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My Portrait Session

I awoke earlier than I had really planned. Everything in the bed fit just right. The blankets were warm and every fold in them was just right. The pillow fit my head just right. The early morning sun in the room was just enough to encourage me to stay in bed and do a little daydreaming.

I rolled over onto my back and just kind of stared at the ceiling through half closed eyes. I stretched and pulled the covers up to my chin. I was comfortable and didn’t want the feeling to end.

With my hands folded across my chest, I could feel the slow rise and fall of my breasts with each breath. I liked the feeling of my breasts. They sure weren’t anything that would make a man’s eyes bulge, but I hadn’t heard a lot of complaints about them, either.

The fingers of my left hand started tracing lazy little patterns on my right breast and I could feel the familiar tingle as the nipple began to contract and stiffen. My mind just floated, not really fixing on anything other than the tingling sensation building in the skin of my breast.

Unconsciously, my right hand had gone down to my right thigh and started mimicking the motions of my left hand. I like the feel of my skin. At times I wish I knew a man who really knew how to touch me. A gentle touch, not the pawing and groping I was used to. The kind of touch that barely disturbs the fine, downy hairs on my skin. The kind of touch that leaves you wondering a little if you are being touched at all.

My hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own. It moved from my thigh to explore the shapes and contours of my lower belly. It wanted to move even lower, but the growing sense of anticipation kept it restrained. I knew that the restraint wouldn’t last much longer, but I savored the feeling.

Now the invisible leash was gone. My hand moved lower and began to gently explore the valley of my mons. There were so many interesting places for sensations to hide here and I was determined to find all of them.

First I found a little bundle of nerves hiding within a fold of skin. I teased and taunted it until it poked it’s little head out and greeted the new day. Once it was out of hiding and full awake it began to speak with an ever increasing urgency. It cried and quivered with excitement at the gentle stroking. It purred and returned the favor by sending unmistakable signals of pleasure to my brain.

After a short visit it was time to do some more exploring. My fingers traveled farther down and worked their way between the folds of flesh that concealed my love passage. Slowly, cautiously my fingers explored the entrance to the dark, moist canal.

Gathering all it’s courage one brave finger entered the recess and called to the others to join him. It was warm and miost inside and not at all unpleasant. He probed and explored deeper into the channel. He began to gently stroke the folds of skin at the entrance to the warmth. He pressed it firmly against my pubic bone and felt the surrounding area begin to quake in anticipation.

My hips began to thrust upward ever so slightly. My thighs were pressed together and held the explorers trapped in the valley. My thighs began a rhythmic stroking of each other and I could feel the onset of eruption at hand.

Now the explorers were gone. They were replaced by my own need for release. I stroked my clit and ran my fingers deep into my canal as my left hand tugged and pinched at my erect nipples. I was almost there, just a few more seconds.

I grabbed my breast hard and pulled up on my right hand, trapping my clit tight against my pubic bone. My body shook and moaned in the throws of orgasm.

Covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, I relaxed into the warm feeling achieved only after a sexual climax. I continued to bring myself down from the peak by gently touching and stroking my body. Slowly I reached a state of composure. Now the day could begin for real.

I had things to do today and one of them I was really looking forward to. Early this afternoon I was to have my portrait done. My employer had decided to hang photographs of all the office employees in the lobby of the office. I hadn’t had my photo done professionally in years and was anxious to get the pictures done. My parents and my boyfreind wanted copies and this way I could save a few dollars by letting my boss pay for the sitting fee. All I’d have to pay for was the extra prints. Not a bad deal at all!

Even though I had all morning to prepare, I decided to start right away. This would give me a little while to do some shopping on the way to the photographer’s studio. We weren’t told exactly how the boss wanted us to look in the photos, so I decded to look as feminine as possible. I never really liked looking like “one of the guys”. I was born a female and I enjoy looking like one.

I selected a white, ruffled front blouse and a pale yellow skirt with a wide belt that would show off my narrow waist. To complete the feeling I decided to complete the “image” with some of the frilliest lingerie I own. There’s nothing in the world that makes me feel more feminine than being dressed in lace and frills, even if noone else sees it or knows that I’ve got it on. It’s all a state of mind, I guess.

Now some women like the ease and utility of pantyhose. I don’t. I wear nylons and garters. They take a little longer to put on, but they enhance my feeling of feminiity. I also like the way a little of the flesh of my thighs peeks over the top of nylons, almost like a promise of things to come. I selected apair of white hose with a little lace at the top. As long as I was going to be dressed in light colors, this would complete the look very nicely. I finished off the lingerie selection with a pair of lacy, high cut panties and my frilliest white brassier.

