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Jill and two jocks


Even before we were married I thought it would be neat to get Jill into swinging. She was a hot chick, and loved sex, and for someone so young was very inventive and adventuresome. We had actually met through an on-line dating site which also carried ads for couples etc., So we both knew that there were many millions of couples in the world who were into the swinging thing. But we both used the site because neither of us liked drinking, bars, or the kind of person you commonly met there. And in the end we were perfectly matched. Our hang out was the gym, and we played on the track, and we liked to know first hand what was in the food we ate.

Aside from that, I had an active sex life, just not with the kind of girls I would care to live with. Jill’s only experience hadn’t been a good one. She was too young, so was the guy, and all she got out of it was pain. When I was able to show her how much fun sex could be, she thought I was god. This is okay, but I knew I wasn’t , and I wanted to show her there was more to the world than me. Maybe I’m a bit of a pervert, too. At least I’m voyeuristic, and maybe a bit of an exhibitionist, and I have always got a charge out of taking a less than perfect girl and blowing her mind with some wild sex. Bit of a show-off, I guess.

I guess too, I wanted to show off Jill. She was so lean and fit you couldn’t tell it when she was dressed, but she was kick-butt gorgeous stripped for action. She knew I liked to look at the swinging sites, but I didn’t push. How do you tell the girl you worship that you want her to fuck other men? Even worse that you would like to fuck other girls. You might get your wish, but without number one girl. So I played it cool for a couple years, thinking it would turn into fifty years, which looking at Jill wasn’t really bad. If I found a really hot picture of group sex I might print it up and leave it on her pillow, but I never treated it as anything but a joke.

Running calls for very specific weight training, and our gym work involved some esoteric exercises which set us apart from the grunts that most people associated with the weight room. Our program had piqued the interest of Sam, who was there to stay in shape for cycling in the summer, but had no clue of actually aiming workouts toward a goal. We gradually changed that, and he began reading up on what he should be doing specific to his sport. He didn’t do our kind of workout as a result, but we did get to be friends, and we tried to be in the gym at the same time. We also met Sam’s wife, Judy. Judy was cute, but not dedicated to fitness. Nice lines, but more soft and cuddly than high octane like Jill.

My story begins with Judy having to go away. Her mother was a new widow and was having trouble learning to cope. She had relied too much on Judy’s dad to run her life outside her kitchen, and now Judy was going to have to teach her self-reliance. They hoped it would take only a couple weeks, but Judy was happy that Sam had us to maybe spend some of his time with.

“If you could just see that his socks match, Jill. He just doesn’t see the importance of things like that. I know he’ll eat and exercise, but he needs a woman to actually run his life. He’s as helpless as Mom outside her kitchen.” Jill was talking to us on the way to the airport. Sam was at work and we had volunteered to drive her so he didn’t have to book off.
“What else can Jill do for Sam? Name it and she’ll be happy to do it.” I gave my most wicked leer at Judy over my shoulder. Jill poked me in the ribs
“You be careful what you say, Mike. Sam is as perverted as you, and I know he looks at Jill.” There was a thoughtful pause from the back seat, and I thought the exchange was over, “But if you want to, Jill, be my guest. Sam would love it, and it would teach Mike a lesson.”

It should have been a good laugh, but it was more like a nervous giggle. Jill knew me, but neither of us could tell how serious Judy was, and Judy didn’t really know if she should have made the proposal. Anyway, we got her away, and drove home. Nothing more was said. I didn’t want to sound like I was pushing an idea, and I didn’t know what Jill as thinking. We didn’t see Sam that day, but he called to thank us, and said he would see us at the gym tomorrow night…The only mention of it came after some very nice sex and we were sleepily cuddling.
“I wonder what Sam is doing,” said Jill.
“Probably wishing he was with you,” I answered. “Wouldn’t you like Judy to know He’s being well cared for?’
“Not that, you maniac. She’s only been gone a day. His tongue can’t be hanging out yet”
“You’re cooking for him day after tomorrow. I bet by then it will be. He’s a healthy young boy.” I massaged her right breast with my tongue.
Jill squeezed my face into her breast, “You just be careful what you wish for, bucko. I’m not sure Judy was fooling about taking care of him, you know.”
“Well, if she was, the joke would be on her, wouldn’t it?” and I nipped a nipple and turned over to let her mull her thoughts.

