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Who is the boss now

It all started innocently enough I was a secretary at this big corporation, and my boss was very mean spirited and really did a number on my self-confidence. I searched around trying to find ways to build my self esteem and each time my boss would do something to push me back down this hurt my feelings a lot, my boss was a very attractive man that I had desired but he always made me feel like dirt. I was a very good looking woman but around him I always felt like the ugly stepsister. Anyway I finally went in for hypnosis and wow what a change in my life, but let me start at the beginning.

I went to this hypnotist and when he was done I was really feeling good about myself about being a strong woman in a beautiful body, and I thanked this man by giving him the blow job of his life. Now I would not normally do that but I had other motives behind just thanking him I wanted to learn how to do it, and he taught me everything he knew.

One day I came into work and my boss was being the same jerk he always was, he made some comment about my short skirt and how he could see me garter belt, that I looked like a slut and he liked his secretarys looking that way. He never even noticed the little pill I dropped in his morning coffee. I gave it about a half an hour and when I went back into his office he was much more receptive to my words and suggestions. I put him under quite easily. I then started making some suggestions about how he was to act around me and how he would do whatever I asked him to do when we were alone in the office and that he would never remember any of it. I figured he was now my play toy and I was going to play with him in away that though he would not remember but would certainly be confused about what was going on.

I told him to take pull his pants down and bend over the desk, at which time I proceeded to give him the spanking he truly deserved when I was done with him he had welts all over his ass and he never screamed or cried once since I told him he was not aloud to make a sound such a good boss. I told him to pull his pants up and to not notice the pain that came from his ass the rest of the day but as soon as he got home to his apartment he would feel all the pain that he wasn’t aloud to show now.

All day long he kept rubbing his ass cheeks when I saw him the hallway, I would have loved to see his expression on his face when he got home that night.

You could tell he was a little frazzled when he came into work the next day.

And that was only the beginning of my fun……..

I had gone shopping that day and bought some new toys to play with at work little did he know what he had gotten himself into.

The next day I went into the office and he immediately seeing that we were alone took on the posture of someone ready to do my bidding I never even had to say a word. I told him to drop his pants and he did so immediately I saw he still had marks on his ass from the day before. This time I whispered I was going to put a butt plug up his ass to loosen him up for a strap on, I put some lubricant on his anus and took out what I thought may be to big for him to handle and started to work it in, it wasn’t easy getting this into his ass I really had to push it hard but to see this mans asshole stretched so wide was very hot, so hot that I told him to turn around and go down his knees and give my pussy a good licking and boy did he ever I think I came twice in about five minutes my pussy was so hot and wet I had to change my panties twice that day. But he worked all day with that big butt plug up his ass it was fun watching him squirm in the chairs at the meetings throughout the day he just couldn’t seem to get comfortable in his chair. Right before he left for the day I asked to speak to him alone he almost didn’t want to because he was just not feeling right finally I got him alone and was able to remove the butt plug so he wouldn’t find it when he got home.

Day Three

Now it was time to really fuck with his head after I came into the office and had him eat me out until I came atleast twice I told him to stand up and I proceeded to shave off his pubic hair all of it till he was clean as a baby. Just because I felt like it I took his cock into my mouth and sucked him off, then with a mouth full of his cum I proceeded to French kiss him making sure he took his whole load and swallowed it.

Day four

He came in to work very much in a hurry and called me in right away, he started to tell me that some strange things were happening to him but when he turned around to look at me he became silent. I took his cock out and I milked him and he had quite a load I made him lick it up out of my hand. Next I told him to lay down and I sat on his face and he tongued me good and then just for the fun of it I scooted down and had him stick his tongue in my ass and he cleaned me good his tongue actually entered my ass as I rubbed my clit. Seeing as he had been so good to me today I left him with instructions that he was to masturbate every half an hour and to cum in his hand and lick it up, and one last thing was that he was not aloud to use his private bathroom, that was now mine he was to jerk off in the public bathroom.

It was fun watching him every half an hour coming out of his office and practically running to the bathroom one time he came back and he still had some cum on his lip it was almost too much.

Day five
Today I brought the strap on with me and when I came in and he saw me I told him to come and suck on my cock which he did right away. I literally throat fucked this man I mean when I was done with his mouth he was deep throating that ten inch strapon like a champ, I told him that I was going to fuck him in his ass and that he was going to act like a girl and let me know how much he liked it, from the minute that strap on entered him and I fucked him for a good hour his voice was full of oh my gods and telling me to fuck him harder that my cock was so big, it was like fucking a common street whore.

Day six

This day was a little different since he only becomes my slave when we are alone I wasn’t prepared for the memo that all secretaries were going to have there lunches cut back to a half an hour, and other benefits that were being reduced. This really pissed me off and I took it out on him that day.

I came in to the office and like always he became submissive since we were alone. I told him to take his pants off and to sit on the front of the desk with his legs wide open. I had brought with me a riding crop for what I thought would be other uses, but I proceeded to whip the living shit out of cock and his balls. I was surprised he could walk at all when I was through with him.

Day seven

Today was going to be a day he wouldn’t remember but would want to. It was about ten am when his guest came in, told him to wait outside and I would call him in. Today was the day that my wonderful looking boss would be getting some body piercings that he would be hard pressed to explain later. When the piercer came in my boss was standing totally naked, first we pierced both of his nipples, that was going to be it but then I was feeling a little dominant and told him to pierce his penis, the guy asked me if I was sure and I said I was, but I wanted to push the needle through he didn’t have a problem with that and lined it all up for me and I pushed this need through my bosses cock and then placed this rather thick metal ring through the tip of his cock. I paid the man from my bosses wallet and before he left I wanted to thank him so while my boss watched I started to fuck this young very well hung man he was good. Before he came I made my boss lay down and the young stud fucked me doggie style while my bosses face was right under my pussy in fact I even had him lick this mans balls and this young stud came he shot quite a load in my pussy and all over my asshole, I promptly sat right down on my bosses face and he licked it all up

Day eight

Now my boss was really a jerk when it came to his underlings so it was with this that I started bringing in the mail boys and had him suck them all off they loved it, after that they worshiped the ground I walked on. One boy suggested he would look better as a woman, so guess what we did next.

Day nine

I started giving him hormones with his coffee in the morning, and that afternoon we shaved off all of his body hair and got him in his first set of pantyhose, after that I always had a big butt plug up his ass.

It wasn’t many days after that when I first started seeing his breasts develop, before long he was having a hard time even getting an erection. One time I sucked his cock good and he couldn’t even get it up. It wasn’t soon after that when we had a trip to Mexico that we were going to be out of town for a few weeks, and while we were down there I had his penis removed and a vagina added. In fact I still have his balls in a jar on my shelf.

When we got back I removed the hypnosis so he would see what had become of him, needless to say he was very surprised about what had happened to him.

So, what do you think ?

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