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My name is Jade; I am a 23-yr. Old white female. I have shoulder length black hair and light green eyes. I must admit that I am a very pretty girl, A bit more sexy than sweet. I have the body of a whore and the face of an angel. I use both to my advantage. Let us just say that I am an experimental type. I have a 38D chest, with large light pink areola’s and slightly darker sensitive nipples. I can cum from just having my nipples played with. Hmmm, sorry drifted off there in fantasy a moment. I am not a skinny girl, my waist is a 32, and I am thick in a good way. I have great muscle tone, and I look healthy. I have bedroom eyes, I am told often that I look like I am about to be fucked or just had been.

Often, that is not very far from the truth. Some might call me a slut or a whore, but at least I have fun. I am willing to look for the perfect fuck. I have money; I have everything I need, except for the perfect sex. Maybe I just like variety; I love having a different cock whenever I want to. Well, I love reading dirty stories, and I do of course pleasure myself often when I am reading them. I cannot lie and say I have never fucked while reading them either. It is so much fun because you can pretend to be in the stories. I am starting to feel a tingle in my cunt as I think of the stories I could write.

I remember when I first entered college. I was such a sweet girl, or at least I looked the part. I always wore a skirt, plaid just like a good little catholic schoolgirl. Ha. I am not even Catholic. The reason I loved college was that no one knew me. No one realized that I would more than likely part my lips (either Pair) for any professor and most of the students. I do not discriminate between cock and pussy either. I love to be fucked by a long hard cock just as much as I love to have my tongue buried in another woman’s hot cunt. My high school had been a wonderful learning experience for me. By the time I graduated, I was revered. I knew how to do anything and everything, and enjoyed myself too. I gave the Principal a blowjob at our graduation ceremony; I had done to teacher’s lecturing all year.

My favorite part of High School was being a cheerleader. Our boys made all state in every sport. I was the reward. Hmmm, all those cocks. I remember walking into the locker room in my little skirt, skintight vest and nothing else. I smiled at all the boys, and coaches. I hoisted myself onto a table, smiled lewdly and asked who was first. The coach shoved his rock hard black cock in my mouth immediately. Let me tell you, this man had a beautiful cock, thick and long. He felt awesome sliding across my tongue and into my throat. I must admit, Black men are my top choice to fuck. I went to a mainly black High School, and I loved it. Black men were more dominating. I wanted to be FUCKED. Just taken, no asking just plain fucked.

After that game, I was. With the coach’s cock fucking my throat I had two other holes empty and two hands as well. I wanted all the cock I could take. I was moaning around that hard cock, trying to get more. Finally the quarter back laughed and shoved his long fingers in my wet pussy, “Aww, the slut’s ready for me so fast”, he laughed. I just pushed my wet pussy into his hand and ground down. I was a slut and I wanted more. Soon the quarterback’s long, thick black cock was pounding my pussy as I sucked off the coach and jacked off two linebackers. I was loving all these cocks standing at attention for me.

The entire team wasn’t black, there were a few white guys and I wanted their cocks just as badly. Black guys aren’t the only ones with great cocks; I’ve been with some really hung white men. I don’t know if having a large cock was a requirement to play sports at my high school, but I can tell you we wouldn’t have had to worry about it. Nearly all the guys regardless of race had over average cocks. Even the smaller guys never lacked for pussy though. Of course they all had great rhythm and knew how to eat great pussy. I was lying on that cold table with a black cock in my mouth and pussy and two white cocks in my hands. I was in heaven.

I did have one hole left and the black center noticed it. “Get off her a sec, lemme get at her tight white ass. You been fucked up that cute butt yet slut?” He asked me. “Hmm, Ahh….Nnnno…Hmm…Not yet. Please don’t make them stop fucking me…” I begged as all the cocks disappeared from me. They all laughed. The center just smiled and whipped out his 9-inch long thick cock and asked where I wanted it. I knew it would be too big for my virgin ass, and was glad he gave me a choice. “Ohhh…. Please stick that rock hard dick in my cunt. Fuck me with that black snake ” I cried out as my body spasmed. I needed to cum.

