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How I became a call girl


It all started when my son was boy and his father was never home and I had no money for food or anything. So one day I want to a friends house and I told her what was going on.He had money for his drugs and nothing for me or our son. I needed to do something to put food on the table.

And she’d told me about becoming a call girl. So I called the phone line’s where girls talk for free and guy’s pay to talk to us. And I was on the phone for ten minutes and then a guy wanted to talk to me so we talked and I told him what I was looking for and he agreed to meet me and pick me up and take me to a hotel. So I told my girlfriend and she agreed to watch my son and I will be gone for about an hour.

So the guy picked me up and we drove to the room. We got out and he gave me the five hundred dollars. Then once inside the room,we got undressed and he ate my pussy until I came and I was giving him head. He got real hard in my mouth. I was really turned on. He told me to get on my hands and knees now. He stick his nine inch cock into my waiting hole.

He fucked me for a good five minutes and he pulled out and told me to get on top so I could ride him and this way he could watch me cum again and he would love to cum deep inside of me and I wanted to say no but I was there to do as he said. So he was fucking me and I was cumming for the 5th time and he was about to cum in me when he told me to get off of him so he could doggie me again and cum in me this way. I said fine.

Boy did he shoot alot of cum in me. Once he was done I jumped into the shower to wash him off of me and to get out what I could of his cum. When I was done he drove me to my girlfriends house. I made more calls and I told the guys who was talking to me I have a place only for blow jobs. So I told 3 guys where to go and it would be one hundred for my time.And my time was half an hour.

So they agreed to it. So I blew 3 guys with in fifteen minutes apart. And I made money to feed us for a week. I never knew how easy that kind of work was. I kept it up for six years until I finally found my mister right.

So, what do you think ?

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