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Weekend Overtime

With todays new competitiveness in business more and more hard work is going into our work weeks. Often I find myself working weekends in order to satisfy the need for addition work efforts. Recently however I was delighted by a turn of events which made this weekend requirement easier to take. Our company like most has be undergoing constant reorganization in an attempt to become more effective and with this comes the inevitable procession of changes in upper management. In addition the general age of my bosses had been declining. A recent change found me working for a good looking woman about 5 years older than myself. I wondered how this was going to work out, and as you will learn it not only worked out great but has provided me some of the most interesting work experiences in my life.

It all started as I said with my new boss, Jane was a good looking dark haired lady with nice tits and a great figure. While she looked nice she wore very conservative suit around the office and I did not think of her in especially carnal ways. Jane had brought with her a number of women who formed her inner circle and while some of my peers thought this was a sign that the guys were going to get the shit jobs I waited to see how things developed. Soon after Jane took over I received a number of interesting and sensitive assignments which were due in short time frames. I was assigned one of Jane’s people to work for me and we began to work the project. Sue the woman assigned to me was a pretty, slim woman about 23 while she wasn’t Bo Derrick she seemed to always to give off a very sexual aura which attracted me to her from the first. We ended up spending many evenings working on our project and I got to know Sue quite well. Sue had small firm breasts which she almost never covered with a bra and while her dress was never overtly sexy I found myself drawn to her wondering how she would be in bed.

When the project was nearing completion the work effort intensified and in addition to working nights Sue and I were getting together on the weekends to complete the work on the required schedule. Sue invited me over to her house so we could work on the project in some more comfortable surroundings and since she was single I thought it would be nice. I arrived about 8:30 Saturday morning, Sue greeted me at her door wearing a short t-shirt nighty and apologizing for over sleeping. I told her it was ok and how sexy she looked in her short nighty. Sue’s small firm tits were clearly visible under the thin white cotton and her nipples poked out against the fabric making my cock get stiff. Sue invited me in and showed me to the kitchen. While I watched Sue she made us a pot of coffee, I was getting a great show as Sue moved around her long sleek legs showing thru the slits in her night shirt. Sue’s firm ass was clearly visible as she bent over and I could tell Sue wore nothing under her night shirt as there was no panty lines visible as the thin material clung to her firm ass cheeks. Sue caught me ogling her and apologized for not being more appropriately dressed. I told her I was glad she slept late and complimented her firm young body. Sue was doing the ogling now as I saw her gaze fix on the large bulge in my crotch. I got the coffee and poured us each a cup telling her to meet me in the living room. Sue took the coffee from my hand and I followed her to her living room watching her firm ass move under her nighty. By the time we got to the living room I had a full fledged hard-on which I could scarcely hide.

Sue sat down on the sofa and began to go over the materials I had brought for us to work on. We discussed the project for a while and began to work. I had to draw some charts and got down on the floor and began to work on the coffee table across from Sue. Sue went on reading the text of the report and as I worked Sue pulled her legs up under her Indian style. I looked up and found myself staring into her cute pussy which was as I had suspected not hidden by panties. My cock was getting hard again and when I looked up I looked directly into Sue’s eyes. Her eyes were full of lust and she made no attempt to hide her naked pussy. Sue asked me if I liked what I was seeing and I told her I did very much. With that Sue got up and stood next to me letting me look up her short night gown as she stroked my hair. I knew what was next and I gently slid my hand up between her long smooth legs until my fingers were rubbing her hot slit. Sue had a nicely trimmed pussy and she had shaved her pussy lips clean of hair making them stand out against the light blond of her bush. I slipped my finger into her hot slit finding her already very stimulated and wet. I heard Sue sigh gently as my finger probed her cunt and slid up her hot wet slit. I got to my feet and lifted her night gown up and over her head exposing her lithe body and firm tits. Sue’s nipples were stiff and pink and I sucked her right nipple as I fingered her slippery slit. Sue was moaning and I was determined to make her cum so I licked my way down her belly until I reached her pussy. Moving her back to the sofa I pushed her back sitting her beautiful ass down and spreading her legs to open her hot pussy to my view. Sue’s pussy was wet with her passion and I could smell the sweet scent of her excitement. I pulled her legs up onto my shoulders and licked my way up her smooth inner thighs until I reached her hot wet cunt. Sue was practically begging me to eat her cunt by now and I wanted her to really enjoy the cunt licking I intended to give her.