Standing in front of my full length mirror, I decided I very much liked the way I looked. I was just a little unsure about the panties I had chosen. Through the lace front, my light brown pubic patch was plainly visible. So what! It made me feel just a little sleazy walking around this way, but that’s half the fun of lingerie; being secretly sleazy. A little higher, if I looked closely enough, I could just make out the shadows of my nipples through the bra. Just right. I approved of the way I looked.

I slipped into the skirt and blouse. The blouse I buttoned only high enough to hide the top edges of my bra. There was just a hint of my cleavage showing above the top button. Sleazy, but not too cheap looking. I felt good.

I put on a pair of high heeled sandals and left for a little shopping before I went to the studio.

While driving to the shopping plaza I had only the floor vents opened in my car. The day was warm, but not warm enough to keep all the windows open. Besides, I wanted my hair to stay as it was. The cool air blew over my legs and light breezes found their way under my skirt. They felt like little fingers gently caressing the skin of my thighs above my stockings. I knew there was another reason I liked them; I felt accessable with the tops of my thighs exposed this way. It was a lovely feeling and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even my nipples liked it. They were doing their best to strain my bra.

At the plaza I parked a bit farther from the entrance than I really had to. I didn’t mind the walk and the air felt good on my legs as I walked to the double doors.

In my area there is a very prominent trend at shopping plazas toward having more shops that cater to women’s wear. Not the smallest area catered to is specialty shops that sell only lingerie and feminine gowns. I can browse in these for hours. I’ve also spent more than my fair share in some of them. I knew that I’d probably spend more than a few dollars in one, too.

This plaza had a store called “Feminine Finery” that had one of the most eyecatching window displays I had ever seen. The windows were filled with displays of panties, bras, hose, and basques. I knew they would be taking some of my money today. Just like a person who goes grocery shopping when hungry, I tend to spend a lot on lingerie when I feel especially sleazy.

When I entered the store I knew I’d be here for more than just a short while. This was one of the largest selections of lingerie I had ever seen. There were no displays of outerwear at all, just rack after rack of lacy, feminine underthings. A good portion of it was for everyday wear, but the vast majority was of the very sexy, revealing type.

My first selection was a few pairs of stockings. I like to co-ordinate what I wear so I chose several different styles and colors. There was a good selection of stockings with the very lacy tops, so that’s the kind I concentrated on. I also, for the first time, selected several pairs with the back seam. I thought that they would be a little fussier to put on, but that they might be a little more exciting for anyone who saw me in them.

For a while I browsed through the large selection of corsets and basques. I always felt that these were some of the sexiest underthings a woman could wear. They did such a nice job of covering what caould be seen and revealing and accentuating what should not be seen in public. Of all the different styles I looked at I liked the more revealing the best. I finally settled for a basque that was cut very high in back, to expose all of my rear, and had only a demi-bra built in. This would lift my breasts while still leaving them exposed and accessible. It was all white lace and satin. I loved it!

My final purchases were from the panty section. I chose several pairs of all lace string type and I even found a couple pairs of the crotchless panties that I liked. The open panties were more than just crotchless. They had a sheer back and garters. Around the lacy front opening they were trimmed with pink or white satin. I could hardly wait to try them out with a pair of my new lace topped stockings. I’d never bought a pair of open panties before and I could imagine just how naughty I’d feel every time I wore them out in public, even if noone else knew I had them on.

By now my shoping time was just about at an end. My sitting appointment was in less than 30 minutes and I wanted to be a little early so I’d have time to fix my makeup and talk to the photographer about the poses he’d want to take. It was quite a while since I had my picture done by a professional and I was more than a little nervous about it.

I walked across the mall to the studio and greeted the pretty, young girl who acted as his receptionist. I was told that I was to be the next session in the studio and to look at some of the photos on the wall to see if there were any poses that I thought I’d look good in.

The walls were covered with all shapes and sizes of photos. They ran the gamut from high school graduation pictures to family portraits. One section was separated from the main reception area by a set of small swinging doors, almost like saloon doors. When I asked the receptionist about the separate display area I was told that this area was reserved for those who wanted something a little more glamorous than the normal portraits.

Sarah, the receptionist, invited me to go into the display annex and look around saying that the photos in there were quite unique and very interesting. When I entered the display I could see what Sarah had meant.

