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Dinner Party – Dessert is more than expected

My wife was the first woman I’d ever met who enjoyed being spanked. I’ve always been open to new experiences, so I was more than willing to try anything that promised to, as she put it, “made her got enough to explode”. My first few swats brought critical remarks. I’m not sure if it was the advice or the criticism, but it didn’t take long for me to get it right. When I quit spanking her, she was dripping and ready. After a little more foreplay, we had amazing sex.

I didn’t understand why it did what it did to her, but I accepted it freely. I knew there was a factor of the need to submit, and she acknowledged this. Still, there was something too simple about that explanation that bothered me. So I told her I wanted her to spank me. She said she’d never enjoyed it when she’d tried it in the past. But she tried. The first two times I stopped her after only a few swats. It just stung my ass.

One morning, however, I got out the leather paddle I’d bought her and applied it to her voluptuous bottom. She ignited as usual. But I wanted to play some more before we consummated our act. So we kissed, fondled, stroked and nibbled to great length. I decided I really, that day, wanted a spanking. I asked her to do it. She warmed me up with her hand. It didn’t bother me. In fact, I wanted to push my envelope. So I told her to go on. She began with the paddle. I was able to stand it long enough to learn. I pushed my awareness through the pain and found the pleasure. I didn’t have to direct or control, just submit. When she stopped, I asked for more. By the time she stopped again, I was ready to come. The act itself was almost an anticlimax.

Flash forward a year. I still didn’t like being spanked as much as she did, but I asked for it often enough to remind myself of the effect. She, on the other hand wanted it all the time. We made it a part of our wagers — on cards, on pool, on nearly every contest or game. We had even devised a paddling board game. But the whole subject was strictly private and intended to remain so.

We had invited another couple over for dinner one night. I had worked with Tom for years before he met and married Tammy. We’d done a lot of things together over the next few years, and we were about as close as friends could be — at least to a point. When I met Cindy, they welcomed her into the friendship. She fit with them and we continued to have fun. Only now it was better because we were a foursome, instead of me always going home alone.

After dinner we decided to play some cards. We ran through the lists of games that we knew. There were a lot that some of us knew, but only a couple that we all knew. We settled on Hearts. Cindy and I played against Tom and Tammy. The first two games were split. We were drinking as we played and we joked a lot. Lots of good-natured banter back and forth between all of us. I suspect that more people think Cindy is into spanking then she realizes. Her speech, and especially her joking, is frequently scattered with references to spanking or being spanked. Anyway, this night was no exception.

Cindy had been getting hornier as the night went on. Little remarks and gestures told me, and even Tom and Tammy commented on it. When I scolded her for doing something foolish in the game, I threatened her with a spanking. She grinned at me and made a comical face. “Ooh! Promises, promises!” she jeered. I arched an eyebrow at her. When I looked at Tom he was grinning, too. I decided it was time to bring this fetish out of the closet.

I threw my hand down and pulled my wife from her chair. Wrestling her on the floor, I managed to get her into a helpless position on her belly. I gave her a quick ten swats. She squealed and struggled, but I knew she was mostly pretending. Tom cheered me on and Tammy was laughing hard enough to bring tears to her eyes. When I released Cindy, she sprang up red-faced and sputtering. But I noticed that her eyes were dilated. A sure sign of arousal with her. She fought with me a little while, causing our friends to renew their laughter.

Then she turned on them. “So, Blondie,” she yelled at Tammy, “You think it’s so funny?” Tammy just nodded and tried to catch her breath. Cindy was on her in a flash. They wrestled while Tom and I cheered. The struggle went back and forth, but gradually Cindy gained ground. By the time she got Tammy under her and subdued, Cindy’s blouse was without buttons. Her tits were clearly visible under her sheer bra. Tammy was wearing a tee-shirt and a tight pair of shorts. Her shirt was rucked up until her back was almost totally exposed. Her shorts had ridden up so the bottoms of her cheeks were bared.

Cindy gave her a few swats, but it only caused Tammy to laugh harder. That only pissed Cindy off. “Get me the paddle, Dan!” she commanded. I looked at Tom. He seemed surprised, but just shrugged. I went to the bedroom and returned with the red leather paddle. Tammy turned her head just in time to see me hand it to Cindy. She shrieked and pleaded for mercy. Cindy acted as if she hadn’t heard. She swatted Tammy once fairly hard. The victim screamed.

Now, I knew that Cindy had learned to like giving spankings as much as I had learned to like giving — and getting — them. So I suspected this was turning my wife on a lot. I wondered what our guests were feeling along those lines. Cindy gave Tammy another four or five good swats. She was rewarded with screams and some determined struggling. Tom and I both noticed Cindy’s nipples poking at her bra, begging for release. I began to wonder where this would end up. I decided to push things a bit.

