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Four guards stood clad in leather and weapons outside the dungeon cell. Amelia swallowed as she was escorted down the rest of the stairs. One of the guards produced a key and unlocked the door. She was pushed inside. The door slammed closed behind her and she heard the key turn.

Her eyes swung around the cell as she wrinkled her nose. It smelled damp, though it was made of stone, and urine. She was glad to see there were no other prisoners there beside her. Only a tall, long table. What the hell was that for? It was nearly as tall as she was.

She picked out a dry area on the hard floor and sank down. She pulled her knees up under her chin. She was going to the gallows. Her uncle had warned it would happen if she were ever caught stealing vegetables from the King’s Garden. But her brother was hungry and she was given little choice when her uncle drank himself so that he could not find work. So, she’d stolen again, just enough to feed them but was spotted by one of the court maids.

Nicolette. Amelia frowned even as she thought of the spoiled young maid. Nicolette had always been looking at her. Watching her as if she expected her to step out of line. And Amelia had given her exactly what she wanted. Nicolette had pounced at the opportunity to have her locked up.

“Miss.” One of the guard’s deep voice called.

“Open the door.”

Amelia groaned. Think of the devil and the nymph shall appear. She rose from the floor as the heavy door swung open.

Nicolette DeLareat was beautiful. Long, straight blonde hair, ivory complexion, slim and well garbed. Amelia bet her smooth hands had never done a days work in her life. And why should she? She was the King’s favorite.

“What do you want?” Amelia snapped.

“To help you.” Nicolette answered, seeming unfazed by Amelia’s tone.

“Help? You’ve helped me enough as it is. Thank you but no thank you.” Amelia nearly laughed.

“You will go to the gallows you know. Thieves are hung.” Nicolette folded her arms across her breasts when Amelia said nothing. “I haven’t told the King that you are here yet.”

Amelia stared at her evenly. “What do you mean?”

“He cannot sentence you unless I tell him you were discovered stealing from him.” Nicolette stepped farther into the cell, glancing around with much the same expression that Amelia had first shown.

“Why haven’t you told him?” Amelia asked cautiously.

“I want something from you, Amelia. You do it for me and I will tell the guards to let you go…that there was a mistake. The king never has to know you were here.” Her eyes narrowed when Amelia said nothing. “Think of your uncle and your brother. What would they do if you were hanged? Your uncle would drink himself to death and your brother would starve.”

“Heartless bitch.” Amelia growled beneath her breath and Nicolette raised one perfectly shaped brow.

“You do have a choice.”

“What do you want me to do?”

Amelia stared at the four guards. The dim light from the torches that burned in the center of the far wall cast a smoky glow. Their gazes swept over her hungrily as the five of them waited for Nicolette to join them.

This was ridiculous, Amelia thought to herself. Waiting in the middle of the night to do this sinful thing just to amuse some spoiled little bitch. But Amelia had to admit she was slightly turned on by the proposition Nicolette had made.

Amelia was no virgin. She’d been with men before. But this was something she’d never even imagined before.

Nicolette’s light footsteps could be heard padding down the stone stairs and Amelia breathed out a breath she didn’t even know she’d been holding. The door opened and as the woman slipped into the cell.
“Go ahead and undress, Amelia. I’ve wanted to see you naked since the day I saw you.” Nicolette wasted no time but Amelia’s eyes dropped and narrowed on the thin wooden rod she held.

“What is that for?”

Nicolette smiled coyly. “Undress or don’t, Amelia. It’s your decision.” Amelia pressed her lips and began unbuttoning the bodice of her simple dress. She had no bloomers or stockings. They couldn’t afford them. Just a dress and a shift that she was almost too small for her.

When she stood naked in front of them Nicolette smiled approvingly. “Now turn around and bend over far enough that you can touch the floor.” Amelia glared at her, then slowly did as she was told. “Widen your stance.” Amelia slid her feet apart, feeling a bit of excitement of being so exposed to the men who still stood silently in a row.

Amelia jumped when the rod slapped against her ass. It didn’t hurt really, just caught her by surprise. It slapped again, a bit harder. Amelia sucked in her breath when it snapped a third time. Nicolette had left a sting.

“Do you boys like that?” Nicolette asked from behind her. All four of the men affirmed that they did.

“Want to see some more?” Again, they answered ‘yes’.

Amelia braced herself this time but was surprised again, when it was Nicolette’s smooth palm that slapped against her ass cheek. It made a slow circle around the crescent of her ass then smarted again. Amelia felt her body reacting to the woman’s touch. Her nipples hardened and a bit of tension knotted in her stomach. When Nicolette’s soft spanking moved lowered, popping against the lips of her pussy, Amelia moaned softly.

“Stand up.”

Amelia did as she was commanded and turned to face them. Her breath caught when she saw that the men had exposed themselves and their cocks stood out rigidly from their bodies.

“Do you know what’s going to happen now?” Nicolette purred, running her hand down Amelia’s back. Amelia shook her head. “You are going to take them into your mouth, one at a time. And you are going to swallow whatever they give you. Have you ever done that kind of thing before?”