The team laughed as I begged them to fill me with cock, and finally I was picked up by the center and lowered onto his massive black cock. I came as soon as the head of that black cock hit my cunt lips. I knew I was about to be thoroughly fucked. And fucked hard. I could not wait. My big tits were in the center’s face and as he fucked his cock into my clenching pussy he licked and bit my nipples. I was moaning and squirming all over his hard cock and moaning continuously when suddenly someone grabbed my hips. I looked down and saw large black hands gripping my thighs, and without warning I was impaled fully on the center’s cock. I screamed in orgasm, I’d never been that full of cock before. There was a queer Pleasure/Pain thing going on. Much more pleasure than pain I assure you.

My pussy was stuffed full but my mouth was empty and my ass was too, but not for long. The coach decided it was time I had an older cock in my ass. The center moved his large hands to my pink nipples, he looked at my face and asked “You ready to be really fucked slut? You want all these cocks?” as he pinched at my nipples. I moaned “yes…please…fuck me. I want all of you to cum and use me…hmmm….please let me fuck all of you” as he thrust his cock into my cunt. I felt the coach’s large black cock probing at my virgin asshole as the center held my hips down on his cock. “Here we go” laughed the coach. He pushed his cock slowly into my tight little ass, “want it slow bitch?” He asked as he started penetrating me. “Please, it hurts, don’t go too fast” I cried. I couldn’t see his smile, but I saw the center sneering. I knew what was coming, I felt the coaches strong hands gripping deeply into my hips and then he suddenly rammed his hard cock into my virgin ass.

The pain was amazing, I never knew my body could hold that much cock at once. As much as it hurt, I never wanted a single cock again. I wanted to be full of hard cocks as much as I could. So that is how my days as a slut began. From that day in the locker room when all the players and coaches took turns on my holes. I loved how they traded me off, making me feel like their whore, Hmmm….my little pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. All those big cocks just fucking me, they didn’t really care how I felt, but then again I wasn’t concerned with them either. I just wanted to be full. That night marked another first for me, I was finally with a woman. One of the other cheerleaders wanted to celebrate the victory as well. Her name was Missy and she had long bleached blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and great rack.

Missy was the all American cheerleader, and I had wanted to taste her since the moment I saw her. I had no clue she wanted me just as badly not to mention, all the cock in the room. Our town was small and Missy and I plus most of the other cheerleaders were wealthier than most, so our parents were often racist. And prejudiced against gays, so I never thought Missy was a muff diving slut. She walked over to me and smiled, “My turn next boys. I want to eat her pussy while someone fucks my lil pink cunt.” She smirked. I moaned louder as the coach and the center fucked me hard, pistoning their black cocks in and out of my tight ass and pussy. I loved this, and I was so excited about having Missy eat my cunt that I came all over Jamal (the center)’s cock. I screamed as both men continued to pound me. “Ahh, her ass is squeezing the cum from my balls” the coach cried out as Jamal screamed and flooded my unprotected cunt with his hot sperm.

Missy began to strip, undulating sexily to the music in the parking lot. I had seen her tits bare before, we often changed together but now I could really look. They were breathtaking. Large upturned dark pink nipples capped soft looking white mounds of flesh. She must have been a 38D or bigger. Her body was lightly tanned all over, her belly was nice and flat with just a pooch at her lower stomach. She kept her blonde pussy mostly shaved, just a strip down the middle like my own darker haired cunt. Her little pussy was a beautiful shade of pink, and she had a silver barbell shot through her hood. That piercing looked so hot next to that mouth watering pussy. I wanted the coach to nut in my ass so I could feel Missy’s tongue bury itself into my cunt, but he was taking his time. I started to slam my ass into his cock, really loving the way he felt buried in my bowels.