I reached up with both hands and fondled her firm tits rolling her stiff nipples between my fingers making her moan even louder for release. I spread her pussy lips with my tongue and pressed it deep into her sopping slit, pressing my lips against her slippery pink pussy lips and making her hump her twat against my mouth. I knew Sue was very excited and I began to lick and suck her stiff clit making her legs twitch with each swipe my tongue made over her stiff button. Sue moved her hand to the back of my head and pressed down forcing my against her quivering slit as she humped her pussy against my lips and tongue. I moved one hand down to her pussy and rammed two fingers into her pulsing cunt wetting them with her freely flowing juices. Sue was having her first orgasm by now and she gushed tasty pussy juice over my fingers and into my mouth. As she relaxed a bit I pulled one finger from her spasm ridden pussy and slowly pressed it up her tight anus. This new assault made Sue get excited all over again and as I finger fucked her hot cunt and tight little asshole I licked her stiff clit making her legs twitch and jump with pleasure. Sue’s pussy and asshole began to clamp down on my fingers and I sensed that Sue was nearing another climax. I rammed my fingers deep into her pulsing holes and sucked her stiff clit into my mouth making her climax again. Sue was a bit done in after her second orgasm and I gently licked her pussy while she came back down from the peak of her pleasure.

Once Sue had regained her wits she pulled me up and kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth and licking her sweet juices from my lips. I sensed Sue got real pleasure from the taste of pussy and worried a bit if she was a only interested in women. Sue quickly put my fears to rest standing me up and hugging me to her hot body. Sue moved quickly stripping off my shirt and pulling off my pants. My cock sprung out stiffly as Sue lowered my jeans and I could tell from the way Sue gasped that she appreciated my thick 10 incher. Sue pushed me back onto the couch and pulled my shoes off so she could get my pants off my legs. My cock was throbbing and I wanted to fuck Sue. Once I was naked Sue got between my legs and stroked my cock, seeing the pre-cum emerge from my swollen dick Sue licked the head of my cock tasting my excitement. Sue then lowered her mouth onto my raging prick slowly forcing my entire cock deep into her hot wet throat. Sue sucked my cock hard making my hips thrust up to meet her downward plunges driving my cock deep into her tight throat. I could feel Sue’s firm tits rubbing my legs as she deep throated my prick making my whole body twist with pleasure. I told Sue’s I wanted to fuck her hot pussy first so with one last deep sucking motion she pulled her mouth off my prick. I pulled Sue up over me and guided her down onto my stiff prick forcing my cock deep into her slippery hot pussy. I watched as my cock disappeared into her pretty pussy stretching her cunt as I drove my shaft deep into the recesses of her tight vagina. Sue’s small firm tits bounced invitingly as she rammed herself up and down my long prick moaning each time my cock thrust deep up her tight wet cunt. I sucked Sue’s nipples as she pounded her cunt onto my prick making my cock beg for release. Sue was totally out of control grinding her hot wet pussy against my cock as she reamed her pussy with long hard strokes. Sue began to climax and her cunt clamped around my invading prick squeezing my cock hard and causing my cum filled balls to unload into her stretched tight slit. I felt my sperm travel from my bloated balls up my rigid cock and spray the inside of Sue’s hot vagina. I filled her hot cunt with my sperm as she bounced on my stiff prong crying out for me to fill her pussy with cum.

