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In Too Deep


The telephone rang. It continued to ring until the answering machine picked up. The message said that she was unavailable. Damn it, I thought. Just like that cunt to not be there when I needed her the most.
Marla had always been there for me when I needed her, but her career frequently kept her to all hours of the night. No, she was not a hooker or a call girl. She helped others in the time of need. She took calls for the suicide prevention hotline, frequently assisting the police in talking a suicidal person through the worst part; actually attempting suicide.
I met Marla in a support group for suicide prevention. She was there as an assistant to the moderator. I, on the other hand, was there because I had once called the hotline, tempting the thought. Ordered by the court and the mental institution, I attended my sessions monthly.
Marla did not have the look that you would expect of a guardian angel. She was a street urchin looking girl. Shabby clothing, dirty looking, hair tasseled and stringy looking. She herself looked like she lived on the streets. Perhaps she would be described as a “Goth chick”. Most of her clothing was black, drab and baggy. Sorry, but I have always associated black clothing with death.
Marla and I had become fuck-buddies. Both of us basically had no life to speak of, and often found one another calling on the other for sex. Not just a quick wham bam thank you ma’am type fuck, but the all night knocking the plaster off the ceiling type fucking.
For her young age of 23, she absolutely knew every part of her body and how to use it to her and her partner’s advantage. Her cock sucking ability was phenomenal to say the least, and her pussy and ass control was to die for. She had taught me self-control and exercised my stamina beyond any man’s stud dreams.
I was about to doze off when there was a frantic pounding on my door. It was Marla. Come on, open the door I heard her scream as I stumbled to the door. As I got closer, I heard giggles and whispers. What the fuck is going on, I thought to myself. Unlocking lock after lock and finally turning the knob, the door swung open knocking me backwards and in tumbled Marla and her new friend on top of me. Marla planted her lips on mine and rammed her tongue deep into my throat as if to swab my tonsils. The smell and taste of liquor was overpowering my senses. It was obvious that the girls had been to the bar and had a few to drink. Marla gets horny as hell when she drinks, and by the glazed look in her eyes, I could tell this was going to be a doosie. I found out later that she had taken Micah to a male strip club which only matters worse. Well, better for me anyway.
The three of us getting to our feet, Marla said “Dave, meet Micah.” Micah extended her hand to shake mine, and said, “Marla tells me you really know how to please a woman”. I pulled her toward me and told her she’ll have to find out for herself as I locked on to her inviting lips with mine. Reaching behind her I groped her ass and worked her short skirt up to reveal her soft flesh covered only by a tiny g-string. She broke the embrace, grabbed Marla and I by the hands and ran with us to the bedroom. Marla was first to be naked and Micah was next. Both girls sexily came to me and finished stripping me down, ripping my boxers nearly in half as both girls fought to get to my hardening cock.
Micah knelt before me as I kicked off what was left of my boxers and engulfed my cock all the way to the base and worked her magic tongue up and down it as she expertly sucked it. Pushing me back on the bed, Marla straddled my face and rubbed her wet slit all over my face, soaking me with her juices. I had never seen her so wet. Oh god she moaned, suck my clit HARD she screamed. I clamped down on her hard nub as I felt a cool breeze on my cock. Micah had stopped her fabulous sucking and was moving her way up my body. She straddled my lap and sank down on my prick in one swift move. Her cunt was dripping wet like Marla’s, and slid down nicely despite her extreme tightness. She reached the base and exhaled loudly with a whimper and then a scream. Her hips bucked back and forth a few times and her body tensed, her back arched pressing her tits skyward and towards Marla. Marla reached out and pinched Micah’s nipples as she screamed out I’m GONNA CUMMMMMMMM…. Just then, Micah’s cunt gushed a tidal wave of sticky girl juice all over my dick and balls.
Marla continued her assault on my mouth, riding my tongue for all I was worth. Micah, coming down from her sexual high, leaned forward to Marla and embraced her in a deep, passionate kiss, swirling their tongues together and squeezing each other’s tits. Marla’s cunt began twitching and her hips bucking feverishly as she released her orgasm on my face and into my mouth. Micah reached down and scooped up some of her fluids, licked it from her fingers, then shoved them into Marla’s waiting mouth. She sucked them clean.
Marla rolled Micah off my cock and onto her back. Immediately she went down on her and began to give her still wet pussy a workout with her tongue, and sliding her fingers inside her. I moved behind Marla, pulled her hips upward and rammed my cock into her doggie style. She shook as I pulled back and again rammed forward, filling her cunt. Ohhhhh Goddddddddd, she moaned, muffled by her sucking on Micah’s lips and clit. As I continued pounding into her cunt, I spit down onto her puckered brown hole and slid two fingers into her. Marla began gyrating her hips and was bucking wildly backwards, matching my thrusts deep into her. She came three more times before she collapsed on top of Micah. She again kissed Micah deeply and whispered into her ear, your turn.
Micah really surprised me with the position she assumed, as I had never seen anyone as limber before. She lay on her back, reached between her legs and grabbed her ankles, pulling the upward toward her head. She locked her ankles behind her head, her elbows behind her knees, and grabbed her ass spreading her cheeks wide. Looking up at me with those fuck me eyes, she rubbed her sopping wet cunt, spreading her juice around, coating her gaping asshole. This position is great for a good ass fucking, she said. Still in need of a good orgasm myself; I plunged into her waiting ass. God was that thing tight, I thought. Marla could not stay out of the fun, as she began sucking and twisting Micah’s tits while I began a good rhythm fucking her tight hole. She began clenching her butt tightly around my cock and I felt my nut sack tighten. I drove as deep as I could, clenching her hips and pulling them toward me as I released a load of sticky semen deep into her bowels. Micah shuddered again with her own orgasm and went limp as I collapsed on top of her. Marla came around behind us, licking up our mess and savoring the taste.
“Marla,” Micah said, I am so glad that you were the one on the other end of the phone tonight. Thank you both so much for a lifesaving experience. Good night.

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