“Honey, I think maybe you should be doing this on her bare butt!” I called out. “Yeah!” Tom chimed in. Going me one better, he joined them on the floor and finally managed to pull his wife’s shorts past her wide hips and halfway down her thighs. He didn’t seem to care that Tammy’s panties had gone along with the shorts, but Tammy obviously did. I thought she’d made noise before, but the wailing she set up then was ear shattering. Still, Tom and I laughed and giggled. Cindy giggled along with us.

She waited until everybody settled down. Tammy struggled a while, but resigned herself to the fact that her ass was exposed to us all. Cindy patted it gently with her hand a few times and even caressed it. I wondered if it really registered that she was rubbing another woman’s ass. ‘Well,’ I thought, ‘Duh! Of course she does!’ But Cindy’d always denied any attraction to other women. My pants seemed to get tighter around the crotch. I figured Tom was feeling the same effect from the show.

Then Cindy swatted Tammy sharply several times with her hand. Tammy gasped but didn’t scream. This was different, I thought. Cindy raised the paddle. She brought it down and it SMACKed against the bare flesh. Then was when Tammy screamed. But it wasn’t the same sound. When the paddle fell again, as hard or harder, the response was a sharp intake of breath. I couldn’t tell then whether I’d imagined it or if she’d raised her ass a little bit right afterward. It seemed she was asking for more. I didn’t count, but I know Cindy gave her at least fifty swats before she stopped. Not all at once. They were punctuated with caresses and squeezing. Tammy’s screams had faded to whimpers and groans by the time Cindy dropped the paddle.

I had been glancing at Tom’s expression every once in a while to gauge how he was reacting to it all. He was very interested. There was a gleam in his eye that could only have been arousal. Then Cindy did something that surprised us all — even herself. Knowing how she’d be if the roles were reversed, she slipped her hand between Tammy’s thighs. Later she told me she’d almost forgotten Tom and I were there. She had gotten so caught up in the excitement she was getting from spanking a woman she wasn’t thinking. We watched, fascinated. Cindy’s hand went between her thighs and Tammy opened herself, raising up, offering herself. Cindy accepted the offer. Tom and I watched open-mouthed as Cindy stroked and fingered Tammy’s dripping pussy. The only sound in the room was Tammy’s sighs and Cindy’s gasps.

Then Tom stood up. I wasn’t sure where he was headed, but I thought I knew. I rose as well and went to Cindy. I pulled her pants down and turned her over my knee. She went gladly. Our position was such that we could see Tom had dropped his own pants. Cindy brought the hand that had been pleasuring Tammy to her own lips and licked the fingers one by one. I picked up the paddle and layed it on to Cindy’s ass. I turned her butt bright red as we watched Tom fuck his wife right there on our living room floor.

I was too excited to take the spanking very far. After only 25 swats or so, I turned Cindy over. Gripping her pants by the ankles, I jerked them the rest of the way off. I managed to struggle out of my own pants and plunged my hard cock to the hilt in Cindy’s cunt. My attention was divided between watching Tom And Tammy and the pleasure of fucking Cindy. Cindy just watched and groaned. I knew she was totally with me, but she couldn’t stop watching. As Tammy’s breathing and moaning signaled her approaching orgasm, she reached across the floor. Cindy reached to her and they held hands while they both came. I don’t know when or if Tom came, but seeing those two female hands gripping together drove me over the edge. I filled my wife with my come and gradually slowed to a stop.

We were all slightly embarrassed after it was all over. Tammy covered her face with her hands and at first refused to look at us. Cindy wasn’t quite as bad, but she kept just shaking her head and looking away from us. We reassured them that it had been one of the sexiest displays we’d ever seen. When I pointed out that Tom and I had gotten as carried away as they had, and were equally exposed, they began to relax. After a few minutes, we were all laughing and giggling like kids. To me, it felt like finding the thing I had most hoped for under the Christmas tree. Like having a new toy.

When we finally managed to get all untangled and wiped off and dressed, Tom said he thought they should be getting home. They turned down all our encouragement to stay. At the door, Cindy gave Tammy a hug. Tammy hugged back. She turned to go but came back after only a step away. She hugged Cindy again, then kissed her on the lips. I could see she was embarrassed, but felt she had to do it. She looked at Cindy a few seconds, then said, “Thank you. And… maybe we can all do this again sometime?”

“Count on it!” Cindy said and squeezed my hand. “Next time, though, maybe we’ll have to get the guys’ pants down and have them over our knees!” We all laughed at that. But I knew she was serious. I wondered if Tom knew it too. And if he did, I wondered how he felt about the idea. I found out, but that’s another story.

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