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The Sleepover


“Yes, everything is organized” Bella told her parents for what felt like the hundredth time, “You’ve told me: No boys, no booze…” she repeated to her parents. “Sounds like no fun to me” She whispered to herself once her parents were out the door.

Bella hurried to the kitchen to finish putting all the nibbles into bowls, she was so excited. It’s not everyday that you turn 18! Then there was a knock at the door, “It’s open!” Bella called out to her friend Mia. “You know you should really lock that door.” “Yeah, yeah.” Mia put her stuff down then ran to her best friend and gave her a big bear hug, “Happy birthday, babe. What time is everyone else getting here?” “Dunno, I said 5-ish but you know Chrissy and Molly they’ll be here any minute.”

“Knock knock” came a little voice not long after. “Hey Birthday Girl!” Molly screamed as she ran to Bella, “Finally you can drink.” She pulled out a big bottle of wine. “All right, now it’s a party, just put your shit on the couch.” The girls decided on a movie and settled into their sleeping bags to watch Sydney White.

“This movie is stupid.” Molly said about half way through, “I mean why wouldn’t she just kill that bitch then have sex with the guy?” The girls started giggling. “Molly’s right, this is really boring.” Chrissy agreed, “What else can we do?” “We could play spin the bottle.” Sombody suggested. “Ooh, are we 8 years old? That game is so boring!” Mia replied. “Fine, let’s play truth or dare. That’s always fun.” “Ok” Everyone agreed. So they all got in a circle in their sleeping bags and the game began. “I’ll ask first” Bella said, “I am the birthday girl. Molly, truth or dare?” “Well it would be boring to pick truth so I’m gonna go with dare.” “Ok, let me think of a dare… have to do the chicken dance…” “Well I can do that” “..naked” All of the girls laughed as Molly took of her clothes and struted around acting like a chicken.

Molly sat back down, “Ok, who to torture now? Chrissy, truth or dare?” “Dare” “Ok, I dare you to kiss Mia” The kiss wasn’t long and it was just a peck but it was enough to make Bella and Molly start rolling around giggling. The dares went on inocently enough then it was Molly’s turn and she asked Bella, “Truth or dare?” “Dare” “Alrighty then, you have to lick Chrissy’s pussy.” “Fine” Bella retorted, she was pretty familliar with a woman’s pussy, she had been a bisexual for many years but Chrissy was a good catholic girl and anything like this was looked upon as not very catholic. “Umm, I don’t know if I can do that.” Chrissy said as Bella moved towards her, “I mean what if my dad found out?” “We’ll just have to make sure he doesn’t find out” Mia said sounding a little excited. “Ok but only coz it’s a dare.”

Bella moved down between Chrissy’s jeans and began working her magic. She was gently moving her hand up and down the crotch of Chrissy’s jeans and her other hand was undoing her fly. Once the jeans were off Bella pulled off Chrissy’s panties with her teeth. Then to CHrissy’s surprise it didn’t hurt, actually it felt really good. Chrissy moaned as Bella’s tongue wrapped itself around Chrissy’s clit and moved really fast. Bella was determined to make Chrissy climax. “Ya like that?” Bella asked in between licking. Bella’s tongue was now going uo and down Chrissy’s slit. “Oh, I think I’m cumming, yes, yes, yes” Bella went back to her spot. “Well that was intense” “Can you do me now?” Molly asked hopefully. “You’ll just have to wait till the next sleepover.”

So, what do you think ?

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