Amelia slanted her eyes at Nicolette who in turn laughed. “Good. Then you know what to do. Did you like it?”

Amelia didn’t know how to answer that. She’d only sucked on one man before and she’d found she liked it a lot. She’d wanted to do it again but how do you approach someone with that kind of request?

“You did didn’t you?” Nicolette stroked her back again. “It’s good that you liked it. I like it too. But tonight I’m just going to watch you do it…four times. And you are going to do it just how they like it. Unless you want to stop now?”


“I’ll even let you choose which one you do first.” Nicolette smiled sweetly.

Amelia bit her lip, looking at each of the men, avoiding their faces completely. The first had a cock that was fatter than the others but the third was longer. The second looked about the same size of the man she’d serviced before but the fourth was considerably bigger than the rest.

After some consideration, she pointed at number two. He instantly stepped forward and Nicolette gave Amelia a pop on the ass, indicating she should get to it.

Kneeling before the man Amelia started to reach for him but then remembered Nicolette had said she was to do how they liked. So, she dropped her hand and waited.

“Lick it.” His voice was nearly a whisper of anticipation. “Don’t use your hands. Just your tongue.” Amelia planted her palms on her thighs, rose to her knees and stuck her tongue to the tip of his cock. She circled it slowly, and then slid down the length. His breath hitched as her tongue made her way back up the underside of his cock.

“Again.” He commanded so she obliged, repeating the same technique.

“Suck it.” His voice sounded strained and Amelia opened her mouth, finally looking up at his face as she slid her lips over the head. “Yes. Look at me while you do it.”

She met his gaze and tightened her lips. She sucked gently at first, sliding her mouth down his shaft, then gradually applied more pressure as she worked back up his length to the head.

“Again.” He told her, nodding as he spoke. She complied eagerly.

“Faster.” He told her as she reached his head again and pushed his cock towards her encouragingly. Amelia begin sucking him in and out of her mouth at a steady rhythm.

“Faster.” Heat veined through her as she quickened her pace. This was what she liked. The command a man held over her and the pleasure she knew her mouth was bringing. He suddenly grunted and jerked inside her mouth, filling it with his hot juices.

“Hold her.” Nicolette’s voice sounded and the man grasped her jaw firmly. “Swallow it, Amelia.” She obeyed happily. “Show me.” Amelia stuck out her tongue.

“Good. Now you.” Nicolette pointed to the man with the long cock.

Number two stepped back and number three took his place. Amelia waited.

“Suck my sac.” His voice held a bit more command, as if he knew exactly what he wanted her to do for him. Amelia nodded, grasped his cock and bent forward, tilting her head so she could easily reach his balls. She licked at them, enjoying the feel of the thin skin against her tongue.

“Suck em.” He repeated and Nicolette’s wooden rod snapped against Amelia’s ass making her pussy start to tingle. She opened her mouth and sucked his sac into her mouth, enjoying the sound of his groan. She rolled her tongue around him, tightening her lips slightly as she gently sucked.

His hand wrapped around hers and began pumping her fingers up and down over his cock. She continued when he released her. She kept her rhythm steady but quick, jerking him with every pull of her lips. She felt when his balls tightened and released him from her mouth.
“Open. Stick out your tongue,” he told her. “Jerk me into your mouth.” She worked him frantically, hungry for what he would give her. He leaned closer, pressing onto her tongue, then with a grunt released into her open mouth. He wrapped his fingers over hers again and made her continue working him until every last drop covered her tongue.

“Hold her.” Nicolette called again but Amelia swallowed it all and turned, sticking out her tongue. Nicolette smiled with approval and oddly; Amelia enjoyed her satisfaction with what she’d done.

“Can I touch myself?” Amelia asked.

“No.” Nicolette shook her head and Amelia nodded. Her pussy had started to burn for attention but she would do what Nicolette wanted.

“You.” Nicolette pointed the thin rod at number one. He moved forward eagerly.

“Suck the hell out of it.” He didn’t make Amelia wait, grinning down at her. Amelia opened her mouth wide to wrap around his fat cock.

“Suck it good now. Take it deep.” He told her and she tightened her lips, shoving him into her mouth so that his meat filled her. Then she worked her mouth over him, up and down, as deep as she could manage. She looked up at him to find him nodded.

“Play with my sac.” He told her and she lifted her hand to his balls, massaged them gently as she continued to suck on his fat cock. He jerked his hips forward and grunted when he managed to push himself deeper into her mouth. Amelia moaned softly. She liked it deep.

“You like it?” He rasped down at her. Amelia moaned again. She could tell he liked what she was doing. She worked him harder, watching his expression for approval.

“Come on.” He grunted and she tried to suck faster. “Come on.” Faster still, so that she slurped around the head before driving him back through her lips. “Come on, suck it if you like it.” Amelia’s head bobbed over him and she moaned as her she felt herself growing wet. She wanted more. His hand cupped her neck, stilling her as he shot his load into the back of her throat. His other hand instantly grasped her jaw.

“Was it good?” He grinned down at her. Amelia swallowed loudly and stuck out her tongue.