The workout next day was normal enough. Our weights were heavy, so we had to time our rests between sets and we had time to talk and watch each other pump iron. I was used to noticing how Sam watched Jill, because he really appreciated how nice a body she had. He was crazy about Judy, but hard muscles have a special pull. But I thought that now Jill was looking at him in a different way. Couldn’t be sure, and I told myself to quit dreaming. Sam was coming to dinner next day, but as it happened we hadn’t eaten yet, and he talked of fast food, which we just couldn’t allow, so he ended up back home with us.

While Jill fired up the steamer, Sam showered and put on some old sweats of mine. Then we showered while dinner cooked itself. I put on sweats to, and Jill pulled on a big flannelette pullover nightie that came right to the floor and she felt secure and warm in. I guess we would have been a pretty motley crew around the table to a stranger. But we were at home, the food was good, and we even had some wine. We weren’t teetotallers, we just didn’t like making it part of our lives. Jill was funny about a man in her kitchen, so Sam and I were chased out while she loaded the dishwasher. We had a basketball game on by the time she joined us, and she had to sit between us on the sectional if she wanted to watch.

It was a nice arrangement. The game was dull, or we were all thinking of something else, because the TV became background noise as we talked and sipped the last of the wine. Jill had leaned her back against me so she didn’t have to watch the screen, and her feet were gathered under her. This was okay until her foot cramped and she had to straightened her legs. Then Sam seized the opportunity to grab her feet and massage them. After the shock of being touched by Sam, Jill relaxed and enjoyed the attention of me rubbing her neck and temples and Sam working on her feet and ankles.

“Ummm, you guys are good,” Jill said dreamily after a few minutes of this, “You sure know how to take care of a girl.”
“This isn’t right,” I said, “Judy asked you to take care of Sam, not the other way around.”
“Did she?’ joked Sam, “Isn’t she an angel? Did you say you would, Jill?”
Jill fidgeted, trying for an answer that wouldn’t sound like a put down. “What are your needs, Sam?’
Sam shrugged, “Oh nothing special,,,,Nothing that Judy wouldn’t do for me.”
I laughed, “Is there anything Judy wouldn’t do for you?”
Sam grimaced wryly, “Weeeelll, no.” and lifted Jill’s foot to bite her toes.

Jill could only giggle, “You guys, you watch yourself. Your both playing with fire. Besides, I might be like stale potatoes after Judy.”
Jill had raised her arms over her head to grasp my ears, and I thought, what the heck, lets have some fun. I reached down and pulled Jill’s cavernous nightie over her face, exposing her breasts to Sam. It was over my face too, but by the time Jill pushed it back down I was rewarded with a frank look of awe on Sam’s face
“Wow, Jill, do you ever have a body! Why don’t you wear spandex? You’re cheating the world of being a happier place.”
If Jill was upset with me, she forgot it under the barrage of admiration from Sam. She had only managed to get the hem back to her knees, and her calves crossed and writhed in her pleased embarrassment.
“The sort of body that shouldn’t be hidden?” I teased.
“Exactly the kind of body that should not be hidden, “ Sam said soberly, then with a sly smile, “At least not from me.”

Jill met his gaze, her tongue nervously playing between her lips. She felt me slowly drawing up her hem again, and made no move to stop me until most of her thighs were exposed, then she started and gasped, “Mike, I forgot. I never put panties on.”
I sucked in breath, “Oooh, Sam, you really got flashed, didn’t you?”
Sam grinned, “Yes, thank you both, I sure did. But only once?”
I nuzzled Jill’s ear, “Judy did ask you to take car of Sam for her. We seem to have found one of his needs.”

Jill turned her face to look at me, and I smiled at her, gave her a little kiss. She smiled nervously, and kissed me again, only deeper, and made no resistance as I drew her nighty up over breasts again. When we broke, she let me lift it over her head and she sat naked between us. Sam’s hands hadn’t got higher than her knees, but his eyes were hungry as he stared at her body. Jill soaked it up for a minute, then pointed out that she was the only naked one. With guilty starts we both jumped up and quickly peeled off. Sam was a bit bashful about his boner, and tried to get back to his seat quickly, but Jill playfully pulled him back to his feet and held both his hands while she looked him over thoroughly.

“Now we’re on a level playing field, “ she said at length. “Nice legs,”
“Nice tummy, “said Sam.
“Yours is really ripped, very nice.”
“Gorgeous tits, can I call them tits?”
“Very, very nice penis. Can I call him a cock?”
“May I touch them?”
“May I touch him?”
They stood like this exploring each others’ bodies for minutes, while I watched fascinated. I didn’t want to rush things at all, but at the same time I didn’t want the moment to be lost. I finally cleared my throat, “It might be appropriate if you kissed.”