Sue and I slowed down a bit and as I rubbed her clit with my finger we exchanged some slow deep kisses. I held Sue to me, my cock still imbedded in her convulsing cunt. Sue finally climbed off me and layed back on the sofa. Seeing her layed out I wanted to pleasure her even more so I spread he legs and began to lick her pussy lashing her stiff exposed clit while I finger fucked her pussy and tight anus. Sue pulled my hips around and started to suck my cock making me get hard all over again. Soon my cock was stiff again and I was ready to fuck. Sue crawled up on the sofa and got down doggy style telling me to fuck her. I moved behind Sue and spread her ass cheeks as she fingered her hot pussy. I pressed my finger deep up Sue’s hot pink anus and moved in behind her, Sue grabbed my cock and guided it up her slippery snatch. I rammed my swollen cock deep into Sue’s hot slippery slit as I finger fucked her hot asshole. Sue was panting and moaning as I fucked my prick deep into her tight hot twat making her ass cheeks jump each time I bottomed out in her pulsing slit. We were so into our pleasure we must have not heard the knock at the door and as I looked up I noticed Jane our boss standing in the half open door. Jane was transfixed watching us fuck our brains out, the feeling of Sue’s hot pussy gripping my dick felt so great I decided to make out like I hadn’t seen her and I continued to pound my throbbing cock up Sue’s hot pussy and finger her tight asshole. I watched out of the corner of my eye as I fucked Sue hard and fast making her climax and cry out for more cock. Jane was wearing a light blue jogging outfit which showed off her large tits nicely, Jane’s nipples were stiff and they clearly showed thru her top.

I stole glances at Jane and watched as her hand slipped up under her top and she began to rub her large firm tit pulling on her nipple as she watched Sue and I fuck. As Sue and I moved towards our climax Jane was becoming more and more aroused and I saw her first rub her pussy thru her pants then slip her hand into her jogging pants and finger her slit. Sue was climaxing again and her tight hot pussy clamped around my cock making me cum with her. I thrust deeply into Sue’s hot convulsing cunt filling her pussy with my thick sperm as I forced my fingers up her asshole stretching Sue’s tight asshole and increasing her pleasure. As Sue and I ground our way down from our orgasmic climax Sue turned to look at me and saw Jane standing there watching us and playing with her pussy and tits. Jane never moved until I pulled out of Sue’s sloppy cum filled twat my still half erect cock sticking out covered by my load and Sue’s lick pussy juices. I helped Sue up and we both advanced on Jane. Jane never stopped playing with her cunt and tits and Sue went to her side and helped Jane take off her top. I move with Sue and pulled Jane’s jogging pants down exposing her wet pussy and saw that Jane had two fingers deeply imbedded in her very wet pussy. Without saying a word Sue began to lick and suck on Jane’s large firm tits sucking her distended nipples and reaching down her back to cup and squeeze Jane’s firm ass cheeks. Seeing that Jane was openly accepting Sue’s advances I pulled Jane’s fingers from her wet slit and licked them replaced them with two of my own. Jane’s twat was tight and wet as I forced two fingers deep into her hairy pussy. I spread her thick bush and began to lick her large very stiff clit making Jane moan and thrust her pussy into my mouth. Sue and I kept up our attack on our boss until Jane climaxed replete with moaning and a stream of dirty talk that surprised me.

Jane’s legs got a bit wobbly after her climax and Sue and I moved her over to the sofa and sat her down. As Sue continued to lick and suck Jane’s tits and nipples I took off her shoes and pulled her jogging pants off her legs. Jane was naked now and I knew Sue and I could do any thing we wanted to pleasure our boss. Jane slowly began to come out of her trance and reached out for Sue’s small firm tits cupping them both and pulling on Sue’s nipples as they kissed. Sue kissed Jane with a deep longing kiss and sat back watching me rub Jane’s pussy. Finally Jane began to speak and told us that she had come over to check on the project knowing Sue and I would be working on it today. Jane explained that she had knocked but got no response and since she heard noise she came in to see if we were here. Jane continued to explain that when se saw us fucking she became very excited and just settled down to watch us fuck. I spread Janes legs further and rubbed my fingers thru her thick bush spreading her pussy and gently rubbing her stiff clit. Jane began to moan and begged me to eat her pussy again. I told her it would be better for both of us if she trimmed her pussy like Sue’s and suggested we could do that task now. Jane asked Sue to show her her pussy and Sue layed back and spread he legs letting Jane have a good look at her nicely trimmed cunt. Jane reached out and rubbed her hand over Sue’s hot cum stained twat and pressed two fingers up Sue’s pussy. Sue moaned and thrust her cunt up against Jane’s fingers. Jane bent down and began to lick Sue’s cummy cunt licking her clit and bringing moans of pleasure to Sue.

