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Pole Positioned at Pit Stop – Car race enthusiasts dream run with a hairy older woman


I love Formula 1 racing and I don´t miss the Grand Prix. I am a big fan of the German Driver Schumacher and the entire Ferrari team. This time I had a very erotic experience at Silverstone. Barrichello and Schumacher were fighting it out and I was cheering on from the stands. There was an elderly couple behind me. The man looked distinguished in a suit but it was a hot day on the tracks and his woman (wife?) was in a short loose-sleeved tank top. When I once turned around to look at the giant screen as they turned around the bend she was trying to tie back her hair and her arms were stretched above her head. From my position (you could say Pole position!!!) I saw her pits from under the loose sleeves. She must have been in her late forties but her pits were filled with jet-black hair. In fact as I stood (even my cock stood as it grew hard) as I turned around my face was only a feet away from her outstretched arms and my eyes were locked in her bushy armpits. After a few seconds she put her arms down (damnit why did she finish bunching up her hair). The race no longer interested me and despite my turning around many times ostensibly to look at the giant screen regrettably she did not raise her arms for me to look at the enormous quantity of hair in her unshaven armpits.

I have had a fetish for hairy armpits since I can remember. I don´t know how it started but I always assumed that women had bushy armpits. It was only when I was in my teens that in all the porno magazines I saw women with clean shaven pits but bushy crotches. Now of course even the pussy hair has almost disappeared. However my best moments have been on the Internet where I have seen pictures of many hairy women.

Here was my best chance. Not often did I get to see women with bushy armpits and here was one with extremely bushy underarms. Can you imagine her groin crawling with thick foliage of bushy hair? The race was over and I decided to follow them. My car was parked at the car park but they were heading for the bus stop. They caught a bus for Bromley in Kent, which is a long way from where I live. I don´t know what got into me but I got on the bus and bought a ticket for the last stop and I sat on a seat, which were two rows behind them. I hoped they had not noticed me but after an hour or so they got off the bus. I too got off and started walking in the opposite direction. I turned around after a few seconds and followed them and soon we were in front of some row houses and they got in.

Had I traveled such a long distance just to watch them go in to the house. I was crestfallen. On an impulse I rang the bell. I took out my wallet and removed all my credit cards and left 200 pounds in it and the door opened. The tall man opened the door. He looked at me and smiled as I explained that I was traveling in the bus with him when I saw his wallet drop from his pants and that I had come to give it back to him. The woman appeared and she had changed into a sleeveless blouse. I gaped at her as I saw her bushy armpits in all its glory. Though her arms were not lifted the heavy bush of hair in her hairy armpits were clearly visible. It was a thick jungle of bushy hair and my cock really bulged against my trousers. The man smilingly said, “Martha, this young man has come to give me my wallet”. She replied, “John that is not yours is it?” She reached out to take the wallet and her arms bent and I gasped at the richness of the gleaming jet-black hair in her luxuriant armpits. Precum was oozing out of my pants and a dark spot was showing on my light brown trousers. “Sorry young man that wallet is not mine you must have made a mistake or has he made a mistake Martha look at his erection”. Boy was I surprised. Martha moved forward and rubbed her fingers on the outside of my pants as I inhaled the sexy aroma emanating from her unshaven armpits.

She then leaned forward letting her big tits hangover. I was in a spell what with the big 44inch breasts before me and the amazingly bushy armpits. I began to knead and pinch them. She could feel my throbbing erection through my pants. I brushed it against her every chance I got.”Go shower, John ” she whispered to her husband and I´ll be waiting in my room for you.

I peeled off my trousers and took out my throbbing cock. I held it in my hand and pointed it at her. “I just love the amount of jet-black hair you have in your unshaven pits,” I said. Martha replied “Young man I haven´t shaved my pits for 25 years it´s so long that it is more than six inches long when it hangs down. John loves my bushy armpits” It was something I could not dispute seeing how furry her underarms were. Though she was quite old almost double my age her armpit hair was still jet-black and though coarse it was too sexy and erotic for me.

Meanwhile, Martha was kissing me deeper and deeper. She was a very passionate kisser and I was getting so hard, my cock began to really throb. It almost hurt. I wanted to kiss her unshaven armpits but as she kissed me I shoved my hands into her untrimmed underarms. She removed her skirt and gave me a glimpse of her pussy. It was very hairy and wet.

Then John strode in totally naked. He was I could see in his late fifties but I couldn´t believe what I saw. I thought no man could be built like that. As I sat down next to him, I thought I´d just glance down at it and see if it was really what I´d thought. I glanced quickly down next to me. It was! The bulbous head stuck out and it must have been at least 12 inches long.

I found myself staring at it. Then, as if waking from a trance, I pulled my eyes from it to look back at John. He had a big smile on his face. His arms spread over the back of the couch. I saw that she had put her hands and was trying to wrap itself around a club to big for its fingers to encircle and then she started to stroke at the massive cock.

“Well young man has she done this to you too or have you just been staring at the heavy pelt of jet-black hair in her bushy pits. I, too was taken in by the huge quantities of shaggy hair in her unshorn armpits but I am now used to the unusually hairy underarms” Big John said as his wife Martha lowered herself and took the tip of his huge meat into her hot and waiting mouth. I was hoping she would suck my swollen prick but I was not as big or thick as Big John. I moved towards her and I groaned as she tongued my hard penis as she returned to suck at the large helmet of John´s weapon.

She got on her knees and he held up his dick for her. She greedily put her hands around his monster and held it steady to give her lips a chance to suck down on it. Saliva was running down from where she licked the tip and middle. She struggled to get him all in her mouth, but he was just too big and she had to settle for about nine inches.

John motioned for me to come around behind Martha and fuck her. I entered Martha, slowly lowering myself until my shaft was all the way inside. I held onto both of her bushy armpits feeling the hard coarse fur in her unshaven pits and got a good grip of her long bushy armpit hair as I started to pump in and out of her. I had a good view of her firm little behind as it bobbed up and down with my thrusting and with the head she was still giving to Big John´s mighty prick.

“Just don´t come inside me, okay darling?” said Martha, taking John´s distended member out of her mouth just long enough.”You want to switch with me, partner?” John asked me as I let go of the bushy hair in her unshaven pits as I went around and put my cock into her mouth. “Raise your arms Martha, I want to see that enormous bush in your unshaven pits. So much hair hat a jungle you have in your hairy armpits” I moaned as she raised her arms to give me a frontal view of her luxuriant armpits. When John finally entered Martha I could feel her shudder. She was about to climax as she went to work on my penis, deep throating me easily especially having sucked on the well-hung meat of John. I could feel her start to suck the semen up from my balls and down the shaft of my penis. I threw my head back and moaned deeply. “Aaaaaahhhhhh I want to cum in your mouth hairy Martha” I said and before she could answer the first jet stream of cum had erupted from the tip of my penis into the back of her mouth. Right at that moment John pulled out of her and a huge gob of come shot out of his cock and over her hairy pussy. The jet-black hair at the juncture of her thighs was streaked with his spending cum.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and rubbed it in her hairy armpits. The shaggy hair in her furry underarms was coarse and stung my semi hard penis as it disappeared in the luscious carpet in her hairy pits. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of my cock rubbing the heavy pelt in her underarms. “MY POLE WAS IN POSITION IN HER PITS”

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