Sam was eager to comply, but Jill looked levelly at me, “Right now we’re just two good friends looking at each other’s bods. If we kiss, it could be construed as intention to carry it further”
I grinned, “Just so there is no misunderstanding then, before you kiss him, you should ask Sam if he would like to fuck you.”
“Would you like to fuck me, Sam?”

Sam was suddenly bashful with the question, and could only nod..”You may kiss your conquest. What Mike hath joined together, let only a cum split asunder.”
They kissed then, but only for a minute, then Jill pulled Sam back to the couch and me. She was very excited, as was Sam, but she wanted to include me. She took time to kiss me, then turned her full attention to Sam, grinding her body into his, kissing up and down his body as he did the same to her. They were both panting by now, and Jill’s eyes were glazed. At one point Jill put his cock in her mouth and Sam could only smile over at me. Then Jill suddenly decided she need to fuck. She had decided that the way she wanted it was sitting on my lap, spread out over my legs, as if I were presenting her cunt to Sam. It was very symbolic, but not really workable. So she knelt in front of me, took my cock in her mouth, and presented her bum to Sam. Then, before he could move into position, she changed her mind, and grabbed Sam to run down the hall with him.

“Sorry, Mike, I wanted you to be part of it, but I want this first time to be perfect, and I want to see Sam when his cock goes in me. Are you okay with just watching? Just be close enough to touch.” She had sprawled on our bed, her legs spread wide, arms and legs reaching for Sam imploringly.

Sam looked at me with his eyebrows raised, and I nodded emphatically. Then he didn’t look at me again. He kneeled between Jill’s legs, rubbing her thighs, hips, bush, tummy and breasts, territory he had covered before, but this time with more meaning. Jill looked only at his cock, straight as an arrow instead of curved up like mine. I am longer, but Sam has thickness on me, at least at the base, and I was hungry to see how Jill liked it. Sam lay on Jill and they kissed, long and gently, then he raised his pelvis to make room for her hands and their eyes locked as she guided him in and he slowly pushed into her. They still held each other’s eyes as they lay quietly feeling each other. A twitch would elicit a jump. I could see Jill”s tummy working as she squeezed Sam’s cock, and Sam’s ass would contract as he made his cock jump inside her.
“Fuck me , Sam. Let me take care of you, but take care of me too. Fuck me, Sam…..Saaam..”“ Her voice became ragged as Sam started fucking into her. He still supported his weight on his elbows, and her back was off the bed as she lifted against him. Then she was being pressed into the mattress and her voice was muffled into moans and whines as Sam’s tongue filled her mouth. He too was grunting as his thrusts became harder and harder, and it was plain this first union was going to be short and very, very sweet. Jill had levelled after her first cum, but was still frantic for more. Sam was trying to regulate himself, but the feelings were too great to let go. Suddenly, he lifted to look Jill in the eyes again. As her wide eyes focussed, I could hear him ask Jill if he could cum in her.
“OH, god, Sam, cum in me, fill me, fuck me full!!” Jill was cumming again as Sam stiffened. Every muscle on both bodies stood out in sharp relief as Sam raised himself on his hands and arched back as he pumped his cum into Jill. Jill threw her arms over her head and flailed her face side to side as the orgasm continued. She could feel the juices being pumped into her, and she wrapped her legs over Sam’s back to pull him even deeper into her. Her legs were still wrapped when Sam could fuck no more. As his breath into her neck became less ragged, she slowly let her legs down. She looked fondly over at me and stretched legs and arms out luxuriously

“God, Mike, when you said I might like to fuck a strange man, you never said it would be this good.”
Sam raised his head at this, “We had some friends who wanted to get us in bed, and I would have, but he had a beer gut, and Judy just wasn’t turned on. Didn’t really blame her. The girl would have been nice, though”
Jill and I exchanged a thoughtful glance.

Then Jill whispered something softly to Sam, and he nodded quickly and lifted off her. “Quick, Mike. I want you right now. I still have a cum or two left, and I want them from you. Think of it,” she whispered as I shlupped in, “ as re-establishing your territory.”

“I’m in your territory with your permission, just like Sam was. But god, honey, you’re hot. And I’m hot. That was the horniest thing I ever saw. I might not last a whole long time. Can your cunt hold more cum?” I had already lost control as the tickles built, then various nerves fired, not always in synch, then they were in synch. And Jill was in synch with me as she felt my cum, and she laughed out loud at what she could do to men and how much she loved doing it, and loved her more than ever for being such a woman, her woman, not my woman. Oh, okay, my woman most of the time, but her woman all the time.
“Are you taken care of, Sam?” I asked after a while. Jill was sprawled between us, a leg thrown over each. I could see a tuft of tissue over her pussy. It was too late to make a dash to the bathroom meaningful.