After a few minutes Jane asked Sue and I to trim and shave her pussy and asked me if I would be ready to fuck after we had finished. I stood up and showed Jane that I was ready now waving my now stiff prick in front of her face. To my surprise Jane grabbed my cock and sat up pulling my prick to her lips and driving my prick deep into her throat. After a few minutes of driving my cock into Jane’s hot wet mouth Sue began to finger Janes pussy and pull on her stiff nipples. I pulled out of Jane’s mouth and throat and told her it was time for her shave. Sue showed us to the bathroom where she and I quickly organized the necessary materials to shave Jane’s hot twat. I got Jane up on the vanity and spread her legs opening her pussy as Sue kissed her and played with Jane’s big tits. I first trimmed her bush back until I got it to about a half inch long, I placed a hot towel on her pussy to soften up the hair. While we waited I fingered Jane’s hot pink anus making her twitch with delight. I removed the towel and spread on some shaving cream and began to clear off her pussy. Starting at the top of Jane’s slit I shaved her cunt lips clean and moved up onto her mound shaving away the thick growth of hair until Jane had just a thin line of hair left about an two inches wide starting about an inch above the start of her slit and going for about three inches. Jane’s pink pussy lips looked great with the hair removed and Jane’s large erect clit was now clearly visible and very accessible. I told Jane to turn around and with Sue’s help spreading Jane’s ass cheeks I managed to clear off the few hairs between her cunt and asshole an around the pink puckered rim of her tight anus. Jane was very stimulated by now and I told her to get into the shower and make sure she got all the lather off. By the time Jane emerged from the shower I was stuffing my cock up Sue’s cunt as she leaned over the vanity. Jane kissed Sue and thanked me for shaving her cunt telling me how fantastic it felt when she rubbed her pussy. Sue told her that rubbing was just the start and she would really appreciate the change when someone ate or fucked her pussy. Jane grabbed my cock which was still half in Sue’s twat and asked us both what we were waiting for. Sue suggested we go to her bedroom and really get into some fun. I agreed and from the look in Jane’s eyes I could tell she was ready for anything.

We went into Sue’s bedroom and stripped off the blankets and Sue and I pushed Jane down on her back in the middle of the bed. I moved between Jane’s legs and spread them wide opening her newly shaved twat which was dripping with excitement. I went down on Jane’s hot wet cunt licking her juices and lashing her big clit, the feeling was great and I could tell Jane was enjoying the sensations my tongue was causing on her now naked cunt. Sue got up over Jane’s face and lowered her cum filled cunt onto Jane’s full lips giving Jane a taste of her hot pussy juice and the remnants of my sperm. Jane pulled Sue’s slippery slit to her mouth and began to lick Sue’s erect clit and plunge her tongue up Sue’s hot slippery pussy. I continued to lick Jane’s hot wet slit and pressed my fingers up her pulsing pussy. Jane was having a big climax and her passion was fully raised when she came she gushed her hot pussy juices into my mouth. I pulled a finger from Jane’s hot twat and slowly pressed it up her tight pink anus making Jane moan with renewed pleasure. Sue was pulling on Jane’s large stiff nipples as we continued to pleasure our boss and within the space of a few minutes Jane began to tremble with orgasm again. My cock was throbbing and I moved up my stiff tool sticking out like a flag. Jane was begging for my cock and Sue grabbed my stiff prick and after opening Jane’s slippery pink pussy lips guided my cock up Jane’s hot tight cunt. I heard Jane gasp as I drove my prick up her slippery tight vagina, pressing deep into her slit and burying my cock balls deep in her naked pussy. I started to fuck Jane hard stroking into her cunt with long hard strokes making her cry for more on each deep thrust. Jane’s cunt spasmed and clamped like a fist around my stiff prick as her climax peaked and I filled her hot cunt with a big load of jism as she thrust her hips upward driving me even deeper into her convulsing cunt. Sue started to cum and covered Jane’s mouth and face with her pussy juice as she ground out her orgasm on Jane’s talented mouth. Slowly we ground out the last pleasure from our mutual climaxes and I reluctantly pulled my now softening prick from Jane’s hot sperm filled slit.

