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I am Amita and my friend Sony were at our empty house. We were in my bedroom watching a movie on the TV. One scene showed a close up of a girl’s leg and it was smooth like anything. Sony made a remark on it and casually asked me to show my legs. As I wearing a skirt, I moved it up to my thighs and Sony moved closer to have a good look.

She put her hand on my shinbone and moved it upwards and commented that though it was smooth, it will become smooth as silk if I shaved it. With this she moved her hand upto my thigh. It gave me a nice sensation and I also asked her to show me her legs, but as she was wearing jeans she gave me a surprised look, but I insisted on seeing her legs. I assured her that we are alone and she can take of her jeans without fear, then also she was quite reluctant, but I was also adamant and told her that if she did not take it off on her own I will take it of, she candidly asked me to do so.

I moved towards her and unbuttoned her jeans she suddenly moved away and asked me if I was really serious, I said yes, then she got up and pulled the zipper down on her own let the jeans fall on the floor. She stepped out and moved closed to me, I let my hand graze on her legs and moved up to her thighs and almost reached the tip of her panties. It was smooth like silk. I asked Sony, “How do you have such silky skin”, to which she replied, ” I do not like hairs on my body, so I regularly shave and I do have a single strand of hair from my neck down.” I almost gulped and blurted out,” Sony, do not kid me, a 22 year old will have hairs at her underarm and you know where”.

Sony smiled and replied,”I don’t”. I said “Show me”, she said,”no, why you have hairs between your legs,” I said,” Of course”. Now she said,” Show me” I said, “No”, then she said,”Amita, if you show me your hairs inside your panties, I will also show mine”. Out of excitement of seeing a hairless pussy, I pulled up my skirt, but Sony stopped me and pulled it down, I stepped out of it and Sony looked at my eyes and said, ” Now take of your panties”. I nervously and slowly pulled it down. Sony’s eyes got fixed at the sight of my hairy bush and quickly she moved in front of me and touched my pussy hairs and looked straight into my eyes and said, ” Can I kiss you”.

With her hand she started stroking my pussy, I said” Where”, she just poked a finger in my pussy without repling. I said” first take of your panties”, she said,” you do it”, I was so excited that I almost ripped her panties of her body and there she was, standing in front of me with her proud hairless pussy.I lost all control and started stroking her pussy, my god, it was also silky. Suddenly she said,” Now can I kiss you”, I moved towards her and took her in my arms and kissed her on her lips, first slowly and then very hard. I held her in my arms, but Sony’s hand was still on my pussy. She said, “Now my turn”, and she pushed me gently on to the bed.

I feel on the bed and involuntarily opened my legs, in no time Sony was in between my legs and she kissed me softly on my now open pussy. Then she slowly put her tongue into my pussy and started licking me. I was in cloud nine, and as this was my first time, I did not know how to respond. I held her head and pressed her towards my pussy and I had a strong orgasm. As I came back to normalcy, I released Sony’s head and she moved up and laid beside me. I took her in my arms and we kissed for a long time. After a while I got up and moved towards Sony’s thighs, she shifted a little so that I could see her pussy better, I moved my hand and started strokinh her pussy and then I moved my face down to have a taste but Sony stopped me and said,” Take of your T shirt.

I smiled and took it of and Sony unsnapped by bra, and my boobs sprung out. I tried to cover them with my hands but Sony got up and removed my hands and said” Take off my shirt”, I wasted no time and opened the buttons of her shirt and took it of, next went her bra. Now both of us were fully naked.

I shoved her on to the bed and moved between her legs but she quickly covered her pussy and said” Will you let shave your pussy”. I said “yes,” and then she removed her hands and pulled me by my head towards her hairless juicy pussy. I kissed and then started licking her, till she came. Then she pulled me up and laid in each others arms for a long time. This became the begining of a long lasting relationship. Today both of us are 30 years of age, married, but whenever we get an oppurtunity we make full use of it.

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