His cock in my ass hurt at first, but now I wanted him to really ram into me, I wanted to be fucked hard. “You like that slut? You like fucking my cock onto your tight white ass. I own you bitch.” He yelled as he slammed his cock into my tight hole and simultaneously slammed his hand onto my ass. He was spanking me I’d never had anyone treat me like this much of a slut before. I loved it, fucking loved it. This black man who was old enough to be my father was fucking my rich white ass and spanking me at the same time, calling me all kinds of names, “Slut, fucking whore. You love this cock don’t you? Love my old black dick fucking you, slapping your ass as I fuck it. I own you whore, you know that? I own your ass ” he cried out as he came hard in my ass. I loved that warm, wet feeling in my holes, I felt used. They did own me. Anyone who could fuck me owned me.
Missy smiled and slinked over to me. She grinned and licked her lips as she sank to her knees in front of me. She raised her hands to my big tits and lightly ran her thumbs over my nipples, they hardened with need. I wanted her hot mouth on my tits or on my pussy, I needed her all over me. She rose up to kiss my mouth, she tasted like lipstick, I knew I tasted of lipstick and cock. I hoped she tasted the coaches cock on my tongue. Her lips and mine were painted a whorish red, it showed up well in the stadium lights, our mouths were slippery on each other. Missy’s tiny pink tongue drifted into my mouth, licking as it went. I sucked a bit on her tongue and suddenly she lost it ( My pussy is so wet now as I’m writing this, I love touching my slick cunt lips, hmm….since my experience with missy, my own hood is pierced, as well as my nipples but that is another story.) Missy climbed all the way on top of me and began fucking my mouth with her tongue. It wasn’t tiny now, she had the longest, wettest, most talented tongue

Her hands were all over my horny white body, she was pinching my nipples as she kissed me hard, plunging her tongue in and out of my wet lips. I couldn’t stop moaning as she mauled me, I loved the way she took control. Her slender hands and long fingers soon found my wet slit. Missy was probing my pussy with her fingers as her tongue searched my mouth. I was grinding my hips into her arm, fucking my wet horny pink pussy onto her fingers as the team and coaches watched us. They all had their long hard cocks out, slowly stroking off to the sapphic show before them. At that moment all I wanted was to bury my tongue in Missy’s blond pussy as she ate me out. I started kissing all over her face, biting at her lips, and licking her neck. She just laughed, “no no, my little slut. You can’t taste me yet. I want to make you cum all over my face and then you can eat me.”

Missy began working her hot tongue down my body, licking and sucking her way to my big tits. I couldn’t stop moaning as my cunt leaked copiously. Her lips and teeth soon closed hard over my nipples, one after the other, making me cry out in both pain and pleasure. Her fingers were still pumping into my cunt as she played with my tits. I loved Missy’s sharp teeth pinching at my tender nipples, and her soft tongue soothing me. Finally her loving mouth left my tits and moved down my stomach. I was thrusting my wet pussy at her mouth as the guys surrounding us laughed and taunted me. “whore” “Look at her, can’t wait for the blonde whore to lick her” “damn bitch we’re gonna tear you up.” Suddenly her tongue was buried in my pussy, licking and sucking me into orgasm after orgasm.

Her long slender fingers still inside my tight pink hole, as her tongue bathed my clit. Missy sucked at my clit like it was a little cock, rolling her tongue around it and scraping gently with her teeth. My legs spasmed as she played with my pussy expertly. She removed her fingers from my wet clenching pussy and raised her hands to my breasts so she could rub my juices on my nipples. Missy’s glistening face grinned up at me from between my thighs as she squeezed my large tits and soaked my skin in my cunt’s juices. “So that I can taste you later. “ she cooed at me. Missy thrust her ass into the air as she kneeled in between my sluttishly splayed legs, suddenly she thrust her head back to my pussy. Her long hard tongue dove straight into my cunthole, making my body squirm and my juices to flow into Missy’s open and sucking mouth.