Sam grunted something that sounded affirmative from his torpor, then half rolled to face us, “Was this in the works when I came over tonight?”
Jill looked archly at me. I shook my head. “It was better than I could have set it up. How about you, Jill? Did you engineer it? You with the no panties?”
“No, really, I just didn’t see the need for them, honest” She looked from one to the other. “You believe me , don’t you?”
Sam smiled, “ I believe anything you could say. I believe I’m hard again. Would you like to sit on something hard?”
“Why yes, thank you sir, that would be lovely,”

Then I was watching as her bum hovered over Sam’s new boner. As she spread wide to straddle him, a bit more cum trickled from her pussy, then more as her lips opened to let his cock slip in. AS she began riding it up and down, I put a hand on her bum, pretending to help her stroke him, and she looked back at me with an impish smile. This was even better this time. Both had lots of time to really feel the newness of the other without being under the cornice of an orgasm waiting to engulf them. Both contributed to the action, and the strokes were measured and meaningful. Sometimes Jill would go down to kiss him, and the kiss would be tender and gentle and loving, then she might tease him with her tits, and he would strain up to catch a nipple, or suck a whole tit into his mouth. Sometimes Jill would reach for me, and I would have to give up my watch station and go up to kiss her and tell her what a woman she was.

Then as she was kissing Sam, she tightened, and Sam responded by quickening the pace and strength of his thrusts, then Jill was sitting straight up, grinding down on Sam, not bouncing, jus t frantically rocking her pelvis, her hands clawing his chest muscles. She relaxed, and I thought she was coming down, then she began again, and held on to another climax. As she slumped forward onto Sam, he picked up the stroke again, and now I could see his cock as it pounded into her. He was dripping with cum, and even as I watched more made its way by his ram, and he was telling Jill how much he loved fucking her and what a wonderful cunt she had and how high she took him. When Jill finally slumped forward onto his chest, the cock that slid out was only at half-mast.

Jill, after just a moment’s breather, smiled invitingly back at me, and lifted her bum a bit. She was still spread over Sam, and with a nudge he obligingly brought his legs together to I also could straddle them and stick my cock into Jill. Jill crooned to her men as I warmed slowly to my pleasure. Her cunt was very wet, but still elastic, and I could feel her wonderful muscles working on my cock. She told us of how she had thought of times like this when I had made improper suggestions to her in the past. But never dreamed that reality could match the fantasy.
“You know what?”, she had her face buried in Sam.’s neck.
“What?” Sam and I said together.
“I want to fuck Sam with Mike fucking Judy right beside us. I want to hear Mike cumming in Judy and Judy begging for more and I want Sam to hear it with me. So there.”
“Oh, do it, guys. You’d love Judy’s pussy, Mike. She cums just as hard as Jill, well, almost anyway, and she’s really hot, and oh so soft in all the right places. And she’s shaved, Mike…..”and I didn’t hear much more as my imagination and Jill’s cunt took me over and I thought of cumming in Judy, and I realized Jill was cumming on my cock as she kissed Sam and then I thought nothing as I rode the wave. Then I was spent, as we all were.

Sam came to dinner as scheduled the following evening. I would like to say we fucked, but we didn’t. Its not we were shy, or remorseful. We were a bit tired yet, at least not with our tongues hanging out, but I think we had the mind set to save round two for when Judy got back. Never happened, of course. She was going to be gone as much as a couple weeks, and the very next day as we worked out together, we exchanged looks and knew our workout might be a bit short. Half an hour later we were fucking again, even without showering. I fucked Jill from behind while she sucked Sam sitting on the couch, then we traded places, and traded again. We made Jill stretch her wonderful legs to ears and guess which cock was sliding in. Couldn’t fool her, but she loved us trying. Sam suggested shaving Jill, but she had tried it once, and any stubble that was missed really snagged in her running shorts and took the romance out. Sorry, guys.

So it went. Then two days later when I came home from work, Jill was already there, and she had Judy with her. Judy had been melting down at her mother’s, and the old dear was clever enough to see that she could cope alone better than Judy could cope without Sam. Sam was out of town for the day, so Jill had got the call to pick her up at the airport, and a message had been left at her house for Sam to dome here. Judy I think wanted to be at home for Sam, but she felt she owed us. I guess.