All the photos in this area were of different women who were dressed in only various types of lingerie or nothing at all. Sarah explained that these were special portraits that were done for husbands or boyfriends of the women pictured. The poses were all very erotic, yet they were done tastefully enough to tease the eyes of the viewer.

It was plain to see, also, that the women pictured were really just ordinary women who wanted to take a little trip into the fantasy world of erotic photography. None of them looked sluttish, but all of them looked very appealing.

On one wall were several photos of Sarah. In one of the photos she was posed on a large, red divan. She was lying on her left side, resting her head on her hand and looking directly into the camers lens. She was totally nude. Her left leg was lying on the seat, while her right knee was raised, almost forming a horizontal figure four with her legs. Her right arm was lying on her right side with her hand positioned in such a manner that it almost covered her light brown pubic hair. She lookes exquisite, with her very slim waist and full breasts. Her nipples were just erect enough to suggest that she was a little bit sexually aroused.

In one of the other photos of Sarah, she was posed with her back toward the camera. She was leaning forward on the arm of an old wing back chair. In this photo she was not nude, but rather wore only white lingerie and high heeled sandals. Her lingerie consisted of a lacy white garter belt and white stockings. it was very evident that her rear was one of the fine points of her body. It was very round and high and one could just make out the hint of her lower lips peeking between her thighs. I could easily see why her photos were on display as samples of the erotic portraiture.

I remarked that the special photos were very interesting, but I doubted that I could pose for any of that type without being extremely self-conscious and embarrassed. I don’t mind being seen nude or in sexy lingerie, but a photograph is so permanent.

Sarah said that she felt the same way before she posed for the photos I had just seen, but that after she saw how they looked as finished work, she was more than a little proud of their outcome. The only difficult decision she had to make was whether or not to allow them to be displayed as sample photos, and after the first week or so of their display she was actually anxious for others to see them.

As we left the “private” display area the photographer came out of his studio escorting his last subjects. They were a young couple with a small boy with them. Evidently they were here for a family sitting.

The photographer, Mark, was about 35 years old with an average build. He was nice looking in a farm-boyish way. He had sandy colored hair and a very pleasant, friendly face. Mark spent a few minutes saying good-bye to the prior customers and afterward walked toward Sarah an me with a big smile on his face. He had a smile that could charm the pants off a nun.

Mark led me down a short corridor to the camera room we were going to use for my sitting. Along the way I could see into several other camera rooms that were situated off the same corridor. One of these has a good selection of toys for children. Evidently Mark also did a fair amount of child photography. I remarked to him that child photography must take a great deal of patience and he was quick to agree.

Another camera room that I caught a glimpse of was apparently used for the erotic photos that I had seen in the display. This room was furnished with a brass bed, a large divan, and several large, comfortable looking chairs. The furniture was arranged in such a way that by changing the camera angle it would appear in the picture to be an entirely different room. This was also the largest camera room that Mark used.

Mark suggested that I use one of the dressing rooms there to adjust my makeup and hair and that as soon as I was ready we could begin.

It took only a short time to fine tune my appearance and I followed Mark into the last camera room along the corridor. The room was not as large as I had expected. This may have been due to the array of lights and props that were present here. I could see that this was the real workhorse camera room for the studio.

Mark asked me to sit on a small stool behind a black velvet draped posing table. I was just a little nervous and Mark told me that the first few shots would probably not be the ones that I would pick as my final prints, but that after I relaxed a bit we would get some fine photos. It was very evident that as well as being a photographer, Mark was also a bit of a psychologist. He knew exactly how I felt.

As the session progressed we began a little small talk about nothing in particular. The conversation ranged from the weather to the state of the national economy. I was impressed by Mark’s ability to keep up his end of the conversation no matter what subject I brought up. Eventually I asked about the erotic photos that I had seen on the walls of his reception area. Mark said that he had started doing those more or less as a favor to very close friends who wanted something other than the run of the mill portraits of themselves or wives or girlfriends.

I said that the idea of posing for that kind of photo was very intrigueing for me but that I didn’t know if I could really go through with the nudity in front of a camera. The lingerie poses would be easy for me to do, but totally baring myself for the camera was a different story. Actually, the idea was more than a little exciting for me. I could very easily see myself nude with Mark.

Mark excused himself from the room for a moment and when he returned he told me that he had asked Sarah to rearrange his next few customers. He explained that he would be doing some of his special glamour photos of me. I was a little surprised, but after a few minutes agreed as long as I had the final say as to what was done with the finished prints and the negatives.

Mark led me back down the corridor we had used previously and we entered the camera room that held the brass bed and divan.

