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In the bushes


We were at a party, Me, Jake and Milky also known as Megan. I’m called Rachel, how about we start when I was drunk . I was wearing a lime green miniskirt with a orange belly top. I had took my last shot of the night, when I fell over but to be catched by a fantasy figure. “You’ve had way too many drinks.” He said lifting me up.

He was quite fat, around medium. “My name’s Jordon, hi.” He said, putting his arm around me. “You my boyfriend?” I asked, way too drunk. He must of been drunk too. “Yeah.” He said, kissing my lips, for about 5 seconds! “My name is… my name is… Rachel! Thats it!” I said, following his lead. He was leading me to the park, and we went in some bushes.

“Are we playing hide and seek?” I asked Jordon, sitting on the floor. I was really drunk, my friend said I thought I was in a burger shop. “No, Your with me, going to go something special.” His voice was lower, and he started making out with me, holding my boobs. “I like you.” I said, stopping to kiss his cheek. Your thinking “Hey! He’s ra-ping her!” Well, I was enjoying it. I lay on the muddy leaves while he dropped his pants.

“Who are you?” I asked, confused. “Nobody, relax.” He lifted my skirt up, and pulled my thong down. He carefully sat on me, and stuck his cock inside me. “Oh my GOD! What a shock! I’m ready, fuck me hard.” I said, holding his very fat butt down. He was expecting to go slow, letting his 8-inch boner go deeper into my wet pussy, but he knew I wanted his hard, fat cock riding me, so he did.

I couldn’t see his face in the dark, but I could see his cock going in and out of me. “I think I’m gonna cum!” He said, gripping my hips. “Do it inside me, I want your cum inside me so I can remember you!” I said. He cummed inside me, while I started going up-down, up-down. “Let me suck you down!” I said, trying to push this fat guy off me.

I made him lie down, while I started licking around his cockhead. He lay there, loving every moment. “Your the best girl I’ve ever had.” He said. I was spiting on his cock, then letting is dribble down. I started sucking his balls, letting my old spit run onto my lips. “I’m gonna send you down my throat!” I said, deep throating him. I have a long neck, so I could feel his balls banging against my lips.

He sat up, grabbed my hair and pulled me up and down. Soon enough, We were both sitting there naked, tired out, snogging. I saw sunrise. “I gotta go, its sunrise. Wait, who are you? And why have I got a hangover?” I said, standing up. “You were my babe.” He was incredibly fat, very over weight. I like fat me. “Oh, I quite like you.” I said, and we done it all over again. Every weekend, we meet at the park, and fuck so hard, now anal.

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