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When my parents go out for the weekend..


Me and my boyfriend Ryan had been dating for about a year. Ryan was a hot 17-year-old senior with voluptuous muscles and an amazing six pack. His hair was a dirty blonde gelled down sophisticated look, he was a hunk with green eyes. Me and Ryan always made the perfect couple. I was always the hot popular girl in school since 6th grade and he was always the hottest jock that every girl wanted. I’m not the take it slow type, I like to have fun in ways that other girls would look down upon.

One night, Me and Ryan came back from a late night movie. It got us in the mood. We decided to go to my house since my parents were out for the weekend. He opened the door for me and we walked up the stairs into my bedroom. Ryan gently pushed me down onto my bed and started caressing and licking my neck. This moved on to a hot make out session. As I was unbuttoning his pants, he slowly took my top off over my head. He then wrapped his arms around me and unsnapped my bra, revealing my 34C tits. He then licked down my chest and unto my stomach and then unzipped my pants leaving me standing there with only my pink Victoria’s Secret thong on. He eyed me up and down and I could see his hard on growing by the minute. I sat on the bed and waited for him to come and start with me. He slowly kissed me and then kissed down my breasts and sucked on my nipples until they hardened. I was so turned on I could of burst. I wanted to tell him, Fuck me Now Ryan, but I decided to be a tease.

He slid my thong down to my knees and then finally off. He kissed up my thigh very slowly and then onto my shaved, wet, juicy lips. He then took his tongue and caressed my clit very rapidly. I was about to climax until he stopped and decided it was his turn for a wild ride.

I pushed him down onto the bed and kissed down his body and then slid down his boxers. His hard on almost made me orgasm just looking at it. I licked around his head and then licked down his dick and onto his balls. I knew he wanted me right there and then, so I began to suck and his dick and deep throat it. I then licked down the back of his dick and sucked on his balls and jerked him off. I moved up so he could cum all over my tits. His dick was almost limp so I decided to straddle over him a play with myself and rub my clit onto his hot face. He then tongue fucked me very slowly and then played with my clit with his thumb. His hard on grew so I slid down his chest and sat on his dick. He held my waist to make my cummed tits bounce in his face. I could see that he was about to shoot into my widened hole from his screaming “Fuck me harder Eleni!” So, I turned down and started to suck his dick until his sweet juices were flowing into my mouth. But then it was my turn. So he laid me down on the bed and put my legs over his shoulders. He dove his tongue deep inside of my pussy and then licked my clit vigorously. He kissed all over my pussy and sucked on my lips. I lifted my tits in pleasure and then thrusted my hips into his face so he could get in deeper. Then he sucked me off until I screamed, shaked, and had a mind rattling orgasm.

We laid there, panting from the rough sex with sweat dripping all over my tits. He got turned on again, so he laid his muscular body on top of my beating chest. He stuck his 7 and a half-inch cock deep inside of me and jammed me hard up against the headboard. He lifted my legs high up in the air and fucked me until he was almost ready to shoot. He turned me over, face down ass up, and stuck his enormous dick inside of my tight ass. He fucked me until he shot his hot load into my tight asshole.
Exhausted, we then laid together naked with our sweat as one and fell asleep into the late night.
Since my parent’s are away all weekend, this will be a daily routine.

So, what do you think ?