Mark explained that we would start out with some less revealing photos and work our way to photos that would be as explicit and revealing as I felt comfortabe with. I would be in total control of exactly how explicit and revealing the photos would be.

We started the session on the divan. In the first few poses I was seated or half reclining. I opened my blouse to reveal my lace bra and raised my skirt to show my legs and stockings. When the tops of my thighs was exposed to the camera I could feel a bit of heat starting to build inside me. I had done pretty much the same thing while trying to get a man interested in me, but this was like trying to seduce a machine. Mark came out from behind the camera to make small adjustments to my pose or clothing, but for the most part, it seemed as though it was only me and the camera lens in the room.

Mark encouraged me with soft words and I began to respond by getting a little more explicit in my posing. I started by gently caressing my legs and inner thighs with my hands. Next I removed my blouse and loosened my bra. With my bra hanging from my shoulders by it’s straps I reached under it and slowly began to kneed and squeeze my breasts. My nipples grew stiff in response and I could feel the electricity building inside my body. I absolutely loved being the sole recipient of all the attention and at that moment decided that the sky was the limit.

I stood and removed my bra completely and let my skirt drop to the floor. Now I was cald only in panties, garter, hose, and shoes. The air in the room was cool and soothing on my exposed skin. I returned to the divan and idly traced little patterns on my breasts with my fingertips while Mark loaded more film into the camera. I hoped he had a lot of film; I was planning on giving him a good show.

I turned my back to the camera and leaned forward over the back of the divan. My rear was thrust out to the camera and my legs were spread slightly. AS I looked sideways over my shoulder into the camera lens I began caressing my inner thighs. I ran my hand up and down and around the exposed flesh. I grasped the fabric of my panties and pulled it tight between my cheeks. The sensation of tension between my cheeks and against my lower lips made my pulse race. God, but I loved this!

My hips began to slowly sway back and forth as I got more and more self involved. I ran my fingers from back to front, thracing the contours of my intimate areas. I could feel the familiar wetness building inside my love canal. My panties were now more than a little damp. I slowly slid a finger into myself and Mark said that he felt that this was going to be a very special photo session. I could hardly hear him as my passion built.

I turned and sat on the divan. I had to tug just a little to get my panties off, as they were pulled up tightly in my slit. I leaned back and spread my thighs slightly. I could still hear the camera shutter and looked over at Mark. He was starting to look very good to me by this time. I think the bulge in the front of his pants had a lot to do with that. Soon I would check out some of his other equipment, but for now I was going to give him a photo session that he’d not soon forget.

Lying back with my legs spread I reached down and opened myself up fully for the camera. I teased myself with my fingertips. I traced the edges of my opening and lightle stroked my clit. Unlike earlier at home, this time there were no little explorers. It was just me and I was determined to make this a memorable occasion. I pushed first one and then two fingers deep into my pussy and, as I had done earlier, ground my flesh between my fingers and my pubic bone. I could feel my climax building to a peak. I used my free hand to torment my clit as I dug into my pussy. I graoned and squealed and finally came with a shudder. The camera had stopped it’s winking and Mark stood staring wide- eyed at me.

Now it was time to do a little exploring of my own. I sat upright again and asked Mark to come nearer so that I could show my appreciation for all he had allowed me to experience. He came to me and stood between my open knees. I didn’t want to hide anything from him as I thanked him.

I ran my hands up his thighs and stroked his stiff tool through his pants. I knew that I would not be disappointed in the equipment that I had not yet seen. I could just make out the shape of his cock head through the fabric. I needed to see and feel more. I opened and lowered his pants and shorts.

His cock was beautiful! Here, in front of me, was a good 9″ of stiff muscle. I ran my hands up and down the shaft and felt it jump and twitch a little each time I made contact with the ridge of the head. I played with the opening in the end. by pulling gently to the sides, I could open his cock a little and I lightly the tip of my tongue around and into this little opening.

Mark’s hands held the back of my head firmly to his groin. His cock pumped in and out of my mouth as I ran my hands over his balls and ass. I was not sucking him. Rather he was fucking my mouth as if it were a pussy. This hadn’t been done to me before and I loved it. I felt totally under his control and he could use me any way he wanted. He was completely involved in his own pleasure, as I had been a short time before.

His cock was so large that there was no way he could get all of it into my mouth at one time. He would reach down and gently hold my face to adjust the pressure on his cock. Sometimes he would pull it out of my mouth, only to force it back in as if he was teasing my pussy with it. He was firm with his urging and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop until he was ready for me to.

