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Not that she’s likely to read this, but I will only refer to the angel of my fantasies by “Samantha,” a beutiful name for an angelic woman. She is straight. She is significantly older than I am. She has a boyfriend. She has not been my teacher for three years, but I talk to her often, wishing I could show her the power of a woman. Every night I think of her. My fantasies unfold somewhat like this…

It’s 3:00 PM, and school’s over, so i head directly down to Samantha’s room to just chill out- her very presence is a stress reliever. Sometimes I amuse myself by playing with her silky, long dark hair, brushing my fingers against her soft neck in awe, sometimes giving her a shoulder massage. She knows I’m bisexual, maybe even lesbian, but she doesn’t mind. She never has.

But in this fantasy , the day ends a little differently.

“Hey Sam, can I have a ride home tonight?” I ask the angel. She agrees and I climb into her black sports car, as dark and sleek as the angel herself. On the way home, we discuss our ideas of attractive people. I tell her my attractive woman has dark hair, a perfect body- not too large but not too thin either. I like tits that fit the person-not fake looking but not flat chested.
Sam looks at me and says, “Like…me?”

Obviously she’s known my crush on her this whole time. She pulls the car into my garage, and i lean over and kiss her lightly on the lips, savoring her taste and inhaling the flowers of her shampoo and body spray. We pull the seats back to make more room in the tiny car. She starts rubbing my sides and gazes at me affectionately.
“Sam… no, you’re straight.”
“So?” She replies. “Love is not impossible. Looks like you’re lucky, queer.”
That’s all I need. Off comes her shirt, down goes her pants. She starts at my clothes as I begin to play with her hair in the old familiar way, then i get over my fears and lick her neck, traveling down her chest, to her hard nipples on her large, beautiful breasts. She tries to remove my shirt- but i refuse. “No. I love you, Sam. This is from me to you.”

I lick down her perfect, smooth stomach, down to her lovely clit. With one hand I stroke her stomach, with the other hand i shove a finger up her pussy. My tongue remains fastened to her clit. I barely move my tongue when she moans an angels’ note of delight. My finger slides in slightly more, i curve it gently inside her, and she tenses hard and rubs the top of my head, then cries out- I obviously have hit her G-spot. Sam sits up in the driver’s seat as i continue to pleasure her with my tongue and finger, and she reaches under my stomach and slides her hands down my pants. I feel her soft finger spread my pussy lips and massage my nub- making me inhale rapidly and rub her g-spot and stomach a little faster, my tongue probes harder, she moans louder. Minutes after she begins rubbing, I come with a gasp (I’m the quiet type) and shove my tongue up her pussy and transfer my finger to her asshole.

Between gasps Sam apologizes for taking a while to come, but yells, “it’s so great! i can feel it everywhere.” i don’t mind- my pussy’s throbbing, and i don’t want this to end. As I feel her growing tenser and tenser, I finish her off with my hands as i kiss her deeply, so she can feel my passion and taste her own salty sweetness. As my mouth leaves hers, my fingers feel gripped by her walls as she shakes in climax. Her entire body shakes, my fingers are covered in the angel’s holy water, and after a last kiss, She leans into me in the passenger seat, and i stroke her hair gently until she falls asleep from the long day and fun finale. I hold her, happy with the entire thing. No one we know will ever know. I showed her the greatness of lesbian love. In this fantasy, I achieved the impossible.

So, what do you think ?

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