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The Wife’s Surprise


Since Julie had spent an evening out sucking off another man, our sex life had grown. We were at it most nights, fucking as she told me what a dirty slag she was and how she wanted more cock. She’d been out again since and told me how she got into a club for free by wanking off both the doormen.
One night she said to me she wanted to go out, the both of us.

As we walked into the club she said, “Right, stay away from me, just make sure you’re watching. I’m going to see how long before I get a drink”
I bought my own drink and went outside to watch her. She sat with her legs crossed looking around at the men. She saw one guy looking at her; she waved and smiled at him. Did she know him?
She winked at me as he walked over to her. They talked for a moment before he went off to the bar and a few moments later he was back.

As they talked she leant into him showing her heaving breasts, licking her lips. She would put her hand on his leg as she spoke to him, each time a little further up. She put her arms around his neck and pulled him close. They then kissed for what seemed an eternity.
I watched as she put her hand on his crotch. I could see the outline of his hard on and my wife’s hand rubbing it. They talked and kissed and after a while Julie turned and smiled at me. She stood up and walked over dragging him behind her.
“This is good” she said as she approached.
“I thought you didn’t want to speak to me here?” I asked.
“Chris likes cock and pussy, and we’re going to give him both”

I drove us back; She sat in the back of the car with Chris and teased us both. “I can’t wait to watch my husband suck you off, this lovely big cock coming in his mouth” I looked in the mirror to see her bending down to him and I heard him gasp as she started to suck him.

Back at our house she put some music on and left the room. A few moments later she was back and knelt in front of us both, sat together on the sofa and put a hand on each of our cocks, rubbing us. She pushed me away and undid Chris’s trousers. She pulled his hard dick out and leant over taking it deep into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down. She looked right at me as she did this then slowly wanked him; “This is a great tasting cock” Then she sucked him again.
Chris turned to me “Man, you are so lucky, she is good, do you guys do this often?”
“She does but i’ve not before”
“First time? You’ll need breaking in” With that he leant to me and kissed me. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I put a hand to his face pulling him close. I couldn’t believe how much I was loving this. I opened my eyes to see my wife watching us as she sucked him. Clearly she was loving this too. Chris’s hand slid down my front and he rubbed me through my trousers. He undid them and took my cock out but Julie stopped him. “No, Chris is our guest and we should look after him.

She moved across to me “Look after him, suck his cock”, and then started to suck me off. I leant down to him with a mixture of nerves and excitement. I took his cock slowly into my mouth and felt it hot and hard as my lips closed around it, and slid them up and down his throbbing shaft. I fondled his balls and reallly got into it, using my mouth and hand on him. So much so it was a matter of only a minute when I felt my cock stiffen more and knew i was going to come. I stopped sucking Chris as I came in Julie’s mouth. She pulled away and let my cum dribble down her chin onto her breasts. “God, I fucking love the taste of cum” She pushed me aside and straddled Chris taking his cock into her wet pussy, riding him hard talking to me as she did.
“So you liked that then, a nice big cock in your mouth?” I nodded as I watched her fuck him, my cum glistening on her tits and chin. She kissed him and he licked at her lips, their tongues entwined and i could see him licking my cum off her face.
She kissed him more and turned her face to me; my come was over their faces. “See, he likes cum too, just like you will”
I watched them fuck for a few minutes until Julie said, “I bet Chris wants his ass fucked”

I’m no good for that now”
“Not you and your limp cock, me” She got off him and pulled her skirt up. There it was. She had put on a strap on when she went out of the room and it hung from her waiting for action.
Chris smiled and pushed her off, “Come on then, let your husband watch you fuck my ass”
“He won’t be able to she said, “He’ll be sucking you off”

He lay back and Julie slipped that big black ruuber cock into him. I knelt beside and took his cock in my mouth once more. It tasted so good, of hot pussy and I was loving it. In fact I was getting hard again.
She fucked him and I sucked him, as it went on could feel what made him gasp so did it more.

And then his gasps got louder and I knew I was going to make him come in my mouth. I felt his back arc and it came, hitting the back of my mouth. I gagged but let it come, his hot come sliding down my throat, I took it out and I wanked the last spurts onto my face.
He relaxed and I went up to Julie and kissed her. She kissed so hard, wanting his come and sucked it off my chin.
She pushed me away and carried on fucking him. The strap on was rubbing her clit, and soon she came too, We all lay there until Julie got up, “Christ, I need a fag now”
She sat back and lit a cigarette, looking at me. “You’re still hard”

I was too, sat there with a second hard on. Chris bent over and started sucking me off. His mouth was cool on it, he was firm yet gentle and I put my hand on his head and pushed my cock into him.
Julie watched Chris suck her husband’s cock, as she rubbed her swollen pussy.
It took longer this time but I came again, and for the first time, into a man. And I fucking loved it. Judging by Julie’s scream a moment later, so did she.
Chris later got a taxi home; Julie and I went to bed. “Did you like that?” she asked.

“I did”
“I knew he’d be there tonight, I’ve fucked him before and I knew he’d be game. Next time, he’s fucking you”
“Yep, unil then, we can break you in with my friend”

She snuggled up and I felt that strap on press against me…

So, what do you think ?

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