlightening. I have met new and exciting people because of the Internet. That is what I would like to talk to you about today. While surfing the net I […]


Our First Anal With a twist

So me and my Girl Friend have been having sex for a while now, but we haven’t had anal sex. So one Friday night I ask her if she would like to try anal tonight. She said sure. So she started to take off her shirt and pants. She paused when she was just in […]


Unsuspecting Wife Gets Shared

My wife, Elizabeth, were living on Guam. I was in the navy and deployed a lot, so when I did get home we made up for lost time together, fucking in all kinds ways, often getting a little kinkier each time. At the time my wife was 27, 5’6” tall and a lean, athletic, tight, […]