I sat back and watched as Jane and Sue rolled on their sides into a slow sixty nine eating each others pussies. Sue was taking great delight in licking my sperm from Jane’s swollen pink pussy as Jane tongue fucked Sue’s hot slit and pressed a long finger up Sue’s hot tight asshole. Finally Jane rolled away from Sue and over to me grabbing my half hard cock and sucking me deeply into her mouth. As Jane worked on my cock Sue moved to my head and kissed me then slid over my face and pressed her sweet slit to my mouth. I sucked Sue slowly building her passion as Jane worked my now stiff prick deep into her throat. I was ready for action again and Jane demanded I fuck her doggy style while she ate Sue’s pussy. I pulled Jane up on all fours and told Sue to get under her. Sue slid under her boss and began to lick and suck Jane’s pussy while pulling Jane’s face into her own. The sight of these two hot women made me want to fuck and suck them forever, I moved in behind Jane and began to play with her ass spreading her firm ass cheeks and licking her tight pink anus. Jane was ready and I moved in letting Sue guide my stiff prick up Jane’s still wet cunt. Jane’s slippery pussy accepted my deep thrusting with ease and I was soon plunging my cock deep into the depths of her slick vagina. Sue was licking Jane’s clit and I felt Jane climax twice before Sue finally came herself. I began to plunge my cock even harder into Jane’s hot slit and brought her to another climax while I filled her quivering slit with my thick sperm. Sue licked Jane’s pussy collecting my sperm and Jane’s juices as we slowed our pace to a nice even in and out and slowly ground to a stop. I pulled out of Jane’s pussy and let Sue suck my sperm from her cunt as I moved around and pulled Jane’s mouth to my cock forcing it into her throat and telling her to suck my cock clean. We all needed a bit of a break so I got up told the girls to join me in the kitchen for some coffee.

After a bit of coaxing Sue and Jane followed me naked into the kitchen and sat as I made a fresh pot. Jane and Sue were still turned on and the conversation soon turned to sex. I found out that neither of them were regularly bi but they agreed that they both enjoyed eating pussy. I told them that it was ok by me and that they looked very sexy eating each others cunts. I asked them if they had ever had anal sex, hoping I would be able to convince them to try it out. Jane blushed a bit and confessed she had and that she did enjoy it some of the time. Sue said she had taken a few cocks up her asshole but never had enjoyed it very much. I told Sue we should try it but first we needed to get her very excited. Sue agreed to try it out telling me she did enjoy getting her ass fingered during sex but she was concerned taking my cock up her tight little asshole. All this hot conversation was getting to the three of us and I suggested we all take showers to refresh ourselves and see what developed. Jane who was already fingering her own pussy agreed and we trooped off naked to the bathroom. Once we had all gotten cleaned up we returned to the living room at Sue’s suggestion to watch some x rated videos. I sat between the ladies as we watched the porn tapes. Both Jane and Sue were very turned on by the tapes and I took advantage of their excitement fingering their hot wet slits and sucking their tits as we watched the carnal cravings on the screen. Pretty soon we were so involved that no one was watching the TV and I suggested we return to the bedroom and act out some of the things we had seen on the tape. Jane and Sue were all for it so we shut off the tape and scampered naked into Sue’s bedroom.

