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I found a way not to be lonely

I have had two great loves in my life,but they have both left me so I am alone but the desire to have a man has not left.

My first lover broke me in to please him he loved having me suck him off and I enjoy doing it.

My second lover enjoyed the lessons that my first taught me and now I miss sucking the most.

I read a confession of a woman who picked up guys just for sex no love or right names.

One night I got dressed up and went to a singles bar there were a lot of old guys there so I thought I would try one. He had some gray hair and told me was 40 something and ask if I would like to get out of there so we could talk.
We went to his car and he start making small talk, I didn’t give any right information, he didn’t need to know, I just wanted to see his cock. I put my hand on the side of his leg as we talked then moved it up a little higher I felt the head of his cock and then put my hand on the rest of it. It felt like about 5 or 6 inches and that was great by me. I began to rub it and it got hard right away, he unbuckled his belt and I pulled down his zipper and took out his cock out of his boxers.

It was smooth and not to fat I bent over into his lap and started kiss his hard-on. He stopped me and pulled his pants down, his belly was very hairy and real warm. This time I didn’t stop to kiss it I put it right in my mouth and start sucking him off. With in a minute or two he said I’m cuming and he did,oh how I love the taste of sperm in my mouth and down my throat,But he came to fast and as I sucked him more he said that’s enough. That’s when I said no more old guys!!

On my way home from work one afternoon I saw two young guys standing beside a broken down car,so I stopped and asked if I could help they said you sure can. They got in the front seat and pushed up close to me they started talking about how great I looked and what a great figure had. The one next to me put his arm around me and slid it down my shoulder and near my tit. The other one said I bet your boyfriend loves your body, I don’t have a boyfriend I told them. They asked if I could take them home I said I would and drove to there house.
When we got there they invited me it and I went just as I walked thru the door one of them put his hand on my ass it made me jump a little. I sat on the couch while one of them went to get me a glass of water the other one sat close to me and put his hand on my leg and I put my hand on his. I could see his cock was hard already, he whispered in my ear do you suck I started to pull down his zipper,but he got up and dropped his pants his cock was hard as a rock and ready for action.

He stepped out of his pants and laid back on the couch I started sucking his cock right away. I pulled my knees up under me so I could get as closer to his cock and get more in my mouth, I love to suck.
I don’t know when the other guy came in from the kitchen,but I felt my skirt lifted up and my panties being pulled down. My pussy was dripping wet and he had no trouble mounting me from the back this was to good to be true my mouth and my pussy full at the same time.
I heard one of them say lets both cum at the same time,great idea the other one said and so there we were sucking and fucking.

The one in me said I am ready so I started sucking fast and even jerked his cock a little and he said I’m cuming now and shot his load in my mouth the one behind was pumping his load into me and that made me take all the other cock down my throat. I was in heaven!
I sucked the cock in my mouth clean and then the other guy wanted his sucked,I don’t like to suck soft cock that has been soaking in my pussy, but I did and it wasn’t half bad.

We sat around and talked for about an hour and they want to do me again,so I sucked them until they were both hard and ready they both fucked me and each got a blow job. Young guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!

So, what do you think ?

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