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Wanting her son-n-law!!!

The is completely fictional!!!!

The story begins with my mother in law;Lauren. To describe her, she is 65 yrs of age, about 5’6″ and weighing 160lbs. Her measurements are about 44-34-38. She has the nicest tities I’ve seen and an ass that reminds looks like 2 teardrops. I’m 35 about 180lbs athletic build. I’ve always thought that my mother-n-law was attractive and every now and then I’d have sexual thoughts about her.
Here’s how it all started…

..Lauren heard a story about a woman who had sex with her own son in law. She read the story which gave explicit details. Tales of oral and anal sex. It also gave details into how she seduced her son in law. At first Lauren thought how disgusting. Later that night while in her bed Lauren began to contemplate what it would be like; see Lauren hadn’t had sex in over 2 yrs and was sexually frustrated. She began to wonder if I might be interested in her sexually. Her mind began to run like a marathon, thinking what could she do to see if I was interested.

Over the next week she was consuming her mind with nothing but thoughts of me; what it would be like, how big was my penis, what positions we would be in, cumming on her, in her, everything you could possibly imagine. Then she came up with the plan. She had asked me to come over to check some electrical work.
That friday I came over and she was in a dress that hugged her body like a glove and had a slit up the left leg to the top of her thigh. She looked more like 50 than 65! She asked me what I thought and I said without thinking, “WOW, if I wasn’t your son in law, I’d have to ask you out myself.” That was all she needed to hear. In her mind she thought he does have an interest in me. So her plan began. I was just finishing up my work and she called me upstairs to her room to help her out of the dress. I said to her, I thought you had a date she replied nah I was just trying it on to make sure it fit. As I unzipped her from the back she struck up a conversation which made me stay in the room. As she took off the dress she had on a lace bra and matching thong to match. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her no matter how hard I tried. As she noticed me staring she saw that I had a major hard on! She walked over and told me that she read this story about a mother having sex with her son in law and it made her wonder if I was interested in her sexually. I didn’t have to say anything because she could see that my manhood was bulging, but I told her that I was interested in seeing what it would be like to have her. At this point she was right in front of me and as I tilted my head to look her in the eye she grabbed my croutch and said wow you seem to be kind of large. In fact I’m about 7 inches long and about 4 inches in girth. At that point I took achance and kissed her. As my tongue began to swirl around in her mouth I could feel her body girating. After I kissed her I motioned her to her knees. As I pulled my penis out it was semi-erect and right in front of her mouth. I then told that I wanted her to suck my dick. She had look on her face like how could he, but she couldn’t resist my dick. AAAHHHHH, you just don’t know how good it feels to have a 65 yr old sucking you off like a 25 yr old. it didn’t take long for me to cum and as I was I held her head to make sure she swallowed every drop.

Now it was my turn. I always wondered what her pussy taste like. All I’ve got to say is…

…Her pussy had a sweet taste to that after a while I forgot I was eating her out. She climaxed at least three times. Now it was time to have. We started out doing it doggie style. I had her bent over the side of bed with her ass perched up and own her tippy toes. I garbbed my dick which was now hard as a rock and eased the tip to her slit and gently slid in her. Again to remember she is 65 and she was as wet and tight as can be. After about 4 inches in she let out a moan of sheer ectasy. We both could believe we were doing this. I went in and out with each push until I was completly in and could feel her insides. She was in complete heaven; Yelling, moaning, and most of all cumming. She came 2 times in this position. The next position was the missionary position. I looked her in her eyes and asked her do you want me? She moaned yes, give it to me. As I positioned her legs on my shoulders I enter her sweet mound. As I kissed her passionately she screamed more more. I felt my dick pulsate and I told her I cumming, she said give it all to me baby. I must have came for a good 10-15 seconds. The next position was doggie style again but this time she asked if I would put it in her ass. The surprised me because I would have never thought of her being into anal sex. The fact was that she had never tried it but wanted to see what it felt like. I then lubed her ass with my tounge until it was drenching with my saliva. I first put my dick in her pussy and pumped her 3 good times. I then slid my dick out and put the head on her asshole. I pushed in alittle and she let out a scream of pain. As I pushed in more her pain became pleasure. I didn’t put the whole 7 inches in but all I can say is that was the tightest hole I’ve every been in. She came 2 times and I came once.
As we layed in the bed I asked her what going to happen now. She told me that her daughter would never now and we could be intimate as long as I wanted to. So now we both make up reasons to see each other.

I said that this story was fictional, but you be the judge!!

So, what do you think ?

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