After some hot licking and fingering I got Jane up doggy style and had Sue eat Jane’s pussy while I lubed up Jane’s hot pink asshole with some KY pressing my fingers deep into her pulsing asshole. My cock was stiff and ready and I moved in behind Jane and pressed the head of my cock against her pink puckered anus. Jane relaxed her sphincter and I slowly pressed my stiff dick into her hot tight asshole. I could see Sue watching as my cock slowly pressed up Jane’s tight butt filling her hot rectum with my stiff prick. Jane was moaning in pleasure as my thick shaft filled her tight hot anus and she called out to me to fuck her asshole and fill her butt with sperm. Sue was licking Jane’s wet slit and lashing her stiff clit with her tongue as she finger fucked Jane’s hot wet cunt. I pounded my cock deep into Jane’s pulsing rectum forcing my dick deep into her bowels on each stroke making Jane moan with pleasure. Jane had her head buried in Sue’s hot wet pussy and her fingers jammed deep in Sue’s pink pussy and tight asshole stretching her hot holes as she licked Sue’s stiff clit. I reamed my cock up Jane hot tight asshole stretching her pink rimmed anus and filling her hot rectum with my stiff prick. I reached out and grabbed Jane’s big tits pulling on her stiff nipples as she moaned and begged for my cum. Jane was climaxing almost continually and I was nearing my peak, I saw Sue’s legs begin to twitch as her climax peaked and I filled Jane’s hot asshole with my sperm. I continued to stroke my cock up Jane’s hot asshole as we wound down from our climax. Jane’s asshole was pulsing around my cock and could hear Sue lapping up Jane’s pussy juices and overflow of my sperm which leaked out of Jane’s anus. I pulled my cock out and pressed Jane’s ass down on Sue’s mouth letting Sue suck my cum from Jane’s hot asshole. I wanted to Fuck Sue up the ass so I rolled the girls on their sides while they continued to work on each others pussy and assholes licking and fingering their hot holes. I spread Sue’s ass cheeks and pulled Jane’s fingers out of Sue’s tight ass. Sue’s pink puckered asshole was pulsing as I spread some KY on her and I could tell Sue was a bit apprehensive about taking my cock up her tight butt. I slowly fingered Sue’s asshole while Jane licked her pussy and sucked on Sue’s stiff clit making her moan with pleasure. I pulled my fingers out of Sue’s asshole and pressed my stiff prick against her hot tight asshole. Sue’s hot asshole was resisting my prick as I slowly pressed my stiff prick against her tight anus, I kept up the pressure and slowly my prick began to enter her tight asshole. Sensing her fear I moved slowly and steadily until the head of my prick passed her sphincter. I stopped for a moment letting her asshole adjust to my thick cock. I could tell Sue’s asshole was adjusting to my cock and Sue began to move her ass a little pressing my cock further up her tight rectum. Seeing her resistance fading I pressed my cock up her tight ass slowly until I was deep in her butt my balls pressing against her slippery pussy lips. Sue was moaning loudly and urged me on telling me to fuck her hot asshole and fill her with sperm. I picked up speed and started to ream her hot asshole with my stiff prick driving my cock up her asshole while Jane finger fucked Sue’s pussy and licked Sue’s stiff clit. Sue began to climax and her asshole pulsed around my cock as waves of pleasure shook her body. Finally Sue’s tight hot asshole was more than I could take and as she and Jane convulsed with orgasm I climaxed and shot my cum deep in Sue’s hot tight butt filling her rectum with a big load of sperm. I pulled out and Jane moved quickly licking Sue’s stretched anus and the overflow of my climax. I pulled Sue’s face from between Jane’s leg and kissed her telling her how great it was fucking her tight butt. Sue smiled and told me she loved it to and that she looked forward to doing it again.

I was pretty wasted by now and Jane got up to shower saying she was running late and needed to get going. I helped Jane get her things together and as she left she invited me to her house the next day telling me she wanted to give me something special. I questioned her but she remained insistent that I come over and find out. I promised her I would be their and told her to expect me about 10:00 in the morning. After Jane left Sue and I showered and worked on the project for a few hours. But sitting around naked made it a bit difficult to stay totally focused on our project and we did manage to get in a few quick tricks while we worked. I finally left about 5:00 pm after I had fucked Sue doggy style filling both her pussy and asshole with my cock and shooting my final load up her hot tight ass. I made arrangements with Sue to get together next Saturday and left her at her door naked and fingering her slippery sperm ladened pussy.

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