I came so hard with Missy’s talented tongue buried in my pussy, I should call her soon, now that I remember how good she was at eating pussy, I’d love to taste her again. But on with the story. Missy continued eating my wet cunt but she was soon really fucking me with her tongue, and moaning deeply into my pussy. I opened my eyes and saw one of the team members slamming his long, thick black cock deep into Missy’s tight pink pussy. I moaned at the site of his dark skin against her paleness as he fucked her like a whore. On her knees on the cold tile floor, tongue buried in my slutty pussy letting the whole team run a train on her. I envied her. I missed those cocks. I let my head hang back, leaving my mouth open hoping it would soon be filled with a hard cock. My wish was soon granted, missy had her pussy filled and I was soon sucking cock after cock to get them ready for her wet pussy.

I loved having all those different cocks in my mouth, sucking one after another letting them just fuck my mouth like a cunt. Most of the guys didn’t cum in my mouth, but a few did. I loved their sperm running down my throat and covering my sweet angel face and big tits. (Just the memory is making me want to go out and get fucked….I think I will soon.) As much as I loved Missy eating my pussy and the team fucking my mouth I wanted some cock in my cunt or asshole and Missy’s wet sloppy pussy in my mouth. I pulled my mouth away from the thrusting black cock and sat up, softly pushing Missy’s head from between my legs. “My turn, switch girly I want to taste that cum-filled cunt, and have some cock of my own.” I sneered at the used whore in front of me. She grinned back, her face soaked with my cunt juices and stood up, the team’s cum began leaking from her well fucked cunt.

I smiled as she lay down on the bench and lewdly spread her tanned legs, opening her shaved blonde pussy to my gaze and touch. I let my fingers trail up her legs and around her cunt. Up her stomach and to her big breasts, I cruelly pinched both her nipples and she cried out in surprise and pleasure. I smiled at her, “You want me, then beg for it. Beg me to eat your nasty, cum-filled cunt.” Missy moaned at my voice’s harshness, she loved to be dominated and treated like a whore, we had a lot in common. She knew as well as I did that no matter what, my tongue would soon be scooping out the cum from our winning football team. I wanted their sperm and her pussy juice to run down my throat, God I can still taste her pussy. Anyway, Missy looked up at me with her big doe eyes and cooed, “Hmmm please let my pussy feel your tongue, wrap your lips around my clit and make me cum. Eat the sperm from our team, lick my nasty dirty pussy. Hmmm…ohh….please Jade make me cum.

I loved the control she gave me. I lowered my lips to her big, beautiful breasts. I loved her nipples. I let my tongue roll around each one in turn, gently sucking then letting my teeth scrape roughly on her flesh. I wanted to taste her cunt, but first wanted to make her scream and squirm in pleasure and need. I let my tongue trail down her body slowly, licking up the creamy cum on her soft skin. I was teasing myself just as much as I was Missy, so I finally and without warning I fastened my lips to her still tight pink hole. I let my mouth cover her pussy and sucked the cum from her writhing form as she came hard in my mouth. I can still feel all that tasty cum in my mouth, god I miss her. As I was worshipping her pussy, I was suddenly speared from behind One of the team members got tired of watching and just shoved his massive black cock deep into my wet pussy. I moaned as my face was thrust into missy’s wet, gushing cunt.

She cried out as my tongue found her hard clit. I let my tongue play on her clit like it was a tiny cock, flicking it and sucking on it. I let my teeth scrape softly on her clit and was rewarded with a scream and girl cream covering my face. The big cock in my pussy was making my moan into Missy’s pussy and really get to work on her. I loved licking and sucking her slick cunt lips and feeling that huge black cock in my own wet pussy. I loved feeling the rest of the team’s eyes on my slutty body as they waited their turns. Missy had my old job, as I ate her sweet pussy and got royally fucked, her mouth was occupied by one cock after another. I moved my lips and talented tongue from her spasming snatch and let my fingers have some fun. I wanted more cock. I motioned to the nearest big hard cock, and moaned out “please fuck my mouth. I want that cock, I need to suck on your cock. Hmm….Oh god, please give me more cock.” They all smirked and a new line was formed near me.

I let my fingers slide into missy’s tight wet pink slit, letting my nails lightly scrape her as another fat black cock slid into my mouth. I was being the whore I loved to be, I was born to fuck. I rested my head on missy’s thigh while cock after cock filled my mouth.

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