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I just had to relay this story to you. This really happened and I would not have believed it if I had not been there myself to experience it! For months I have heard my neighbor Chris complain about his wife, Anna. He bitches about everything from the way she dresses, her hair color, her weight, the way she cooks, just anything at all. Now Chris is no prize. He is overweight, he has a beard that looks like a rats nest, he chews snuff, and he has about as much class as my boot.

Now don’t get me wrong, Anna is not perfect but who the hell is? Yes, she is maybe 10 pounds over weight but in her defense she has had three kids, she works a full-time job and she keeps a clean house. I have always thought that she dressed in style and I love her short brown hair. It compliments her face perfectly to me. Now I have eaten with them many times and I know that she cooks good and when you look at Chris, well he has not missed many meals! So week before last I was working on my truck, like I enjoy doing. When Chris came over dressed in his usual stained jeans, work shirt, worn boots and unkept appearance. To me, the perfect image of a pig!

“Damn bitch” he said as he approached me. “Say what” I exclaimed not expecting such an outburst. “She is a damn bitch” he said again. “Who” I asked knowing full well that he meant Anna. “That damn wife of mine” he said “I planned for weeks to go to the car races this weekend. Now she says that she needs me to stay here to keep an eye on the kids so she can go shopping.” “So what’s the problem Chris, you sure as hell like to eat” I offered. “Yeah but I like to have fun too” he offered. “Why can’t you do both” I asked. “Watch the kids then go to the car races” I suggested. “Because her car is not working right so she needs to use mine to go shopping” he yelled and he slammed his hand against the tree next to him.

“Chris, why don’t you fix the car then and quit complaining! Man up boy and do what is needed” I offered. “I just want to have fun! I work all week and I want to go out with my friends and go to the fucking races! Fuck her and her god damn car” he said as he stared back at his house. Now their children are all under 12 but they are really good kids. And to tell you the truth since I got to see Anna’s tits last summer at the cookout I have wanted to see more. Really, I swear it was a accident. She bent down to hand me a napkin and her blouse just openned up in front of me so I could see them! Fantastic is a good descriptive word!

I had nothing planned and I was off duty for the weekend so I figured what the hell. “Look how about this. Let me check her car and see what needs to be done to get it running. While I do that you go call your mom. You know she loves to have the kids over! Call her and ask if you can bring them over to visit. Then you head for the races. I will take care of getting Anna to the store” I offered. “You would do that for me” he asked. “No, I would do that for Anna” I offered with a laugh.

He headed inside to get her keys and in a few minutes she came out with the keys. She smiled at me as she said “You are so nice to help us Duke!” I assured her that I was just being a friend and that I could care less about Chris. She was the important one to me. She smiled and touched my shoulder, but I could see the tears in her eyes. “He treats me like dirt and you act like I am a queen” she offered. I just smiled and patted her back. She then turned toward me and before I knew it she was hugging me. Her tits pressed against my chest. Damn she felt so good! I could feel my dick starting to move so I gently pushed her away.

In a few minutes I had her car checked out and I knew the problem. Chris came out to go to the races when I offered him the solution. “Well, you need a new battery cable and the terminals need a good cleaning” I offered. “Shit” he yelled. “Chris its no big deal” I countered “You go and I will take care of Anna.” He said “Okay, I got my mom to take the kids for the night and I will take them over there now.” In a few minutes the mad house had cleared and Chris and the kids were gone. Anna came out to see them off and now she was standing by my truck. “What do you think” she asked. “Well, as soon as you are ready to go I will take you with me. We will go to the parts house to get a new cable, then to the store and where ever else you want to go” I directed. She then turned and headed back inside “I will get ready and we can go” she said over her shoulder. I loved watching her walk away, she has a great ass! Not to small but not real large either. One that makes you want to fuck it all day long!

I finished checking my truck and I cleaned up. Just as I was finishing Anna came out the house and across the yard. She still had the same tight jeans on but she was wearing a light blue blouse that buttoned up the front. She had it unbuttoned to the middle and she had just the right amount of makeup on. She looked good enough to eat! I openned the truck door and she got in. Then I went around and got in too. We spent the rest of the afternoon just talking and shopping. I must have looked down her blouse ten times that afternoon.

It was getting dark when we finished and started to head back home. I suggested that we stop at Burger King and grab something to eat. She agreed and when we got there we went inside to eat. We just talked and laughed about everything. Finally, she got serious as she caught me looking down her blouse again. “So you must like what you see mister, you have looked down it enough” she said playfully. My face turned beet red as I stammered “I do and I am sorry.” “Sorry you got caught” she offered with a laugh. I just nodded yes and looked away. I was to embarrassed to talk now. We left and headed for home. We were at least an hour away. It was dark outside now, typical winter night I thought.

“You know what I want to do now” she asked as her voice came out of the dark. I figured, okay we have another stop to make as I asked “No, what would you like to do?” “I want to unbutton my blouse and undo my bra so you can really see my tits” she offered “then I want to suck you dick until you can’t stand it anymore” she said as if she were talking about something normal and natural. I could not think! I was dumbfounded! “I have always thought you were handsome Duke and I know that you want to fuck me, I see it in your face” she said. “Tonight I am going to let you do anything you want to me as long and I can do anything I want to you” she continued. “Just tonight it is you and me” she offered “if you agree!”

Well my friend let me tell you the game was on! She undid her blouse and I got to finally hold those two beauties. I pulled the truck over at the rest stop there on the interstate and I was all over her chest! I sucked and kissed on them like a hungry baby! Kissing her was like nothing I had ever done before. Her lips tasted like cherries and they were so soft. My tongue explored her mouth like I have never done before. She just moaned softly as I kissed and played with her ample tits. Then the next thing I knew she was undoing my jeans and pulling everything down.

I have had blowjobs before, but this time it was truly different. It was fantastic! I knew that I could not drive while she was doing it so I just leaned back and enjoyed every second of it! Then I felt the pressure building up so I warned her that I was about to cum. She just groaned and went faster up and down my shaft. Brother, I came like a fascet in her mouth and to my surprise she took it all! Finally, she stopped sucking and just gently rubbed my dick and balls. “Lets go home” she offered.

I fixed my jeans but she left her blouse open. So I drove while we sipped our drinks and I played with her chest. When we got to her house she buttoned her blouse enough so her tits would not show. “Can you unload the groceries while I go change” she asked. I nodded yes and she leaned over and kissed me again. Hell, I would have lifted the fuckin truck if she wanted me too. In a few minutes I had finished unloading the truck and I had put the cold stuff away when I heard her come up behind me. She put her arms around me from behind and said “Will you stay the night?” “Try and get me out of here” I said with a laugh. I then turned around in her arms so I was facing her. She was just 5′-6″ tall without her shoes and as I looked down I saw that the only thing she had on was a bathrobe.

I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. Okay, I will not give you a blow by blow description but let me say that I made love to her everyway you can think. I ate her pussy like a hungry man and the second time I fucked her was in that tight little ass of hers. She even woke me up early in the morning sucking my dick! Now? Well I have fucked her twice since that weekend. And we both agree that whenever Chris wants to go off it will be fine with us. I don’t know where it will lead, but I am going to enjoy the ride!

So, what do you think ?

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