Sam came in expectantly. He hadn’t known if we wanted to fuck tonight or not, and it was Jill who had recorded the message. So he was totally blown away to be met at the door by a tearful Judy. They had talked just last night and she still didn’t know how long she might be, but it was after that she had melted down and her mother had shipped her off on the first flight.
‘You took good car of the boy?” Judy asked me, after things had settled and we were talking rationally.
“Well, no,” I admitted, “ But Jill did.”
Judy snorted coffee, then smirked at me, “Yeah, right. If I thought Jill would….you know, take care of Sam,,,,I still would have come home. So tell me Jill, just how did you take care of Sam?”
“I checked his socks every day.”
“That’s all you asked me to do.”
“That’s true. Its just the way Mike said that, that I thought….well…you know”

Jill said brightly, “ The boys played a new game with me. Would you like to play it?”
Judy studied Jill’s face, “Are you leading me on? Are you teasing me? I’m on melt-down mode, remember.”
“For real, promise” Jill took her hands and locked eyes with her., “I played it, and it was the most fun I ever had. It would be even more fun if you played it with us. Will you? We promise you’ll love it.”
Trudy still looked suspicious, “You’re going to play too? How do we start?”
“You sit naked on the edge of the couch with your legs really wide and eyes closed, and guess whose cock is in you.”

Judy’s eyes had grown wider and wider as Jill talked, but she was smiling as she asked softly, “And whose cock was it?”
With her best smug smile, “Which time?”
Judy sucked in her breath, “Wow, that’s a good game.” She looked at her husband as he came to her and circled her waist from behind, cupping her breasts, “ When does it start?”
I sandwiched her between me and Sam, and traced my finger around her scoop neck, over her ample mounds, “How much clothes have you got on?”
Her breath was quick, “How are you with snaps?”
I kissed her then, and the others put the game on hold while we did, and when we looked they were kissing too, so we did again, this time more thoroughly.
“But I still want to play.” Judy said softly, “Okay?”

So we did. We all got naked right there. I helped with a snap or two, but mainly I was too slow, and I had to hustle with my own clothes. I had a glimpse of a nice pink body with no pussy hair, then I had to quickly find a couple pillow slips for the girls’ heads. Judy wasn’t as racing fit as Jill, but she was super flexible, and both girls had an end of the couch with legs open and back to their ears. Both had slips over their heads, one had a bare pussy, both pussy’s glistened with moister and anticipation.
“Don’t be too long,” one said, and the other giggled.
So the first time I touched Judy was to put my cock to her cunt and work it slowly in. Sam was in Jill too, and Jill asked Judy who she thought she had. Judy was breathing very heavy, and asked for a couple strokes to help her decide, and I thought that was fair.
“So which one, girl?” coaxed Jill.
“If I guess, do I get to keep it in?” Judy panted, “I don’t want it out, not even for a minute.”

And then she was beyond guessing. She was cumming, and I imagine she heard Sam chuckle at Jill’s hectoring, so she knew where he was, and she knew where I was, and it was just where she wanted me, and I was getting happier every stroke to be there and it was so neat hearing my angel cumming on a strange cock while I fucked this wild vixen. The slip came off both girls and Judy watched Sam lift little Jill and lay on the floor with her sitting on him. She could see his cock in her, and when I pushed her so she was laying on the couch and I was on her, she still held that sight as she bucked while I fucked, and then she was cumming again, and Jill heard and came, and then both us guys could hold our no longer.

There was a long quiet. Someone said, “Welcome home.” I think it was me. Sometime later Judy said, “ thank you”. Then, “I knew it was going to be you, you know. I wasn’t born yesterday.” A bit later, “I could feel the difference anyway. How did Jill do? How did you get her to play, anyway?

The story got pieced together. There was no need to gloss over anything, was there? Sam took Judy home soon after. They still had some private fucking to do, and we celebrated with a quiet fuck of our own. I don’t know if Jill really wanted two guys to herself for the full two weeks. This was much better. We only have a group fuck a couple times a month now. Okay, a bit more as the mood hits, but we only schedule it a couple times a month. Works out to be on the average, twice every nine days, but nominally twice a month. Whenever we fucking feel like it, which is often.

Judy had started cycling and goes out with Sam once a week with a club, and they’ve met a couple they both like who might be fun, and they wonder if we might like to help in the seduction. It’s a thought. We know if they like them, we would. I don’t see the poor pigeons having much chance against our two vixens.:)

So, what do you think ?

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