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Chloe the girl next door


Chloe was a small curvy girl. And to be honest she was a bit of a Gothic. She had red hair and black makeup and always dressed in black clothes, not really my type but it suited her. Chloe was my next doors daughter. Being at university in the week she would come home and stay for the weekend and then go back to Manchester on Mondays.

My wife Claire was always working on Saturday’s and wouldn’t be back till late. Chloe was 18, and as I could see didn’t really have a boyfriend. Yes ok, I had a small soft spot for her due to being attractive and nice looking. on the Saturday morning she came over to ask if Claire was in. I couldn’t believe my eyes what she was wearing, Chloe had a pair of black tight jeans on and a top that showed her tummy. Her hair was tied back and two big earnings in that jingled each time she moved. I told her that she wouldn’t be home for the day and I could take a message if she wanted.

no its ok she replied and turned around to leave. I looked at her bum to see her G-string was poking out over the top of her trousers. Chloe looked back at me admiring her backside and smiled discreetly to me as she was walking down my drive. I started to fancy her more than ever now as I could smell her fragrance wafted to my nose. It was the smell of roses. I called her back “Chloe” I shouted erm..

Well if you want to come in I’m sure she will be back in soon. She walked back and I let her past me we sat on the sofa in my lounge and waited. Martin she said, “Fancy putting the kettle on for a cuppa?” Ok I replied and asked her what she wanted and walked into my kitchen. As I was making the drinks she came behind me and put her hand around to my balls. Chloe!!!! I laughed what the hell do you think you are doing!!!? Well she said, I saw you look at my G string, and then she whispered in my ear gently “it turned me on at the thought of you looking at me….”

I’m a married man!! yeah she replied but haven’t you ever wanted me, be honest she asked. sure I replied… but again!! I shouted… I’m married! boo hoo she said turning me around to face her.. How about just for an hour you were free to do what you pleased? I don’t know what she was doing but she started to make a lot of sense. She helped me up on the kitchen side and told me to go with the flow, Chloe went down and unzipped my flies and pulled out my cock. it was floppy at this point and she started to lick the top of it with her tongue lightly holding it with her hand.

God this felt good, her warm wet mouth was taking it all in. I could hear her saliva swirling around my cock in her mouth. I moaned out, oh she said you’re coming around to the idea now then?? She swallowed her spit and really started sucking it faster from the top right down to the base and then gently ticking my balls with her tongue… right she said, time for you to repay the favor.

Chloe unbuttoned her belt licked her finger and pulled her knickers forward and down over her pussy. Chloe then proceeded to stick her finger from the front right down and along the front of her fanny, as she did this standing up in front of me she moaned and looked up. I could hear her juice swelch around. She then leaned back and put her other hand on her tummy. She looked down at herself and stuck two fingers inside herself from the front. See that she asked, I’m wet and I want you to taste it in your mouth. With that she pulled her fingers out of her wet vagina and placed them in my mouth.

The taste of her juice and skin from her fingers made me even harder. god!!! I want her, I need her and now!! I got off the side and moved her over so her back was facing me so her tummy was touching kitchen side. I kissed her on the back of the neck and pulled down her jeans and then taking them off leaving her boots on. I pushed her down so her face was down on the side bent forward. I pulled her g string to the side and stuck both fingers in to her pussy getting my fingers completely wet she moaned and panted as I was moving my fingers in and out. I got faster and slapped my hand on her ass as I was fingering her. “stick your cock in me” she asked I want your hot cock deep in my hole… please??!” she pleaded.

Chloe pulled her knickers down showing her nice rounded bottom and turned her head to look at me. She pulled her hair band out and spread her long hair on the side. “Give me your cock!” I paused and looked at her. Don’t bottle out now she said to me getting up and sitting up on the side. Look she said I won’t tell if you don’t. But she said, if you don’t give it to me right here right now? I will tell Claire all about this afternoon….

She got further up on the side and spread her legs and parted her pussy lips showing me her hole. See, she said fingering herself, look how tight that is… come on all I’m asking is for you to stick it in and unload in me…” I unzipped my flies and took off my trousers. I walked over to her wet hairy funny and licked her clit with my tongue fingering her clit as I swirled my tongue all around it, I could smell the sweet odor of her pubic hair and I stuck my tongue all around her neat little tuft.

Chloe grabbed my hair and moaned and looked down to me eating out her pussy… I got up and placed my hard cock inside thrusting at her tight little gash I started pounding at her pulling her closer holding her legs up. Her pussy was small and round. She was tight. It was so tight it hurt. I needed her to cum and then she did, oh shit oh shit!!! aaaaah she shouted I’m going to cum on your cock with you inside me.

Her pussy tensed and she paused without breath as her pussy let her cum gush out. It got wetter and wetter as I slid in and out. Chloe pulled her shirt up to reveal her boobs. Every thrust I gave they bounced. And then it was time for me to cum… I needed to know where I could ejaculate and now! I’m going to cum! Yes!! She shouted… Just do it.

With my very last thrust I unloaded in to her small wet sloppy fanny pushing it in as far as I could. We stopped and panted. God I said that was good, yep she said laughing, we should do this again sometime? Chloe put her clothes back on and knelt back down to the spunk dribbling out of my cock and licked it all off. You know what she said, I’m not sure what tastes better the cum on your dick or the taste of my pussy juices, see ya and then she left and shut the door. I hope she was on the pill…

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