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I had sex with my bestfriends family


It all started when my mom was moving to California with her boyfriend , I didn’t want to go so I moved in with my best friend, her mom, and her grandfather. It took my months to pack but finally I was out! (My best friends family and my family ed me pack.)

I’m 23 and I’m basically always horny. I’m a straight A student and everything. I have huge juicy 36DDD boobs. A big fat ass. Hips to die for. Long blond & brown hair (up to my big butt.) I’m not fat or skinny , I’m nicely thick with light Carmel skin.

Well I moved in but moving took forever and I had no time to have sex. My sex drive my going crazy without sex. My best friend always pointed out how wet I am and then we would laugh. I would hump everything that was able to be humped and I downloaded a whole bunch of porn and I would masturbate like crazy. Now my best friend and I look similar although we have a few differences.

My bestfriend had 40DDD boobs that I play with. She has a good juicy ass but not as big as mine. And she has red long hair to her hips. Everything else is the same.

One day we were talking on her bed and she saw how wet I was so she said ”Damn Candy your panties are drowning, we have to get you sex NOW.” I agreed and we decided on her grandfather. It may sound weird but her grandfather was always looking at me, flirting with me, licking his lips while I was doing things and he once got hard watching me cook.

He’s around his 60s but looked like he was in his mid-40s (not your average old man.) He was fit, had grayish hair which turned me on, and if you think about it, he was actually sexy. I loved teasing him, like walking around with thongs (nothing farther then that.) He gets every girl he wants but It was different with me because I wasn’t easy. He fucked anyone over 20 and was actually good.

Anyway back to the story . . . We decided that I’ll be alone with him in the house, cook for him with tight shorts that made my ass cheeks hang out of them. My tits, were overflowing my see through shirt. He gets really intense so my best friend planned on getting really angry. Then after cooking for him, I would give him a massage and giving him little kisses on the neck to get him happy.

The day came and everything worked according to plan. After that I washed the dishes and I could see him staring at my ass while trying to hid his boner. After that I showered and put my way to little towel around me and I went to his room to ”ask him a question” but instead saw him jacking off to naked pictures of me that I had no idea he even took.

When he saw me looking he tried to put his dick back down and hid the pictures. After that I laughed and got on his bed crawling on my hands and knees to him still with my towel around. Then kissed him deep on the lips with tongue. While we were kissing I didn’t know he took out his fully erect dick and started stroking it, and that’s when I realized he had a fully 12 inches and the thickness was AMAZING!

That’s when I could tease anymore and I pulled my towel off. When he saw his eyes widen. I started playing with his dick, stroking and sucking deep throat. He started moaning and pushing my head down. When I was done he said I gave the best blowjob ever. Then he grabbed me, pushed me on the bed so hes now on top.

He started kissing my neck, until he reached my tittles. He sucked on them, then biting them, then twisting them. He kissed my stomach and finally he was up to my tight wet nicely shaved pussy. He then licked it , and started playing with my clit with his long tongue. After that he sucked my clit, by this time I was moaning like crazy.

After 5 minutes of that he put his finger in my pussy hole and said damn girl I can barely fit 5fingers but you wont this huge cock. I laughed and then he slowly put his huge dick in my tight hole. He started going harder and faster will grabbing my tits. After realizing that it was making him slow down so he grabbed my hips and slammed me against his dick, I screamed like crazy from the pleasure. I then told him I was going to cum and he tols me to hold it in until he was ready . . . When he saw a little white he slammed, me harder over and over again and slapped my tit which made it bounce around.

After about what seemed like forever he said he was ready to cum but before he finished we both came at the same time. My pussy lips were pink and sore which was visible consisting that I had big juicy pussy lips. He then turned me around he ate my pussy lips from the back and fucked my slow but hard and for the second time I had my 2nd orgasm. He licked me clean then kissed me so I could taste it. And finally he was up to my ass, know you have to remember that my ass is HUGE ! He licked his fingers and shoved them in my ass which was normal to me from all the masturbation.

He then got in position and jammed his big cock in my ass and I screamed and moaned like crazy. He kept slapping my ass and grabbing it, while shoving his fingers in my pussy. I had my 3rd orgasm. I loved the way he was soo rough and how when he slammed himself into me, I felt his balls spanking me hard like bouncing balls. My tits were bouncing and flying everywhere.

I kept pushing towards him hard making me feel his dick all the way in my stomach. He then layed back and I sucked him until he came over and over again. I had cum everywhere. With that I took a shower having cum still dripping from my thighs and went to bed.

In the morning he wanted more and kept begging me so I sat my ass on his face making him lick it since he talked sooooo much. A few hours later my best friend came home from having a gangbang. I told her about what happened and which made her wet. That night I was planning another night so I put on a thong and asked my best friend how It looked.

It was rainbow with a little bow over my clit. She said damn candy I cant even see then between your ass. Fuck your fat ass is eating the whole fucking string. I laughed then she asked what color was the string and I said shitt you cant even see it. And she yelled No.them shits don’t exist in your ass then she said let me see the color so I bent a little and she kneeled and spread my ass cheeks wide open and said damn that’s sexy and then I felt ok . . .

So, what do you think ?

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