“Your turn.” Nicolette ordered and number one released her and moved aside for the fourth. Amelia’s eyes widened as she looked at the monster that hung in front of her. Thick, long, nested in coarse black hair. She licked her lips.

“Open your mouth.” His voice was thicker and vibrated down at her. She obeyed. “Wider.” She opened as wide as she could. Her pussy pulsed as she waited anxiously.

When his hand rested on the back of her head, her heart thumped wildly. He was going to do it. It’s what she had wanted to begin with. He guided his dick into her mouth, sliding it along her tongue. She relaxed her jaw and her lips closed over the bit of room his width allowed. He pushed deeper until she felt him bump the back of her throat.

“Slide down lower, chin up.” He commanded and she breathed excitedly through her nose as she slid her knees apart and tilted her head back. He took a small step forward and then guided the cock into her throat. Amelia gagged against him but he still pushed deeper.

“You want it?” He asked lowly and Amelia tried to nod, muffling a moan into him. He pushed a bit more then reached for her hand, wrapping her fingers around the base between him and her lips. Suddenly he drew back and thrust forward, bringing her head towards him as he did.

Amelia felt like her pussy was going to burn completely off. She tried to widen her mouth but he only gave her a moment to catch her breath between each thrust. When her eyes watered, he started to pull back but she rocked forward, indicating she didn’t want him to stop.

“She likes it, Alex. Give it to her.” Nicolette’s voice purred so she thrust again. She felt every vein burn against her tongue as he fucked her mouth. Reaching forward, she grasped his hips, trying to pull him deeper. He gagged but still she wanted it. Each shove into her throat and a moan followed his head to her lips. He quickened his strokes when his breath grew heavy and she pulled at him, wanting as much as her throat would allow.

“You like that big cock, don’t you Amelia?” Nicolette’s voice was right at her ear. “You can’t get enough can you?”
Amelia couldn’t answer. She just pulled at him harder. That’s how she liked it. Hard. Deep. And fast. He rammed into her repeatedly, each time filling her mouth with his heated flesh.

“Cum in her mouth, Alex. Give her what she wants.” Nicolette encouraged and Alex moaned lowly. He grasped her jaw, baring his teeth and drove his entire length into her throat, spilling his hot cum into her.

Amelia clamped her lips closed as he withdrew, gagging, but determined not to spill a drop. His fingers squeezed her jaw until she parted her lips.

“Drink it.” He breathed heavily down at her. She worked her throat, managing to swallow. His hand released her jaw and he stepped back from her.

“Did you like that, Amelia?” Nicolette drew her attention and Amelia nodded. “You did well. Are you hot?” Amelia nodded again, yearning to touch herself.

“Come here.” Amelia shivered at Nicolette’s words, praying she would give her some release from the painful tension that had built inside her cunt. “Now look at the guards.” She did and saw that they were all stroking themselves erect again. Amelia licked her lips.

“More?” She whispered.

“No. I am going to lick you now until I am satisfied.” Nicolette raised a brow sexily when Amelia said nothing. “Come on, guards, lift her up. I’m not about to soil my clothes on this filthy floor. Put her on the table.” Amelia’s breath caught as all four pairs of hands lifted her and then laid her flat, her pussy at Nicolette’s eye level.

Nicolette leaned forward and brushed her tongue against Amelia’s moist lips and Amelia sucked in her breath. Nicolette’s breath rushed over her and she shuddered, grasping the edges of the wood table on either side of her.

She licked again, that sweet tongue dancing over Amelia’s sensitive nub. Amelia whimpered. With two fingers, Nicolette parted her wet pussy lips and then began licking, flicking her tongue back and forth. Unbearable tension flared inside of Amelia and she looked around at the men. They stood two on each side, their cocks pumping in their hands. The tension tightened, threatened to break. She closed her eyes but could hear their flesh slapping as Nicolette lapped at her.

Amelia screamed as she came, writhing at the dark pleasure that exploded over her body. She opened her eyes as she felt all four men cum onto her breasts. That milky white juice only heightened her pleasure and she bucked beneath Nicolette’s mouth.

She collapsed when Nicolette released her and stepped back. Amelia looked down at her and then laughed huskily at the smug look of satisfaction on the woman’s beautiful, glistening face.

“Here.” She pulled a cloth from the pocket of her dress and handed it to Amelia. “Clean yourself off.” Amelia took the cloth with shaking hands and wiped herself clean.

“You can go. There is a basket at the door. Don’t forget it.” Nicolette’s eyes swung to the guards and she began unclasping her silk bodice.

Amelia quickly dressed, eyes following Nicolette’s hand as they slowly revealed the tops of her creamy, ivory breasts. The woman spoke without even looking at her.

“Go on, Amelia. I’ve got other things to do here.” Her voice was low and sensual. Amelia headed for the door. She’d completely forgotten the deal they’d made for her freedom. Just outside the door set a large basket of vegetables. Amelia nearly laughed aloud.

“And, Amelia?”

Amelia looked back over her shoulder, peeking the small pink nipples that Nicolette had exposed to the guards. “Come back if you get hungry.”

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