Just as I started to taste a few drops of his emission he ulled out of my mouth and told me to turn around and bend over the divan. I eagerly complied. From this position he began to use his hands to explore my intimate regions. I felt him reach between my thighs and make contact with my clit. His touch was firm and sent waves of pleasure coursing through my body. I wanted him inside me, but he wasn’t ready to do anything but toy with me yet. I begged him to shove his cock into me, but he only said that I wasn’t ready yet. I rocked forward and back, trying to feel his tool against my opening and maybe slip a little of it inside. He just backed up out of reach. He was enjoying teasing me too much to complete our act yet.

Now he had two fingers inside me and was kneeding the flesh between my pussy and anus with them and his thumb. I bucked against his hand and felt the tip of his thumb begin to enter my anus. It was the most pleasant pain that I had ever felt! I wanted him to never stop. Suddenly, I was empty. Mark had removed both his fingers and his thumb from my body.

I began to feel a blunt pressure at the opening of my pussy. This was the moment I had wanted to happen. He pushed slowly and steadily until he was in to the base of his beautiful cock. I thrust my hips backward to get the most penetration I could. I was completely filled as I had never been filled before. I felt stretched and I swear I could feel every bump and contour of his magnificent tool.

Sometimes he would pull out completely and then thrust quickly into me until he was buried to the root.

Now I could feel the familiar pressure of his finger trying to get into my anus as his prick filled my pussy. I thought I’d explode as his finger probed deeper and deeper into my rear. Then there were two fingers in my anus. I squealed and moaned at the new sensations that were coursing through my body. Then I was empty again.

Now Mark told me to get on the floor and assume a position with my head down and my rear in the air. When I had taken this position I felt completely vulnerable and at his mercy. I had a feeling I knew what was to come and was more than a little apprehensive.

Again my anus was filled by his fingers. This time Mark was trying his best to get a third finger inside me and it took several tries before he succeeded. I had never been taken from the rear and didn’t really know what to expect, although I had a rough idea.

He removed his fingers and I could begin to feel the dull pressure of his cock against my anus. I felt myself begin to stretch to accomodate the intruder and my reflex was to try to get away from the pressure. Mark reached down and took firm hold of my hips and prevented me from avoiding his thrusts.

Ever so slowly, my resistance lessened and I felt the head of his cock pop into my ass. It ached a bit, but Mark momentarily stopped his thrusting and gave me a little time to relax and grow accustomed to the new sensation. Relax I did. I even began to slowly rock back and forth trying to get just a little more of him inside me. The discomfort gradually was replaced by a feeling of building pleasure and I wanted more and more of him inside my no longer virgin ass.

It wasn’t long befor Mark again began his thrusting. I could feel him slipping a little farther into me with each thrust. I couldn’t believe that he’d be able to get all of that massive cock into my ass, but he did. I had never before felt so full. He had all of his cock buried in my ass and began to take long, slow strokes in and out. A few times he would take his cock completely out and I would rock my ass in the air looking for it. At these times he wasn’t quite so gentle when he put it back in. He thrust it hard and quickly all the way to the root and several times I found myself graoning with the mixture of pain and pleasure.

I had gradually lowered myself until I was lying on my stomach on the floor. Mark was on top of me and all his weight was driving his cock deep into my ass. I couldn’t have moved out from under him even if I had wanted to. By now I knew that I was being used only for his pleasure and that our coupling wouldn’t end until Mark was satisfied.

I threw my head back and forth and dug at the carpet with the fingers of my outstretched hands. Never before had I been brought to such peaks of pleasure!

Suddenly Mark started to push harder and faster. His cock was like a piston in my ass. With his hands on my shoulders he drove his massive tool into me with one last spasmodic thrust and I could almost feel my bowels fill with his thick semen.

Covered with a fine sheen of perspiration, Mark collapsed on my back. Little by little I could feel his prick relaxing. I clenched him tightly with my sphincter. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted him to stop, but I was more than a little worn out from our session.

Mark rolled slowly off my back and I yelped a little as his cock pulled free from my anus. I felt empty and more than just a little tender. It was almost as though his prick was still buried in my anus.

We rose and quickly dressed. We’d been involved in sex long enough to raise a few suspicions about why the photo session was taking so long. Also I was sure that the noises coming from the camera room were quite a bit louder and coarser than the usual session.

As I left the room I assured Mark that I’d return soon to see the proofs and that if I wasn’t completely satisfied he’d have to do everything over again until I was. What I didn’t tell him was that there was no possible way that I would be satisfied until we had at least one more session!

So, what do you think ?

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