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If it stinks Ill eat it


I think I was alone in a unique fetish that I seemed to have – I craved hairy smelly stinky cunts – specially fat black older ladies who had them.
There is a condition in some ladies where they discharge a fishy and foul smelling fluid from their cunts which makes it really stinky. – As a child I had overheard a large black woman talk about it to her friend and though she seemed to be stressed by it – it had made me very aroused to have heard a cunt being described like that. Apparently it is harmless for a man to eat it or fuck it but apparently no man would want to be near a cunt like that.

I had myself never tried it but I wanted to – a part of me was scared but another part of me was very excited when I thought about it – A woman having these problems would not really be having sex and so would be sex starved and would be very horny – all these thoughts had made me horny and I was wondering If Ill ever be able to get my chance.

I finally got my chance – I was much older and this fetish had taken root in my mind – it had become something I thought about all the time – regular sex was not satisfying me as much and I needed to get this kink out of my mind – that was when a friend of mine asked me to visit him – He was a gynecologist in New York and he asked me to come visit – we were old friends and something about his profession suggested to me that this might be my chance.

He was a black man my age and he practiced in the Bronx area of New York City which has a big black population as well. I was free and so I decided to go and visit him. He is a great guy a super friend from University time and someone who I could share my inner secrets with. One night when we came home from drinking and clubbing we were both drunk and in a funny mood when I kind of blurted out my fetish to him. He had asked me what my deepest darkest secret was and I had told him – “I want to eat a hairy black fat woman with a dirty stinky cunt” – I had said this laughing to him and he had laughingly replied – “You know I can arrange that for you” we had both laughed it off and gone to bed.

The next morning I had woken late and he had gone to work – when I checked the phone for messages he had left one for me asking me to come to his clinic – So I showered and changed and went there – He was sitting alone there – he asked me to come and and take a seat – and then he spoke “I don’t know if you were serious about what you said last night but if you were then there is a woman who is coming here in a few minutes who has a condition very much like what you said – oh its not contagious or anything – just something that comes and goes – unfortunately with her it refuses to go – I cannot really do anything more for her but if you like you are welcome get rid of your kinks”

“But…. I….”

“Don’t worry shes very horny and seeing a good looking guy like you whatever you ask she will do – but yes let me warn you” and he became very soft at this point “It really really stinks”.

I just sat there looking at him and I just gulped – half out of fear and half out of extreme horniness – my fantasy was actually gonna come true but did I really want to go ahead with it.
I was just thinking all this when she walked in – she was a black woman 48 years old and huge – she towered over me at almost 6ft with 48gg breasts a 46 inch waist and 50 inch hips and she had the nerve of actually wearing skimpy clothes – she wore tight denim shorts and a tight tank top – it was like she was going to explode right there – such huge thighs which kept rubbing against each other – her belly was protruding – flabby and had a trail of hair on it going down into her shorts. She came and sat in the chair next to me and introduced herself as Debra.

My friend motioned to me – I didn’t know whether to say yes or no but I found myself nodding a yes – what was I getting myself into.

My friend then looked at her and said “This is Alan hes a consulting Gynecologist and I have called him to review your situation – please explain to him whatever you are going through and he will help you out” he said this and got up – “you’re the last patient so Im going home” he came close to me and whispered “Shes a wild one – shell try to seduce you – you wont have to do anything – if u don’t want to go on – just stop her” he stood up and started to leave “Alan please lock up after you’ve finished with her” – He said this and left.

I turned around to look at her and she was smiling at me – something about the way she looked at me made me very horny – I think my friend was right cause this woman looked like shes perpetually horny.

I cleared my throat and said “So how can I help you “ – she slowly stood up and came close to me – she had started to rub her crotch “well doctor you know its my pussy” she bent down to talk into my ear – “its very very smelly” she was saying this so seductively as if she knew I liked it “Its so smelly that men cant stand to be around when I drop my pants – I think that’s why your friend left – he couldn’t stand being next to it for one more day” – she started walking away from me very seductively she was squeezing her big breasts as she walked away – teasing me – I could see her big bum in those shorts – almost dropping out of them – she was so big.

“But you must understand doctor that I need to show it to someone – no man will come near it in life but here in the doctors office – they have to take a look at it – that’s the only thing that keeps me going – the fact that I can have a man look at it at least without running away” She turned around to face me – I was getting so horny and the bulge in my pants was popping out – she saw that she was getting me horny and she started walking towards me again – she was running a finger over her crotch as she walked slowly towards me – “I know Im turning you on doctor and thank you for that but no cock can stay hard when Im naked” She came to me and knelt down in front of me taking the bulge of my cock in her hands – I was so horny by all this that I just sat there motionless letting her do whatever she wanted – she undid my pants and saw my erection jump out at her face – “Oh thank you doctor – thank you thank you” she was ecstatic looking at it she touched it and started kissing it when suddenly she started to shake – she sat there for a few seconds eyes closed trembling at my cock while I just let this big black woman do with me as she pleased – when she finally stopped I could smell a really foul rotten odour in the room – she opened her eyes and said “Ive just cum – its been so long since Ive seen a hard cock let alone touch one” – saying this she stood up – as she got up I saw her shorts completely drenched – there was fluid dripping out all over her thighs and the floor under her – the smell was her cunt fluid – she had cum and squirted this fluid – it smelled really foul and I made a face putting my hand to my nose – she saw this and started to walk away.

I stood up – my pants fell to the ground and I took them off – I threw of my T-shirt and went behind her – she was at the examining table and was about to undo her shorts when I stopped her – She saw me approaching her naked with my hard on and said “Oh wow you’ve lasted this far – but you wont last any longer” – I went upto her and said “If you want me to examine you then you take off your top first and then lie down on the table” – She sensed my extreme horniness and slowly teasingly peeled off her top – her breasts fell down saggy and bulbous – her nipples were dark black and she pinched them teasing me – slowly she climbed onto the table and lay down.

I asked her to arch her hips and slowly I undid her shorts and slipped them off her big fat body – I switched the lights on and slowly parted her legs – what I saw shocked me – it was the ugliest cunt I had seen – it was black and hairy – her cunt lips were swollen and grey and her entire pussy was protruding out like it was a big fishes mouth – her inner thighs were black and chaffed because of the rubbing against each other and by god the smell was so stinky – it smelled of sweat and urine and rotten fish all mixed together – her ass was splayed out under her and there was some sticky fluid oozing out of her cunt. This was it – this was where my fantasy had led me and now I had to go on – I was really turned on looking at it and I forgot that it was attached to this woman – before she could say anything I just put my head in there – It smelled awfull but it made me wild – I licked it lashed it sucked it and drank every drop of that filthy black cunt that it gave to me – the woman under me had gone absolutely wild – she had locked her thighs on my head and was moving so wildly that I was being tossed around with her – she was screaming and moaning and I think every few seconds she would cum – as she came she would squirt more of her firlthy fluid and I would swallow it all – all I could hear from her screams was “eat that dirty cunt – eat my filthy stinky cunt”.

It tasted rotten – bitter and salty – sometimes sour but always filthy – it was like eating an animals cunt – I had done it I had gone into the deepest darkest part of my sexual desire and had made it happen – and in the midst of all this I passed out – right there in between her legs – perhaps the sensation was too much or the constant movement of my head from side to side – but I passed out eating that pussy.

When I finally came to – I was still between her legs and she was unconscious as well – this had been one of the stangest experiences of my life and looking at her big black body lying there I knew there would be more.

So, what do you think ?

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