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A Late Night Adventure


I was about 24, had determined I was a bisexual and was married about 3 yrs. It was friday night and I was at a party held by a friend from work. Most of my coworkers were there along with a close friend that I worked with and his girlfriend Sharon. They were both about 18. We had been drinking and dancing for several hours and the party was winding down. I could hear my friend in the kitchen having a fight with his girlfriend about how drunk he was. I said my farewells and walked out the door.

As I was walking to my car, I noticed the front door open and Sharon came running out. She called my name as she was running towards me. When she caught up to me she seductively asked me if I would give her a ride home since her boyfriend was too drunk to drive. I said ok as we arrived at my car. I asked her where she lived and she told me to just to drive to a park where she could gather herself before going home.

So, I drove to a forested park at the edge of town. As I parked, she slid over next to me, put her arms around my neck and thanked me for driving her home. I could see she had been crying and was very upset. I put my arm around her and consoled her. She looked up at me and told me that she had seen me at work and thought I was a very nice guy. She said she had always wanted to get to know me but was afraid to since I was married and she had a boyfriend. She told me I was very attrative as she began to stroke my leg. I told her I always saw her as very attractive too.

With that she reached up, put her hand around my neck, pulled my head towards hers and kissed me. As I felt my feelings for her begin to grow I pulled her body to mine and returned her kiss. She sort of laid back on the seat with her head on the arm rest and told me she still needed some time to clear her head before going home. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

After a few minutes she awoke asking me if I was warm. I agreed and began to roll my window down. She replied how nice the warm breeze felt as she unbuttoned her sweater. She again drifted back asleep. As she laid there with her sweater open, I could see she was wearing a very sexy little lacy bra with a clasp in the front. She began to smile as her eyes began to open. Her fingers began circle her breasts as she asked me if I liked what I was looking at. I replied that I was married and she had a boyfriend.

She then replied that we really were not doing anything as she slipped her sweater off and tossed it into the back seat. She again laid back and drifted off to sleep. I could feel my cock growing as I studied her breasts and lacy bra. I then noticed her eyelids were slightly open, I knew she was watching me. Her hands slowly moved to the center of her bra where she undid the clasp that held it together. She opened her eyes wider and continued to smile at me. My eyes drifted back to her fingers. She slid her hands into the cups of her bra and grabbed her breasts and began to massage them. By now my cock was straining to get out of my jeans. As she massaged her breasts, her bra fell to the side and she slowly pulled her hands away. I could feel my heart pounding as perky little breasts came into sight.

She circled her nipples with her fingers and asked me if I liked her breasts. I studdered as I replied yes. The sight of her young body and perky breasts pointing straight up began to drive me wild. Next, she told me to undo her jeans. I grabbed the button and fumbled a while till it finally popped open. Meanwhile, I could feel her kicking her shoes off as my heart began to pound faster. She slid her fingers into her jeans and began to slide them down. Eventually, I could see her panties as she continued to slid her jeans down.

When they reached her knees, she told me to take them off. As they slid from her feet she grabbed them and threw them in the back seat. Next she positioned her legs with one foot on the floor and the other leg over the back of the seat. I could not help but stare at the crotch of her panties as they glistened with her juices in the moon light. She reached down and began to massage the wet material as she asked me if she was geting me excited. I again studdered yes. With that reply she sat up, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. My hands found their way to her breasts where I gently began to massage them.Her perky breasts and hard nipples began to drive me wild. She released her arms from around my neck and began to unbutton my shirt. When the last button was undone she slid the shirt from my shoulders and tossed it into the back seat.

Next, she adjusted the back of her seat till it was flat and told me to lay down. By now my heart was pounding fast as I felt her fingers undoing my belt. Next, I felt her fingers quickly unbutton my jeans. She looked at me and smiled as her fingers slowly slid my zipper down. She hooked her fingers inside the waist of my jeans and pulled them off tossing them into the back seat. She leaned forward and kissed the silky bulge in my panties. She commented on how sexy it was that I was wearing my wifes panties. I asked her what she meant. She replied that she could smell my wifes fragrant juices on the panties. With that she spread my legs and began to lick the moist crotch of my panties.

Eventually, I felt her fingers slip under the elastic as she slowly pulled them down. When they were free from my feet she brought them to her face where she eagerly smelled them. She told me it was easy for a woman to smell the scent of another. I then noticed her other hand was in her panties massaging her wet pussy. She then tossed my panties in the back seat, leaned forward, and placed her wet fingers on my mouth where she asked me to taste her fresh juices. My tongue eagerly licked the tasty juices from her fingers. She then straddled my chest, leaned forward and kissed me. One of my hands found its way to her panties. I slid my fingers inside and found her wet pussy.

Her kiss began to increase with passion as my fingers found her hard clit. She moaned with pleasure as my finger stroked her hard jewel. I could feel her body begin to quiver and her juices begin to flow. I slid my finger from her clit and into her nice hole where she screamed with pleasure. As I moved my finger in and out I felt her body begin to stiffen and then I felt her begin to cum. Finally, she could stand it no longer and repositioned herself on me in a sixty-nine position. She lowered her wet crotch onto my face as she took my cock into her mouth. I had never been so excited before. I managed to slide her panties aside revealing a very wet and hairless pussy.

I could feel my heart pounding as my tongue began to touch her wet pussy. Her sweet fragrance was driving me wild. As I sampled her juices I could feel the passion building in my cock. My tongue eventually found her hard clit as her body began to quiver again. As I kissed and licked her clit her body began to violently shake and then I felt her begin to cum. I looked and saw her milky cum begin to flow from her pussy. I extended my tongue to sample the tasty liquid. It was thick and sweet as I eagerly lapped it up. As I slid my tongue into her hole for some more , she screamed with pleasure. She grabbed my cock with her lips and began to suck my cock with passion. I finally could hold it no longer and let my juices flow into her mouth.

She eagerly swallowed all of my tasty juices. Then, she turned around and passionately kissed me. Our tongues eagerly searching for each others juices. She thanked me for the interesting ride home and told me we could get together anytime I felt the need.

It was early monday morning and no one else was at work when I noticed my Sharon had walked in. She walked over ot my desk, reached into her purse and pulled out the panties she had worn the night of the party. She tossed them onto my desk telling me I could keep them as a remembrance of our night together. I picked them up and noticed she had written her phone number on them. We have never seen each other again but, every once in a while I find her panties I sniff them as a reminder of our special night together.

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